The Brilliant Fighting Master
1409 Underground
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1409 Underground

Mo Fan and the others, who had looked around under the sea for a whole day, gave up.

"If the Divine Palace isn't on the seabed, then it isn't in this area."

They made such a judgment confidently. They had all separated and searched this place for the past day, and they had checked all the regions of the sea area. Yet, they still didn't see the Divine Palace.

"Didn't the venerable man say that it was in the sea..." someone complained. But before he finished his words, he quickly shut his mouth, while fright appeared on his face.

It could be seen that Mo Fan, who was at the front, had turned his head around. His eyes seemed ice-cold.

"Senior brother, I have made a mistake." The person, who realized what he had blurted out by mistake, quickly apologized.

Mo Fan's gaze changed back to normal, as if nothing had happened.

The other people still had a lingering fear, and they glared at the man who had said what should not have been uttered.

The crowd went back to the shore, and, after a short while, they heard what had happened during the night.

"Is it true?"

The team found this matter unbelievable, and an odd look appeared even on the face of Mo Fan, whose expression never changed.

They had already seen the appearance of the Xia clan's Meng Chong, and they had all watched Chang Wei, Meng Chong, and the others as they left.

"Jiang Chen will surely die." This was what they had believed at that moment, especially the white-clothed woman. Moreover, they even found it a pity that they wouldn't get to witness Jiang Chen and Duan Yun's miserable ends.

"Who could have expected such an outcome?"

"A Dragon Punch? Jiang Chen?"

It was only after several minutes that they had come back to their senses. They still hadn't gotten over their shock.

"A Dragon Punch?" Mo Fan muttered to himself and became lost in his thoughts.

"There is surely...there is surely something fishy about this matter. If that guy was so powerful, why did he refrain from doing anything previously?" The white-clothed woman couldn't accept the facts, and she comforted herself like this.

"That's right, if he faced Senior Brother Mo Fan, he wouldn't manage to withstand even a single blow."

"If this hadn't been the case, he wouldn't have swallowed his anger before."

Everyone started fawning over Mo Fan.

Mo Fan frowned and waved his hand at them. He asked them to be quiet.

"Our objective is finding the Divine Palace. So let's not pay attention to other matters."

"That is right."

No one had an objection. But they were still confused about their next actions. They didn't know where they should look for the Divine Palace.

"Let's wait, if the Divine Palace was discovered during the night, it will surely have given rise to a great disturbance," Mo Fan said.


In another region, Jiang Chen floated in the air with a Formation Disk.

The Formation Disk wasn't controlled by anyone, and that was why it revolved around by itself, and as the starlight shone upon it, it absorbed it.

Jiang Chen was standing in a place not far from it, and he was observing the stars, while weaving hand signs.


All of a sudden, a crisp sound echoed from the Formation Disk, and it started shivering. Its starlight condensed a silk-like light ray that streaked across the sky, heading toward a distant place.

The crowd followed the light ray and proceeded onward. They ended up discovering a depression in the ground. If one observed it carefully, one would discover that the light ray had gone into the ground.

No one was surprised by this, because if the Divine Palace had been on the ground, it would have been discovered by people long ago.

"Let's wait."

While the people were getting restless, Jiang Chen started setting a barrier around the depression.

"This barrier can protect against any disturbance. Once the Divine Palace is unearthed, it will surely give rise to a great disturbance," Jiang Chen explained this matter to the puzzled crowd.

The crowd revealed a look of understanding, and adoration appeared on their faces. They all felt like Jiang Chen handled matters properly without omitting anything, and he was quite reliable.

"Let's start."

Drilling a hole was an easy matter for martial-grade experts.

"Let's do it," Yan Yu was aware that it would be inexcusable for her to not do anything now.

"Be careful!" Jiang Chen didn't have any objections.

After this, the five people followed the light ray's guidance and revealed all their power.

After a short while, a hole with a diameter of tens of yards was dug, and the hole's walls had many spiral patterns on them.

It didn't matter what was the element of their energy, if they wanted to split open solid ground, it is better to use a swirling power. It is the most effective one!

After several minutes, the hole's depth reached several hundred yards, and the team ended up running into a layer of ore.

"Fire Whirlwind Dance!" Yan Yu swooped down, and her scalding heat wave bore a hole through the layer of ore.

When the hole's depth had reached several thousand yards, the team's members weren't as excited as before. Some of them took a look at Jiang Chen, as if they wanted to make sure he had found the right location.

However, when they saw that Jiang Chen's face was filled with confidence, they refrained from asking any questions.

"There is the sound of water coming from the ground below us."

All of a sudden, Yan Yu spoke.

The crowd held their breaths, and they managed to hear the sound of flowing water.

"There is a large underground current below us, and it will probably converge with the sea."

"This is probably the reason why Xiao Ying assumed that the Divine Palace was on the seabed."

"It could be interpreted like this."

The crowd was having a lively discussion, and soon the burrowers continued going downward.

When they got to clearly hear the sound of flowing water, they had finally reached the lower regions. They got a clear look at the region's terrain because there was natural light here emitted by many crystals.

There was an underground current that was actually a river, and it was flowing toward the sea.

At this moment, the importance of flight was demonstrated once again. If they didn't have the ability to fly, then even if they possessed a heavenly god's power, they wouldn't have been able to do anything here.

"Be careful! All corners of the Ancient Ruins are dangerous, and this place won't be an exception," Jiang Chen warned everyone.

The underground region's space was quite narrow, and they could only proceed while flying close to the water's surface.

It was unknown what was beneath the pitch-black river water, and Jiang Chen didn't even need to say anything, as everyone concentrated their power and guarded against anything that might occur.

"Jiang Chen, look over there."

Duan Yun had discovered something suddenly, and he pointed at a place in front of them not too far away.

When Jiang Chen looked, he discovered that something was unusual about the place, as there was unexpectedly a house within a stone wall.

The house had been corroded by the flow of time. But they still could clearly see tiles and pillars.

"It's here."

At this moment, everyone had assumed that they didn't find the right location. The land where the Divine Palace was situated must have sunk for an unknown reason, and it was buried deep underground.

The crowd sped up and continued proceeding forward. But after they turned a corner, they discovered that they didn't have enough space to fly.

"The path ahead of us leads to the sea, and the Divine Palace must be in the water," Jiang Chen surmised.

"There is surely danger in the water," Duan Yun said.

Such a matter was unquestionable. But no one gave up. They were all aware that it was impossible to get a supreme treasure without suffering any danger.

"Let's keep a formation underwater, and advance step by step," Jiang Chen instructed them.

The crowd restrained the power they used to fly and submerged themselves in the water.

What was beyond everyone's expectations was that the most dangerous aspect underwater wasn't the creatures that might exist in it, but the water current.

Those Martial Emperor Realm's experts felt as if they were mortals who had been engulfed by a mudslide, and they couldn't keep control over their bodies. They couldn't even keep their balance, let alone keep a formation.

While the crowd was underwater, a muffled sound echoed ceaselessly because some people were being rammed against rocks.

Jiang Chen felt like the world before his eyes was spinning around.

But it was fortunate that they had all submerged themselves in the region where the current was the strongest, and, after ten seconds had passed, the water current started becoming weaker, while a fishy smell became more intense. This meant that they would shortly reach the sea area.

All of a sudden, a person rammed into Jiang Chen's chest, and he could discern through the soft sensation he felt that it was a woman.

Jiang Chen couldn't see her appearance, but he managed to quickly discern her identity through her figure.


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