The Brilliant Fighting Master
1406 It Never Rains but It Pours
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1406 It Never Rains but It Pours

Meng Chong's identical attack emitted an austere air, and he didn't leave Jiang Chen a chance to say anything.

As Meng Chong looked at Jiang Chen making the same weird movements once again, he couldn't help but laugh inwardly. He could observe this matter more carefully than other people, and he noticed that whatever Jiang Chen was doing, it couldn't pose a threat to him.


What no one had expected was that when Jiang Chen clenched his fist, a sonorous dragon's roar would reverberate in the world, and, at that moment, everyone laughing in mockery was taken aback, and their expressions stiffened.

Now, they were the ones that seemed funny and ridiculous.

It could be seen that boundless power erupted out of Jiang Chen's body and spread into the world. It formed a powerful magnetic field!

The aura of Jiang Chen changed drastically, and he looked disdainfully at everything. He seemed awe-inspiring!

The formless magnetic field around Jiang Chen's body formed a giant dragon that swept everything out of his way.

As Jiang Chen faced Meng Chong's attack, he jumped forward and pounced at him.

"Black Dragon Punch First Move: A Flying Dragon in the Sky!"

This extreme martial technique that was sought by everyone appeared before them.

The two fists' power couldn't be compared to ordinary punch techniques because they contained unimaginable power.


As a fist was thrust, a loud rumbling sound echoed out as if a Thunder God was giving vent to his anger, and intense energy waves spread out, while the fist ended up smashing Meng Chong's spear.

Upon hitting him, such boundless power forced the charging Meng Chong to stop in his tracks, and, after this, a great power started ravaging him. His Doctrine Artifact-grade armor was burned to ashes like a piece of paper, and the skin-tight clothes beneath it were revealed.

Just after this, Meng Chong was sent flying, and his clothes were torn apart. Fresh blood flowed from Meng Chong's whole body, while everyone could clearly see that Meng Chong's bones and muscles were twisted.

"Oh, my God!"

The crowd that finally understood that Jiang Chen wasn't cracking a joke couldn't find suitable words to describe their current feelings.

"This, this, this, this..."

Cao Chong, who had already planned to escape, couldn't breathe properly, and he almost ended up suffocating.

As for Yan Yu and the other people near her, they also had spectacular expressions plastered on their faces.

"The Black Dragon Clan's Dragon Punch. It's lucky that he had enough willpower to learn it." Ao Yue revealed her pure white teeth and smiled sweetly.

The Dragon Punch wasn't essentially a punch technique, and this was why the aura of Jiang Chen that had finished using the punch still didn't weaken, and, as he stood among the crowd, he seemed like a great king. Everywhere he looked, no one would dare to stare straight at him.

"An extreme martial technique? Is this an extreme martial technique?"

It seemed as if Meng Chong would shortly lose his mind, and he shouted loudly, while his blood was spattered around. His words gave rise to an uproar among the crowd once again.

"Was the extreme martial technique found here by Jiang Chen?"

"No, it's the Dragon Punch. The Dragon Clan's supreme secret technique. If a human manages to learn it, it is tantamount to an extreme martial technique."

Some people well-informed about this matter's ins and outs were present here, and they dispelled the crowd's doubts.

"So why are we still risking our lives to look for an extreme martial technique here? Why don't we just go to the Dragon Clan?" Someone asked a childish question.

"Naive! If an ordinary person tried to learn the Dragon Punch forcefully, his body would be torn into shreds, while his flesh would melt, and his bones would be broken."

"It's only someone that has the Dragon Blood's baptism or has absorbed a true dragon's main core that can achieve it."

"But despite this, the Dragon Punch's learning process would still be too painful, and if one doesn't have enough resources and a suitable environment, it will be impossible for him to learn it."

"While the crux of this issue is that one would need a dragon to train him and teach him with great care, and it's extremely difficult to find someone among the haughty and arrogant dragons that will do so."

Upon hearing this, many people's gazes looked at Ao Yue who was next to them.

"Don't look at me, what Jiang Chen used is the Black Dragon Punch, not the Golden Dragon Punch."

At this moment, a thought ran across everyone's mind.

"What is so great about Jiang Chen?"

The Monster-Slayer Palace's Su Yue and the Chang family brothers couldn't understand this matter, even though they had all fought against Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen hid such power, why didn't he use it earlier ?

It could be said that he left behind a trump card, but he had almost lost his life in the previous conflict.

"This guy is anything but simple."

The people's impression of Jiang Chen changed from someone that liked putting on an act to a mysterious person.

Jiang Chen took large strides on the battlefield, while emitting an imposing manner.

"Hateful!" Meng Chong shouted, as Jiang Chen struck his chest heavily.

As Meng Chong's body suffered such a strike, his injuries started recovering quickly as if his body was a ball being filled with air. Moreover, it wasn't limited to just this, as his flesh became covered with many golden little symbols.

"Golden Radiance Sacred Body!"

The crowd realized that Meng Chong would use his whole power. This was what he depended upon to get a position among the apex experts of the second-rank group.

The crowd held their breaths, and they opened their eyes wide.

"A Long Rainbow Will Pierce the Sun!"

Meng Chong attacked. His spear was engulfed by vigorous luminous energy, and it turned into a terrifying bolt, able to destroy everything.

"It's so clever! He knows that one can't use any weapons while using the Dragon Punch, and that was why he wants to put to use his advantage."

"The empty-handed Jiang Chen will be at a disadvantage while facing this move."

"It is still unknown who will win and who will lose."

The people standing on Meng Chong's side got another glimmer of hope, and they were all filled with expectation.

"Foolish!" Jiang Chen scolded his opponent relentlessly, while his divine body was engulfed by a golden radiance as if he had just gotten into an invincible mode. It was the Invincible Golden Body!


Jiang Chen faced the bolt head-on, and he thrust his fist once again. The bolt quickly disappeared from its head to its end, while Meng Chong's body was sent flying.

The crowd let out alarmed cries. They didn't cry due to the outcome, but due to the state of the weapon in Meng Chong's hands. The outstanding spear's current appearance seemed quite funny and ridiculous, and its serpentine head was bent.

This was a Doctrine Artifact!

Many people here who possessed a Doctrine Artifact felt their scalps becoming numb, and they looked at Jiang Chen with a fearful gaze. This guy could ruin a precious Doctrine Artifact with a single punch.


A while ago, Meng Chong's life was preserved by his armor. But this time, he didn't have such good luck. He was half-kneeling on the ground with his hair down, while his energy and blood started quickly weakening.

Everyone was aware that Meng Chong's situation was hopeless.

It seemed as if Jiang Chen wasn't satisfied yet, and his stifling gaze looked at the other members of the Xia Clan.

Those people still hadn't managed to get over Meng Chong's outcome, and their bodies shuddered, while their limbs became numb. They all couldn't bring themselves to fight back, and when Jiang Chen walked toward them, they immediately fled.

"Duan Yun, you can start a slaughter."

Jiang Chen didn't pursue and attack those people, and he went to Meng Chong's side. But he still didn't forget to utter several words.

Duan Yun understood tacitly Jiang Chen's intentions and was aware that he wanted to take advantage of such a chance to deal with Chang Wei and his companions.

"I have let you keep your life during this day. But you didn't treasure such a chance." Duan Yun's eyes shone with an ominous glint and looked at the dumbfounded Xiao Ying.

Meng Chong wouldn't have imagined even in his dreams that the strongest between Meng Chong and Jiang Chen was the latter, and he wasn't stronger than the other by just a little bit.


Yan Yu got rid of her doubts as well as other distracting thoughts, and as she looked at the people in front of them, she passed down an order to the others to attack.

If those five people still didn't do anything even now, then after Jiang Chen came back to his senses, it would be unknown whether they would still manage to stay on the team.

At this moment, the five people finally reached an agreement with Duan Yun. When they stayed in the team, it wasn't Jiang Chen that got five people with outstanding power, it was those five people that got a rare opportunity.


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