The Brilliant Fighting Master
1407 The Monster Clan“s Slaughter God
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1407 The Monster Clan“s Slaughter God

Meng Chong's hands, which were covered in blood, held the spear firmly, and he strove hard to keep standing. He had now lowered his head, and the first thing that appeared in his line of sight was a pair of black boots.

Meng Chong used his last bit of power to raise his head, and he discovered that Jiang Chen, who was standing beneath the starry sky, possessed an air of transcendence.

"Anyone who affronted my Xia clan..." Meng Chong's face became flushed and he ended up losing his life to Jiang Chen's punch before he managed to finish his speech.

At this moment, Chang Wei, Xiao Ying, and Su Yue all turned pale with fright. They didn't pay attention to anything else, and they immediately scattered to escape.

"B*stard! Is this the guy who is an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor that you have mentioned?" Chang Wei scolded his companions loudly.

The three Chang family brothers who were behind him lowered their heads, and they didn't dare to say anything.

Those several people managed to escape smoothly. But the Insect King, Xiao Ying, wasn't so lucky. His long black robe was cut open as he faced Duan Yun's sword that was only becoming sharper, and all kinds of insects flew out of his robe.

Xiao Ying used his whole power like he had in the morning, as even if he had to die, he still wanted to take down Duan Yun with him.

"The sword in my hand can't be compared to the one I had in the morning." Duan Yun's eyes were filled with excitement, and he laughed loudly. The Slaughter Sword was becoming more scalding.

Xiao Ying quickly descended into despair. He discovered that he didn't have any way of dealing with this.

When Su Yue and her companions were about to leave, Miss Bai flew over to them, leaving a long arc in the air. She obstructed the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples.

"You dare to obstruct us?" Su Yue was astonished. She felt it was already good of her not to have caused trouble for Miss Bai.

"Get lost, or our Monster-Slaying Palace will never forgive you," Su Yue was afraid that the scary Jiang Chen would overtake them if she got delayed.

"I have already lifted one of the three seals thanks to you," Miss Bai spoke coldly, while her gaze became icy.

The Monster Clan wasn't a clan that could be pushed around and bullied by people, and it was only because of the restriction of the rules that Miss Bai backed down repeatedly. However, Su Yue had bullied her too much, and Miss Bai realized that she must fight.

Su Yue didn't really care about what Miss Bai was saying, and she observed another person out of the corner of her eye. After she noticed that Jiang Chen didn't plan to come over, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Our Monster-Slaying Palace has contended against the Monster Clan for more than 1,000 years, and we are your worst bane."

"Attack her!"

As Su Yue's voice echoed, she attacked along with her junior brothers and sisters. Sealing power appeared in their hands in different forms, and they were all effective in dealing with monsters.

Miss Bai swept those several people with her gaze fearlessly, while a ferocious air emanated from her.


The fight's spectators didn't see clearly what happened, and they just saw that intense energy fluctuations erupted out there.

Su Yue and her companions didn't even approach the 50-yard-radius around Miss Bai. Yet, they were shaken, and forced to move back.

"What is this? Is this her power after lifting just the first seal? What kind of monster are you?"

Su Yue's whole body blood and energy started churning. She was shocked greatly!

"Dead people don't need to know so much," Miss Bai's reply was brief, and it seemed like every word echoed from a different place.

When the first word echoed, Miss Bai was still at a distant place, but by the time she uttered the last word, she was already in front of them.

Su Yue couldn't react in time, and it was then that Miss Bai thrust her palm at her.

Su Yue's Protective Dipper Energy, as well as her skin-tight armor that was hidden beneath her clothes, couldn't block such a strike.

When Su Yue suffered this attack, a dent was left in her chest, while her heart's veins were cut out.

"Oh, my God!"

The people that witnessed such a sight were shocked. It seemed like Chang Wei and Meng Chong had severely underestimated the power of Jiang Chen's group. Jiang Chen possessed an extreme martial technique, while Miss Bai also had a great fighting prowess.

However, it was fortunate that Chang Wei ran away quickly, or else he would also have died here.

"If you don't have any business here, please leave quickly."

While the crowd was still pondering over such a confrontation, Jiang Chen's voice echoed out.

More than ten teams had rushed over after they got news about this matter, and they were all formed by talented youths.

If it was someone else who had ordered those people to leave, they would have flown into a rage long ago, but now those people just exchanged a glance, before they left quietly.

"Jiang Chen, I may have affronted you previously. But please don't pay heed to it."

Cao Chong was urged by his companions, and he came over to Jiang Chen nervously.

Jiang Chen waved his hand at him carelessly. He didn't care about such a trifling matter.

However, Yan Yu cared about it too much. They had all intervened a moment ago, but even though they had five people, they weren't too useful. They had tried to obstruct Chang Wei. But it was a pity that Chang Wei's fighting prowess was too great.

Xiao Ying was killed by Duan Yun, while Su Yue was killed by Miss Bai, and they had both dealt with their opponents.

As for Ao Yue who didn't fight since the beginning? Her situation was different because she had a close relationship with Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Yan Yu became nervous, and she was worried that Jiang Chen would kick her out along with her companions.

After all, the Divine Palace had many treasures, and no one would be willing to share them with others.

Yan Yu couldn't help but envy Ao Yue and Miss Bai. At first, she had assumed that people with their statuses shouldn't stay with someone as mediocre as Jiang Chen. But it seemed now that those two women weren't just prettier than her by much, they also had a discerning eye.

"You didn't blame me for abstaining from fighting."

While Yan Yu was restless, Ao Yue was quite composed, and she revealed a bright smile, as her eyes lit up.

"I believe in you," Jiang Chen replied calmly.

Two dimples appeared on Ao Yue's cheeks, and she went to Jiang Chen's side. She then pulled on his arm in front of many surprised gazes.

When Jiang Chen was surprised, Ao Yue said softly, "Don't try to act tough. Even if you have a divine body, your body still can't bear the toil of using the Black Dragon Punch."

After Ao Yue spoke, Jiang Chen felt a vast draconic power flowing into his body. He then felt like he was soaking in a hot spring, and a warm and comfortable feeling engulfed him.

Ao Yue wasn't mistaken, as Jiang Chen had used the Black Dragon Punch, he felt like his body was like a vase filled with fractures, and pain was emanating from his whole body.

This was the Black Dragon Punch's side-effect. But since he was in front of many people, he could only bear it.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but sigh with feelings. The Dragon Clan's princess was so considerate!

"Jiang Chen, may I have a word with you?"

Miss Bai, who had disposed of the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples, came back and she had something to say to Jiang Chen.

"Hey, don't you see that Jiang Chen is busy?" Ao Yue, who didn't have a good impression of Miss Bai, spoke out of displeasure, and her unspoken implication was that she was still treating Jiang Chen's injuries.

However, it seemed like there was a little difference between humans and dragons' way of thinking, and that was why Ao Yue didn't realize that her words could be misunderstood by people.

When Miss Bai witnessed that those two people were stuck together, she was taken aback, and she forgot to bicker with Ao Yue.

"I...I will then put it off until you are done," as Miss Bai spoke, her face became flushed, and she quickly left.

"She's really demented, why did her face become flushed?"

At first, Ao Yue was confused, and it was only when she noticed the ambiguous gazes of Duan Yun and the others that she understood what had happened.

As a swooshing sound echoed, Ao Yue distanced herself from Jiang Chen, while her face, neck, and even her ears became flushed.

Jiang Chen glared at Duan Yun, who wore a vile smile, before he went to look for Miss Bai because he was left without a choice.

"Do you know the Monster Clan's Slaughter God?"

Jiang Chen was confused by Miss Bai's first words, and he didn't understand what she meant.

"Okay, you know the name Whitey, don't you?"

However, Miss Bai's later words made Jiang Chen's expression change drastically. It could be said that Whitey was like a close relative to him.


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