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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1408 33 Seals

In his past life, Jiang Chen had turned into a demon in the Three Middle Realms and had ended up being killed. It was then that his blood connection with Whitey was severed.

Afterward, he had heard that Whitey had showed up in the Three Middle Realms Spirit Zone, not paying attention to the three great factions' restrictions, and had killed many of Jiang Chen's enemies.

After Jiang Chen was reborn, he tried to get in contact with Whitey. But he didn't know any way to achieve this.

The rulers of the Nine Realms forbade monsters from entering, while the rulers of the Monster Realm also forbade the people from the Nine Realms from coming into their world.

"What is Whitey's current situation?" Jiang Chen asked anxiously.

"It seems as if that person is you. It turns out that you didn't die."

Miss Bai, whose guess was now affirmed, wore a complex expression.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen's heart sank. It seemed as though Whitey had always believed that he had died.

As Jiang Chen thought back about Whitey's ferocious nature, he didn't dare to imagine what its current state would be.

"Since he came back from the Nine Realms, the Slaughter God has lost control of himself, and when our clan's doyen went to denounce him, he nearly ended up killed by him."

"Since then, he has ended up living viciously, and the Slaughter God has only become more savage and strong."

Upon listening to this, Jiang Chen couldn't help but say, "If this is the case, Whitey is going to turn into a slaughter machine."

"This is why in the Monster Clan we call him the Slaughter God."

Jiang Chen strove hard to keep his calm, and he observed Miss Bai's expression, while he inquired about why she had informed him of this matter.

"The Monster Clan is afraid that the Slaughter God won't manage to become a Monster in the end, and that he will only make blood flow in the Monster Clan's land until it forms rivers. This is why they have sent him here to take part in the Sovereign Road trial, and they have left him alone to fend for himself."

"Hateful!" Jiang Chen clenched his fists, while his shoulders shivered. He recalled what the Monsters had said when they had just received Whitey, and he really wished to kill them all.

"The current Slaughter God is like a ticking time bomb that will explode at any moment."

"But you are still alive, and there is still hope left. You can prevent everything from occurring before the Slaughter God reveals his original form and starts a massacre." This was what Miss Bai had wanted to say. She couldn't bear to look on as Whitey walked to his death.

"Is Whitey now in the Martial Field?"

"That is right."

This meant that they couldn't go there now, as they couldn't even leave the Ancient Ruins.

Jiang Chen thought about his previous blood connection with Whitey. Since he had been reborn, the blood connection had disappeared, and he couldn't detect Whitey's presence any longer, while Whitey also couldn't detect him.

Jiang Chen didn't care about the Divine Palace any longer, and he landed atop a black mountain. He was trying to awaken the blood link in his body and convey a message to Whitey.

However, when he had set up a blood connection in the past, he had done it along with Whitey, and since he was now trying to rouse the link by himself, it would be impossible to succeed.

"The Slaughter God is now..." Upon witnessing how anxious Jiang Chen was, Miss Bai flew over to him.

"Miss Bai, I hope that you can call him by his name, which is Whitey."

"Okay," Miss Bai could understand his feelings, and she nodded softly. Then she said, "Our Monster Clan members, who came to take part in the Sovereign Road, can all detect each other, and Whitey still hasn't lost control of himself."

"I have three seals, while Whitey's body has 33 seals."

This could be considered a good piece of news. But Jiang Chen still couldn't set his mind at ease. He couldn't help but feel ashamed of himself, because when Whitey left him, his mind had only been a child's mind and unable to make good decisions.

Jiang Chen had allowed the Monster Clan to take him away, and this was now the outcome. He really hadn't taken responsibility for him.

"No one can blame you for this, as the Nine Realms and the Monster Realm are isolated, and all Monsters assumed that you were dead."

"It was only through seeing the murderous aura that emanated from you a while ago that I was able to verify this matter."

Jiang Chen stood up and nodded at Miss Bai. He expressed that he was all right.

"Let's first go to the Divine Palace."

Miss Bai was surprised to hear him say this. People always said that humans were moody and indecisive. However, she hadn't seen such traits in Jiang Chen.


Meanwhile, the magical clone, who had been practicing the Dragon Punch with the black dragon in the Heavenly Palace, had set off for the Divine Martial Arts Realm.

"If you leave now, the Heavenly Palace will be in a mess."

Wu Ming was quite embarrassed. When Jiang Chen had previously asked others to work without doing anything, everything was still fine. But now, the Heavenly Palace was packed with people and everything had become frenzied.

Since Jiang Chen was their spiritual leader, he must stay here, and even if he just passed his days practicing fist techniques, his presence would still manage to help people keep calm.

When Wu Ming saw his disciple's anxious look, he realized that an incident had occurred. He got up and inquired about what had happened.

When Wu Ming learned about the Whitey matter, he frowned, and after he had thought quietly for a moment, he said, "You only know that Whitey is in the Martial Field, and you don't anything about that Field. You don't even know its concrete location, do you?"

"I will find out everything once I go there."

"Jiang Chen, you are now a region's ruler, and you shouldn't consider matters so shallowly," Wu Ming extended his hand and patted Jiang Chen's shoulder. He asked him to calm down and wait for an hour.

After an hour, Wu Ming came up with detailed information.

"Recently, the Heavenly Palace has been cooperating with the Divine Martial Arts Realm's Heavenly Secret Pavilion, and we can buy information from them."

"That information is related to Whitey and the Martial Field."

Jiang Chen quickly received a jade strip and imbued his Holy Awareness into it.

After a short while, Jiang Chen got to know that the Martial Field was an independent realm founded by the three great factions. It was even more mysterious than the Ancient Ruins, where his main body currently was.

No one knew the Martial Field's concrete location, and even the Young Sovereigns who entered it were simply teleported there. Once the trial started, they couldn't enter or leave the Field midway.

Jiang Chen understood that rushing to the Divine Martial Arts Realm would be useless, as the Ancient Ruins' trial would end before the Martial Field's trial.

Then Jiang Chen took a look at the information related to Whitey.

"He had the bloodline of an ancient ferocious beast, which was awakened by someone using a heaven-defying technique."

"The angrier he gets, the stronger he will be."

"He was trained vigorously by the Monster Clan, as they wanted to make him the Monster Clan's Divine King."

There were just three brief sentences, and they didn't have any more information about him. This wasn't because the Heavenly Secret Pavilion's intelligence network wasn't good. It was because the Monster Realm and the Nine Realms didn't have access to news about each other.

After reading this, Jiang Chen went to the top of the Divine Tree of Creatures.

"Divine Tree, I still have a chance to get a supreme treasure."

"That is right, and it's the case as long as it's possessed by a Sacred Spirit."


Jiang Chen wanted to concoct a unique elixir.

In Whitey's current state, he wouldn't get better after just meeting Jiang Chen. Since he had been affected by the murderous aura for a long time, irreversible damages would have been inflicted on him.

However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen was able to treat it.


Returning to the main body of Jiang Chen who was in the Divine Martial Arts Realm's Ancient Ruins, he had gotten rid of all negative thoughts and determined the Divine Palace's location.

Yan Yu and her four companions heaved sighs of relief. At least, it seemed as if Jiang Chen didn't plan to drive them away.

The crowd observed Jiang Chen in silence as he determined the location according to the position of the stars. They didn't dare to even breathe loudly, as they were afraid of disturbing him.

"I should have realized how outstanding he was from the beginning."

Yan Yu felt bitter. She had a beautiful appearance, as well as a curvaceous body that would evoke the desire of any man. She had once believed that there wasn't any man who could resist her charms.

But as she looked at Ao Yue and Miss Bai who were standing beside Jiang Chen, her gaze dimmed with tears.

If Yan Yu had stayed all along with Jiang Chen, she would have been able to see Tian Yin and Xiao Ruo in the future, and it was unknown what she would feel then.

"I found it!"

While Yan Yu was still distracted, Jiang Chen's excited voice echoed out.


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