The Brilliant Fighting Master
1414 Making Preparations
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1414 Making Preparations

If one wanted to learn this magical technique, it was necessary to possess an Alien Flame, as well as worldly fire energy. It just happened that Jiang Chen had both of them. The Alien Flame was the Sky-burning Evil Flame, while the fire energy was the Solar Golden Flame.

He must use his arts to activate the fire energy and depend upon it to borrow the world's power and release the Alien Flame. Even though describing the process makes it seem simple, one can't describe with mere words how it was possible to release such a world-shattering might.

As Jiang Chen fought bravely against the fire beast, he felt mysterious changes happening. He felt as if he was a sponge that had fallen into water and was absorbing it crazily.

"The Great Magical Technique: Heavenly Fire Destruction."

Jiang Chen had a mysterious feeling, and he managed to learn the magical technique's name. Once he used it, the Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood flowing in his veins emitted an intense reaction.

The Alien Flame and the fire energy became restless, and their high temperature that couldn't be borne by an ordinary person became able to dissolve even mountains.

The Immortal Divine Bird spread its wings and soared up.

If Jiang Chen used the Martial Soul as a form for the magical technique, everything would be close to perfect.

The magical technique built up power quickly, while the Immortal Divine Bird's raging flames surged, as their power seemed to have multiplied. The bird's broad wings possessed great might, and every feather shone with a bright light.


Jiang Chen lowered his hand, and the Immortal Divine Bird swooped down. It seemed as fast as a bolt of lightning, and, as it entered the volcano, it rammed against the fire beast's head.


Flames were raging in the volcano crater, and a fire pillar rose to the sky. Soon, the whole sky was engulfed by magma. Such a brief and peerless energy ran amok on the volcano, and many cracks appeared on its walls.

In the end, the sea of flames spread all around, and the whole area turned into a world of fire.

Jiang Chen landed on a rock and gasped for breath. This was the first time he had ever used a great magical technique, and he had almost exhausted his body's entire power. However, it had been worth it, as even though the fire beast hadn't died, it had exhausted its whole power.

The fire beast looked aggrievedly at Jiang Chen, before it retreated below the magma, and, at the same time, a cyclone appeared on the magma's surface.

Jiang Chen entered the cyclone and reached the Ascending Heaven Tower's second floor. Once there, he saw Miss Bai, Duan Yun, and Yan Yu.

"It seems as if I was the slowest one," Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile. He still didn't know whether it was better to cross the test faster. Everything depended on every person's gains in the trial.

"Since I don't see Miss Ao Yue here, she must have been the first one." Jiang Chen didn't believe that Ao Yue would have been eliminated on the first floor.

"We have benefited greatly, but, when one recalls that there are nine floors here, one feels powerless."

The three people here were all dispirited, and it seemed as if the first floor's test had put great pressure on them.

Jiang Chen noticed that all three people were in a sorry state. But he hadn't fared any better, and black smoke was still rising from his body, while a sulfuric smell emanated from him.

However, Jiang Chen was still spirited, and he said, "As long as you don't think about the other remaining eight floors, and you face every floor's challenge seriously, you will be more optimistic," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the three people revealed bitter smiles. Since they had been able to reach such a height at such an age, their minds wouldn't be affected by this statement. Even though they understood such an argument, the reality was still in front of their eyes.

Yan Yu revealed what was on her mind, "If I don't end up dead here if I fail to pass the tests, I will feel more at ease."

Upon witnessing these three people's current state, Jiang Chen's expression became grave.

"Leave it to me," Jiang Chen took a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice.

"Huh?" The three people looked at Jiang Chen in confusion.

"You should only consider how you can make some gains on every floor. As for ascending the nine floors, leave it to me," Jiang Chen said.

Such words were slightly effective, while Jiang Chen was thoroughly qualified to utter such a statement.

Just after this, they rested for a while, before entering the stairs in the walls once again.

Since Jiang Chen had gotten experience on the first floor, he dealt with everything easily. The second trial's land was a boundless ocean, and it had a clear azure sky that didn't have a single cloud. Such scenery was more pleasing than the one in the volcano.

The second floor's trial was about wind, and he had to overtake a Lightning Bird. This bird's appearance and size were the same as the birds in the outside world, but it had golden feathers.

As the bird flew around, it turned into a golden beam that instantly crossed countless miles.

If Jiang Chen wanted to overtake the bird, his Void Divine Wind and Wind Rule's power must be raised. This floor wouldn't teach him a magical technique, and it would temper him.

As Jiang Chen flew back and forth for several hundred thousand miles, he exhausted his whole body's power, but, even then, he still didn't manage to overtake the Lightning Bird.

When Jiang Chen stopped, the Lightning Bird would also come to a stop, and it would keep a distance of 20 miles from Jiang Chen. But if Jiang Chen started chasing after it, the distance would be shortened to 13 or 14 miles.

However, any time Jiang Chen tried to overtake the bird in one go, the distance between them would become once again 20 miles.

Jiang Chen almost worked himself to death, yet he still didn't manage to make any progress. It was only after a long time had elapsed that Jiang Chen became enlightened, and he changed his tactics slightly.

As Jiang Chen chased his target once again, his speed became so high that even his divine body couldn't bear it, and flames rose due to his friction against the air. It was like this that he managed to lower the distance between them to eight miles.


Jiang Chen shouted angrily and used his whole potential. It seemed as if he had gotten in touch with something, and his speed rose greatly, while a sonic boom echoed.

Jiang Chen finally managed to overtake the Lightning Bird smoothly, while his Wind Rule followed after the Lightning Rule, and it also reached one of the Four Realms, the Bright Realm.

"Wind, lightning."

After both of them reached the Bright Realm, Jiang Chen had a mysterious feeling and sensation. It turned out that sword techniques were also included in the Holy Skill.

The Lightning Bird in Jiang Chen's hand exploded, while the wind started whistling and gathering around Jiang Chen.

"Void Divine Wind?" Jiang Chen was overjoyed. He was aware that this was a rare opportunity, and that was why he quickly absorbed the wind. The wind helped him raise his Void Divine Wind's power to the second level.

Just after this, a cyclone appeared before Jiang Chen, and when he entered it, he reached the third floor.

Jiang Chen saw Duan Yun and Miss Bai here. As for Yan Yu? She must have been eliminated.

This floor didn't have any stairs in the walls. Instead, it had many pictures on the wall.

Duan Yun and Miss Bai were standing in front of a picture, and they were both concentrating wholly on it. That was why they didn't even notice when Jiang Chen arrived.

Jiang Chen went over to take a look, and his whole body shivered. Here was unexpectedly a boundless Sword Doctrine's will, and it belonged to an outstanding swordsman. This will seemed as boundless as an ocean, and the mind of Jiang Chen, who was caught unprepared, almost collapsed.

That was this floor's trial, and, if one couldn't understand those concepts, one wouldn't manage to go to the fourth floor.

Jiang Chen held his breath, concentrated, and got rid of all distracting thoughts.

Time elapsed as Jiang Chen was in such a state, and his Immortal Sword Doctrine's Supreme Will made progress and reached the first level.

It was only now that the sword techniques of the swordsman, Jiang Chen, overtook his divine lightning's offensive techniques. Moreover, divine lightning could also be added to those sword techniques.

"Wind, lightning, and fire." Jiang Chen seemed then as if he was possessed by a demon, and his mouth muttered something involuntarily, while his eyes shone more brightly.

If Jiang Chen's guess was not mistaken, this should be a preparation for an extreme martial technique.

Extreme martial techniques were like magical techniques, and, if one wanted to use them, one must satisfy their requirements.

Jiang Chen's Alien Flame and fire energy requirements were a suitable example of a situation like this, and this was also the case for extreme martial techniques.

One didn't need to possess just worldly energy, as there were also other requirements about one's understanding of worldly rules.

Jiang Chen believed firmly that once he reached the ninth floor, he would go through a thorough transformation, and he might even become able to easily surmount the restrictions preventing one from challenging someone at a higher realm level while within the three ranks groups.


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