The Brilliant Fighting Master
1410 Terrifying Deep Sea
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1410 Terrifying Deep Sea

Yan Yu flailed with her tall, thin legs in the water. She didn't have good swimming ability, yet now she had ended up running into such a powerful current. She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry!

However, it was fortunate that there weren't any other dangers in the water, and a Martial Emperor such as her wouldn't end up drowning.

However, what she didn't expect was that she would end up suddenly ramming into an object. She was sure that this wasn't a boulder, but a broad chest, and what was more awkward was that she was upside down. Her ample butt was facing that person's abdomen, while her glossy lower legs were against his cheeks.

This was just the beginning. They were stuck together, and, as they moved around in the water, their bodies moved with friction against each other.

Yan Yu didn't have any power left to struggle, and her pretty face was filled with confusion.

All of a sudden, as they rolled around once again, they ended up face to face.

"Is it him?"

Even though it lasted for just a second, Yan Yu still managed to recognize this person, and she unexpectedly became delighted for an unknown reason. But as she thought about the idea that had just run across her mind, her heart started beating wildly.


Yan Yu suddenly let out a cry, and bubbles came out of her mouth. It was because Jiang Chen's hand was holding her chest firmly, and her chest even changed shape as he pressed his arm against it.

"Is he molesting me?"

Yan Yu couldn't help but have such a thought, and, at this moment, their lower bodies got stuck together even more tightly, and she felt something rubbing against her butt, which caused her whole body to go numb.

She wanted to fly into a rage. But she couldn't do so, and what she cared about was that if Jiang Chen denied this matter, she couldn't do anything against him.

Jiang Chen was accompanied by Ao Yue and Miss Bai. So who would people believe if she said that Jiang Chen had assaulted her?

Moreover, Jiang Chen's actions were becoming still more outrageous, and he almost put his hand into her collar. Yan Yu couldn't help but shed tears in silence.


It was at this moment that Yan Yu heard a strange noise, and she gradually got back control of her body, which was why she could raise her head. Now she saw that Jiang Chen had thrust the Heavenly Fault Sword into a stone wall.

The water current was too powerful, and the Heavenly Fault Sword ended up sliding for several yards before coming to a stop.

"Hold me tightly," Jiang Chen strove hard to speak. His face was unexpectedly flustered.

Yan Yu was taken aback, and it was then that her body was sent flying by a tremendous force. But it was fortunate that Jiang Chen held onto her hand firmly.

Yan Yu quickly held Jiang Chen's waist and looked around. She was almost scared witless by what she saw. Their group was now between the underground river and the sea, and they were in a crevice within a giant boulder. This was why the current was so powerful.

However, what scared Yan Yu was that the region outside the crevice was pitch-black, and she couldn't see even a single light ray there. This meant that the sea region outside was the deep sea, and, once they entered there, their bodies would be crushed by its great pressure.

"You should drag other people."

While Yan Yu was still feeling panicked, Jiang Chen had already regained his composure.

Jiang Chen took out a chain from his Storage Spirit Artifact and used it to tie himself with Yan Yu.

It was only now that Yan Yu noticed that she and Jiang Chen were at the front of the group. The other people still didn't understand what was happening, and they were allowing the water current to sweep them along.

Just after this, Yan Yu and Jiang Chen started catching the people as they swept up to them. They held their hands and pulled them out of the sea.

However, they couldn't smoothly catch everyone, and Jiang Chen saw a youth, who had come along with Miss Bai, being swept outside at a high speed.


A muffled sound echoed from the youth's body as it was compressed, and even though the youth activated his Protective Dipper Energy Barrier at the first moment, he still bore the brunt of the great water pressure. When his Protective Dipper Energy Barrier was shattered, his body started twisting.

When the youth was on the brink of death, a hand grabbed him and pulled him back. It was Jiang Chen who had rescued him. His divine body could reluctantly bear the water pressure. But he still couldn't stay in the sea for a long time.

The youth who was rescued had suffered heavy injuries, and he couldn't take care of himself. This was why Jiang Chen handed him over temporarily to his companion.

Their team stood at the outermost layer of the crevice, where the current's force was lower.

"It's there!"

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen's shoulder was patted by someone. It was Duan Yun, who had good eyes. He had discovered something once again, and he pointed at a sea region outside.

The deep-sea was pitch-black and didn't have anything in it. But this was also why it was easy to discover any luminous objects there.

At first, the people looked upward, and this was why they didn't notice that there was something below them.

There was a luminous object below their feet, and as they observed it carefully, they realized that it was a big building, and it seemed like the Seafloor Dragon Palace.

"Let's gather our energy together and form a protective energy barrier that will persist until we reach that place," Jiang Chen spoke with his forceful voice. His voice became fuzzy because he was underwater, but everyone still clearly heard his voice.


The crowd didn't have a way out because they didn't possess enough power to face the water current and go back.

As Jiang Chen took the lead, the others exchanged glances, before they summoned their courage and jumped down. After they left the crevice, they weren't any longer affected by the water current. But the intense water pressure compressed the energy barrier until it had only a radius of ten yards left.

The crowd was nervous and full of expectation, and it was fortunate that the energy barrier managed to persist until the end.

"Go down!"

Since they were within the energy barrier, they could hear each other's voices, and Jiang Chen passed down an order.

"Do you think that we will run into the deep sea's demonic beasts?" Duan Yun asked suddenly.

"If we run into one, you will be the first I will kick out," Jiang Chen said angrily.

Duan Yun had mentioned such a matter at this time just to scare people.

The insensitive Duan Yun chuckled, "I have almost forgotten that you are afraid of the deep sea."

"Shut up!" Jiang Chen shouted.

The crowd was nervous and excited as they submerged, and finally they managed to approach the Divine Palace.

When the crowd had just gotten a clear look at the Divine Palace, they were pulled forward by a suction force into the palace before they could put up any response.

By the time they came to their senses, the team's members discovered that they were standing on the ground, and there wasn't any water around them. There was only a grand and imposing palace.

"The seawater can't come inside."

When they raised their heads and took a look around, they discovered that they were still in the sea's depths. But since they had already gotten into the Divine Palace, they wouldn't be affected by water.

"It's really mystical. It has gone through so many years, yet it still possesses such mystical power." Duan Yun clicked his tongue in wonder.

Jiang Chen went toward the injured man and, after he inspected him, he frowned. Most of this guy's bones had been broken, and he was like a deformed dwarf. But it was fortunate that he could still breathe, and this was why he could still be saved even though he was in such a sorry state.

"He won't be able to move before we leave, will you look after him?"

After Jiang Chen treated the guy's injuries, he questioned the youth who had come along with the injured man.

"Of course," the youth wouldn't turn his back on his companion.

This youth was a righteous person who wouldn't abandon his companions, and this was why Miss Bai had brought him here.

"At least he's still alive. It wasn't easy for him to survive," Cao Chong sighed with emotion and spoke.

"It's only thanks to Jiang Chen, who reacted in time, and if we didn't have him, we would all have been swept outside," Yan Yu said, while her pretty face became flushed.

Yan Yu couldn't help but recall their previous body contact, and her body that was still dripping wet couldn't help but become warm.

"I know that you were trying to save people. But you still shouldn't have held a girl's chest so carelessly," Yan Yu grumbled to herself, while pouting with her small lips.

"Now, let's collect this trip's war spoils."

It seemed as if Jiang Chen hadn't been aware of what had happened, and he looked straight ahead. He wanted to look for extreme martial techniques or any other supreme treasures.

The gaze of the team's members became ardent. They had finally found the land they had yearned for, and they would shortly verify whether it had been worth everything they had gone through for it.


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