The Brilliant Fighting Master
1404 Wargod Drum
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1404 Wargod Drum

Time elapsed second by second, and, as the sun began to set in the west, a twilight started shining.

The people who had looked everywhere without any results were quite irritated. The first reason behind this was that they had limited time, and the second one was that they were afraid that someone would get there before them.

If one had to say which was the most calm of all of them, then it was Jiang Chen's group.

"It's not bad. There aren't any clouds tonight." Jiang Chen rejoiced. If this hadn't been the case, he would have had to fly above the clouds to observe the celestial bodies, and such action would surely attract other people's attention.

"It's dusk."

Cao Chong spoke up, and his hostility was apparent in his tone. As time passed, he started suspecting that maybe what Jiang Chen had said wasn't genuine.

"Many experts have entered the ancient ruins, and none of them have managed to find the divine palace."

Upon witnessing Cao Chong's attitude, Jiang Chen felt like he must state everything properly ahead of time.

"So, don't hope that the discovery process will be easy. It isn't difficult to find the entrance's location, but making it appear is another matter."

Jiang Chen had suddenly become solemn and severe with an inviolable aura.

Cao Chong frowned and pursed his lips. But he didn't say anything.

"Jiang Chen, I apologize to you on his behalf. May I ask whether we can start?"

Yan Yu, the short-haired woman, always acted calmly, and her character didn't conform to her voluptuous body.

"It's still out of the question," Jiang Chen shook his head and looked with his ice-cold gaze at a mountain far away.

"Come out! Why do you need to hide?"

Such words startled everyone, as even Ao Yue hadn't detected that anyone was here.

But when Jiang Chen's voice echoed out, a group of people appeared behind the mountain, and most of them were familiar-looking faces.

They were the Chang family's three brothers: Chang Lei, Chang Luo, and Chang Guan, as well as the Monster-Slayer Palace's Su Yue, Xiao Ying, and the baldie with whom they had had a conflict earlier.

If one had to say who was a new face among them, then it was the man at the front. He was tall, formidable, and possessed a threatening aura.

"Chang Wei!"

Nearly all of the Divine Martial Arts Realm's people recognized him.

"It seems like we have to dispose of this group of people," Duan Yun sneered coldly,while he glared at Xiao Ying.

Duan Yun desired to kill this person, and even though half a day had passed, he was still resolved to do it.

"It seems like it's our side that has an advantage." Jiang Chen was surprised by this matter, and he couldn't get used to it.

It didn't matter how powerful Chang Wei was, as Jiang Chen believed that Ao Yue would surely be able to deal with him, while he and Miss Bai could deal with the Monster-Slayer Palace members.

As for Yan Yu and her companions, their power exceeded the Chang family's three brothers.

But Jiang Chen still didn't loosen his guard because he was sure that his opponents weren't so stupid.

"Hand over Jiang Chen. There isn't any need for us to consume our power here," Chang Wei didn't beat around the bush and asked directly.

"Don't even dream about it," Duan Yun refused him firmly.

However, Chang Wei's gaze wasn't looking at Jiang Chen and Duan Yun. It seemed like he cared only about Ao Yue.

"I also don't want to use my dragon body. So leave quickly," Ao Yue shouted.

Chang Wei raised his brows. He didn't expect that Ao Yue would protect Jiang Chen so much.

"Could it be that the matter that the three great factions wanted to achieve in their dreams has been achieved by him?" Chang Wei couldn't help but have such a thought.

It could be said that the Ninth princess was a representative of the Dragon Clan, and she had a respected status.

The reason why the Xia Clan and King Yu had an intense desire to kill Jiang Chen wasn't because of something like love.

As Chang Wei thought about the Xia Clan, he couldn't help but laugh.


A defining drum's sound reverberated in the sky, and it rivaled thunder rolls.

Jiang Chen and his group were forced to use Protective Dipper Energy so that their eardrums wouldn't be torn apart.

"It's the Xia Clan's Wargod Drum."

The Divine Martial Arts Realm's people didn't find this drum's sound strange and unfamiliar, as every time the Xia Clan members attacked, they would beat drums to use their imposing aura to destabilize their enemies.

The Wargod Drum's sound reverberated for a whole minute, and the faces of all the people who didn't have a firm will turned as pale as paper.

The two people that followed Miss Bai, as well as Cao Chong, were quite affected by it.

When the drum's sound stopped reverberating, many golden rays flickered, and if one observed them carefully, one would discover that they were men and women clad in golden armor.

After Yan Yu and her companions had a clear look at them, their faces turned pale with fright.

"The Young War King, Meng Chong."

"The people next to him are the War General's disciples."

In brief, those people were all at the second rank, and their leader, Meng Chong, was even among the several people at the peak of the second rank.

Meng Chong's outward appearance was slightly similar to Chang Wei, but he was still more plucky and half of his cheeks were covered by a thick black beard.

"Where is Jiang Chen?" Meng Chong shouted confidently, while his gaze that flickered like lightning, swept the people on the ground.

Yan Yu and her companions couldn't understand how Jiang Chen had affronted and provoked the Xia Clan.

Ao Yue wore a pensive look, while the emotions apparent in her gaze were changing.

Jiang Chen didn't show weakness, and he strode forward by a single step.

"Is it you Jiang Chen?" Meng Chong knew the answer, but he still asked. He shouted loudly, and his vigorous power transmitted through his voice. It formed a stifling wave of pressure.

If an average person had faced such a shout, he would surely have been frightened greatly.

"It is I," Jiang Chen said, while his gaze was calm and composed. Such a matter couldn't be faked.

"Kneel down!"

Meng Chong wasn't willing to accept this, and he used the same trick once again. He quietly condensed his fighting spirit and tried to use it to destabilize Jiang Chen's mind.

As Jiang Chen faced such a fighting spirit, he felt like he was facing a great army.

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen didn't curb himself. A shocking murderous aura emanated from him and scattered the fighting spirit in front of him.

The people behind Jiang Chen were all startled and amazed.

Even Duan Yun, who was the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor, was startled by such a murderous aura.

"What is this?" Miss Bai was also startled. She found the murderous aura quite familiar, and she surely wouldn't mistake it for something else. But she still couldn't understand why Jiang Chen possessed it.

"Jiang Chen? Is he that human?"

Miss Bai thought back to the king, the Slaughter God, that appeared suddenly in the Monster Realm. She found this matter too shocking!

"How daring!" Meng Chong flew into a rage due to such a humiliation, and a heavy spear appeared in his hand.

"General Meng Chong, I wonder what is your business here?" Ao Yue suddenly spoke, and her words made Meng Chong calm down.

"Ninth princess, King Yu's aura disappeared several days ago, and it's obvious that he has already died," Meng Chong said.

"King Yu is cruel, tyrannical, and is always killing the innocent. It is no wonder that his enemies that are in the ancient ruins will take revenge against him. So why are you so sure that it's him?"

Ao Yue wasn't surprised by this matter, and she spoke bluntly. She didn't give any respect to Meng Chong, whose expression was unsightly, and she criticized King Yu. She stated King Yu's wrongdoing.

"Ninth princess, before King Yu entered the ancient ruins, a conflict occurred between him and this person," Meng Chong said. It seemed like he was curbing himself with great difficulty.

"Such a matter doesn't prove anything," Ao Yue said.

"According to our investigation, in the day when King Yu's aura disappeared, some people saw him fleeing for 1 million miles, and it was then that several light rays followed the escaping King Yu."

"What are you trying to say?" Ao Yue couldn't understand what he meant.

"In the current world, it's only the Human Emperor Bow that is able to kill an enemy at such a large distance."

"The Human Emperor Bow was in the hands of the Young Human Emperor, but he was killed not long ago by Jiang Chen in the Bloody Sea Realm. Ninth princess, you are probably aware of this matter, aren't you?"

In the past, the Ninth princess had also been in the Bloody Sea Realm.

Ao Yue rolled her eyes and avoided the important points and dwelled on the trivial ones. She said, "Even though you have said so much, you still haven't provided any proof."

At this moment, Meng Chong couldn't stand it any longer, and he sneered coldly. "In any case, I won't allow the murderer to leave the ancient ruins."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen sneered coldly and said, "What you mean is that you would rather kill the innocent than let one slip by?"

"That is right!" Meng Chong admitted such a matter bluntly, while his turbulent fighting spirit emanated from him.


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