The Brilliant Fighting Master
1405 Hook Punch
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1405 Hook Punch

"Yan Yu, what should we do?"

Cao Chong had been ravaged by the Wargod Drum, and his mind was destabilized. But after he assumed that he had recovered from it, he was scared once again by the current situation.

If the Xia Clan's members hadn't appeared, then it was their side that possessed an advantage. But now, they didn't have any odds for victory.

The people who followed Meng Chong were all excellent experts of the second-rank group. They all expressed their points of view that they would take down Jiang Chen at any cost.

After all, this affair was related to a king's death.

"Don't lose your cool!" Yan Yu was dissatisfied with Cao Chong's behavior.

In contrast, Jiang Chen, who faced the greatest danger, was cool and collected, and there wasn't any panic apparent in him.

When Meng Chong expressed that he would rather kill the innocent than let one slip by, Jiang Chen's gaze became sharp.

"Since this is the case, do you dare to come over to take my life personally?" Jiang Chen stated shocking words.

At this moment, a commotion didn't just arise among the people with Jiang Chen, it also arose among his opponents.

Everyone assumed that Jiang Chen's power was quite weak, and that he just depended wholly on Duan Yun, Ao Yue, and the other people.

Moreover, the reason why the crisis brought about by Xiao Ying was resolved was also that Duan Yun had blocked Xiao Ying's attacks.

"Sister Yan Yu, take a look at Duan Yun and the others."

All of a sudden, Tang Lian discovered something, and she spoke with surprise.

Yan Yu looked over, and she discovered that after Jiang Chen had uttered such unreasonable words, Duan Yun and Ao Yue didn't show any intense responses. They seemed surprised, but they didn't act like they thought that Jiang Chen had lost his mind.

However, the people opposite them weren't of the same opinion.

"Hey, don't you know that this person's fighting prowess isn't any lower than Mo Fan's."

Xiao Ying, whose body was almost covered by his black robe, spoke in a mocking voice.

Many people laughed, and they assumed that Jiang Chen still didn't understand his current situation.

Jiang Chen cast a glance at Xiao Ying and revealed a sarcastic look. But he still didn't say anything.

"B*stard, I was at a disadvantage while facing Duan Yun, not you." Xiao Ying was infuriated. If it was someone else's turn to fight, he would have gone to teach Jiang Chen a lesson long ago.

"Ninth princess, you don't have anything else to say, do you?"

Meng Chong rejoiced since Jiang Chen had offered him a chance. But he still didn't forget to speak with Ao Yue.

Ao Yue didn't look at Meng Chong kindly, but she still didn't speak.

Meng Chong didn't care about this, and he raised the heavy spear in his hand that emitted a black radiance. It possessed a majestic aura!

An invisible energy membrane was formed by Meng Chong's Royal Aura, and it covered his golden armor.

In the twinkling of an eye, Meng Chong's power was revealed completely, and he seemed like a war god.

"As expected of someone that came from a battlefield. He wouldn't underestimate any enemies, and he would always use his whole power."

Chang Wei crossed his arms in front of his chest, and when he detected Meng Chong's fighting spirit, he was gratified.

All of a sudden, Chang Wei frowned.

Jiang Chen, who should have been under great pressure, was still unmoved. His mental fortitude exceeded everyone's expectations.

"How is his power?" Chang Wei was worried that Chang Lei had stated on purpose that Jiang Chen's power was low to bait him into fighting against him.

"Big brother, he's at most in the second rank, and he can depend upon an Immortal Artifact to reluctantly join the ranks of excellent experts. But he's still far away from reaching the apex," Chang Lei quickly said.

The Monster-Slayer Palace's Su Yue could testify about this matter.

"After Jiang Chen dies, we should continue fighting and deal with the monster," Su Yue instructed her fellow disciples secretly.

"Senior sister, how should we deal with the Ninth princess?"

"The Dragon Clan is on bad terms with the Monster Clan, and she surely won't fight."

As Su Yue spoke up to here, she realized that it wasn't easy for Jiang Chen to make Miss Bai and Ao Yue stick together.

"Let me have a look at your skills?"

Meng Chong also had the same plan as Su Yue.

"Could it be that he has always hidden something?" Meng Chong had doubts. But he couldn't affirm this matter due to Jiang Chen's previous low accomplishments in battles.

Now, Jiang Chen had challenged Meng Chong by himself, and this was the best opportunity to witness his power.

As Meng Chong eyed Jiang Chen like a tiger watching its prey, Jiang Chen flew at the same altitude as him.

Jiang Chen's gaze fell upon the spear in his opponent's hand. It had a curved serpentine spearhead, and, as energy emanated from it, it seemed like it was making threatening gestures.

"I don't know what tricks you want to use. But your intermediate-stage realm level foreordained your miserable fate," after Meng Chong spoke, he attacked. He streaked across the sky and attacked without holding anything back. He seemed unstoppable!

The crowd wasn't surprised that Meng Chong could launch such a swift and fierce attack, and what they cared about was how Jiang Chen would deal with it.

When Meng Chong attacked, Jiang Chen showed a slightly strange behavior, and he took a weird stance. It was strange, clumsy, awkward. Yet it still seemed tyrannical.

This was what most people felt when they observed the stance, and they couldn't discern anything more than this.

But when Jiang Chen clenched his fists, Ao Yue's expression changed slightly.

"This is..."

Ao Yue immediately understood why Jiang Chen was so confident. But it was a pity that the course of events wasn't different, and Jiang Chen hadn't managed to challenge a person at a higher realm level.

Meng Chong's spear had reached Jiang Chen before he launched his attack successfully, and, as a rumbling sound echoed, Jiang Chen was hit and sent flying, while blood streaked down his hands and his face turned as pale as paper.

"Is it like this?"

The crowd found this matter quite strange, even though the outcome was within expectations. But as they thought about Jiang Chen's previous manner, they found a large contrast in this affair.

"We are cooperating with a demented person," Cao Chong shouted. He couldn't keep his calm.

Yan Yu didn't shut up Cao Chong because she wore the same expression as him.

Even Duan Yun who was confident in Jiang Chen became hesitant, and he pursed his lips. But he still didn't take action.

"Ha, ha!" Su Yue laughed and said mockingly, "Next year, this story will make the best laugh."

"This is the highest level of acting."

"It was fortunate that Meng Chong wasn't scared by him."

At this moment, Jiang Chen became just a funny and ridiculous person in the crowd's eyes.

"Is it you who have killed King Yu?" Meng Chong's fighting spirit became less intense, but he still closed on in his opponent and questioned him.

Jiang Chen coughed and spouted fresh blood that was mixed with torn flesh. His injuries were quite grave.

"Muscle memory is also quite important," Jiang Chen sighed with emotion and spoke.

He had assumed that since the magical clone had mastered the Dragon Punch Technique's first move, the main body would be immediately able to use it. But it was a pity that only a short period of time had passed since then, and there wasn't enough time for the changes to affect the main body.

However, it was fortunate that after a single failure, Jiang Chen had already adapted well, and his divine body's great power provided him with a second chance.

"Is your skill limited to just this?" Jiang Chen didn't reply. Instead he mocked him.

A commotion arose among the crowd, and they wondered whether Jiang Chen was demented.

"I'm unexpectedly fighting with a fool," Meng Chong shook his head, while an ominous glint appeared in his eyes. "I will put an end to this farce."

As Meng Chong's voice echoed, he launched the same attack as before, and it was a deadly attack.

"Hateful!" Duan Yun couldn't sit still, and he wanted to draw his sword.


However, Ao Yue, who was next to Duan Yun, stopped him, while her pretty eyes became filled with expectation.

It could be seen that Jiang Chen had set the same weird stance as a while ago. But what was different was that it didn't seem awkward and clumsy any longer. Instead, it seemed natural and smooth.

This was especially the case since when Jiang Chen clenched his fists this time, it seemed that the whole world was shaken up.


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