The Brilliant Fighting Master
1403 Recruiting Helpers and Forming a Team
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1403 Recruiting Helpers and Forming a Team

"It seems like the leader isn't Duan Yun."

In the short-haired woman's group, the five people were using a sound transmission to communicate.

The five people had obviously chosen to stay here due to Duan Yun, but Ao Yue and Miss Bai had joined them directly due to Jiang Chen, and such a matter confused those five people.

"What kind of charm does he have, and why does Duan Yun obey him?"

The five people couldn't understand this matter, and a skeptical look was plastered on their faces.

Just after this, the five people started looking for the divine palace.

Jiang Chen would be able to locate it in the evening, but it would still be better to not inform them about such a matter before then.

In the evening, more people came to the seacoast, and most of them were people who had gotten information about the divine palace before they entered, while a small part of them depended upon their skills to find this place.

This region was quite vast and extensive, but it still didn't amount to much to martial-grade experts who could fly and travel 1 million miles.

During this period, their group ended up running across the Monster-Slayer Palace disciples, who were still headed by Su Yue. But this time, she hesitated for a moment before deciding to abstain from attacking. It was unknown whether this was due to Ao Yue or the short-haired woman and her four companions.

But when Su Yue left, she wore a mocking gaze, as if Jiang Chen and his companions would shortly suffer a great disaster.

"Hey, since we have already formed a team, why don't we explain some matters clearly."

At this moment, the short-haired woman and her four companions couldn't stand this any longer.

"Okay, you can speak," Jiang Chen said.

Duan Yun, who was next to him seemed quite vexed, and he scratched the back of his head.

The short-haired woman and her companions had stayed here only because of their regard for Duan Yun, and this was why they assumed that it was Jiang Chen who had gotten some advantages.

It was ironic because the reason why Jiang Chen had accepted those four people and decided to share the location of the divine palace with them was also because of Duan Yun.

But both sides couldn't come to an agreement, and they had conflicts all along.

"For example, what kind of enemies will we face?".

The short-haired woman looked at Jiang Chen's profound-looking eyes, and she was slightly taken aback by them. She had never seen any youngster that possessed such a special gaze.

"It's like what you have just seen. There is Mo Fan and Xiao Ying. But those aren't important, as there is still the Monster-Slayer Palace that will look for a chance to deal with Miss Bai, while one of the Chang family brothers was killed by me," Jiang Chen spoke calmly without noticing the expressions of the five people, which were changing drastically.

The five people weren't aware of the grudges between the Monster-Slayer Palace and Miss Bai, but since the latter was so strong, they didn't need to worry about them.

The crux was still the Chang family's three brothers. Even though their comprehensive fighting prowess surpassed the three brothers, they still couldn't afford to offend the people behind those brothers.

"Chang Wei!"

"He's considered one of the strongest experts in the second-rank group, and he isn't inferior to Mo Fan."

"If Chang Wei joins up with Mo Fan, they will surely attack."

Ao Yue and Miss Bai possessed outstanding power, especially Ao Yue, while her status as the ninth princess was quite a deterrent.

However, once the enemy's power was too great, such deterrence would lose its effectiveness.

While the crux of the issue was that Jiang Chen's team wasn't united, while their opponents would attack without paying attention to anything but their hatred.

The five people all desired to retreat, and their gazes fell upon Duan Yun.

"You can leave," Duan Yun was quite distraught with anxiety and didn't want to say much.

The five people were taken aback. They didn't expect that Duan Yun would make such a choice.

"Duan Yun, the ancient ruins are filled with perils, and every person must proceed carefully. It isn't reasonable to walk toward danger by yourself."

Tang Lian, who seemed gentle and soft, strode forward and pulled on Duan Yun's arm with her lily-white hands.

"Jiang Chen won't let the people on his side suffer any loss, and I trust him," Duan Yun said.

"But what does he have other than the support of two women?"

There was a person with a fiery temper among the five people, and he couldn't help but state these words upon seeing Duan Yun's current attitude.

"Cao Chong!" The short-haired woman shouted at him.

"Cao Chong, since we are old acquaintances, I won't attack you this time, but if you dare to insult my brother once again, don't blame my heartless sword," Duan Yun spoke coldly.

Cao Chong, who was being restrained by the short-haired woman, got angry.

"Good, good, pretty good. You don't care any longer about your old friends due to your brother that appeared out of nowhere. So why should we mingle with you? Let's leave!"


Another man expressed his opinion and supported Cao Chong.

Now, it was up to the three women to make a decision.

Hesitation was apparent in the short-haired woman's face, while Tang Lian was even more hesitant and confused.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He couldn't bear to let Duan Yun face such an issue, and he spoke softly, "Just stay here, I know the divine palace's location."

Such words stirred up the five people's emotions, and even Cao Chong, who was about to leave, angrily stopped in his tracks and turned around.

"Is this true?" The short-haired woman's eyes flickered for a moment.

"I have some assurance," Jiang Chen didn't inform them of everything.

Thereupon, the five people exchanged a glance, and they could all discern the changes in each other's gazes, while they communicated secretly once again.

"So let's cooperate and form a team. If we run into enemies, we will surely make an all-out effort," the short-haired woman said.

"However, you must ensure that what you have said is true," Cao Chong had already shed all pretense of cordiality, and that was why he didn't mind acting terribly.

Jiang Chen smiled and didn't speak. He didn't say anything further.

Ao Yue and Miss Bai, who had witnessed everything, didn't express anything. But they still supported Jiang Chen.

Ao Yue had already witnessed how outstanding Jiang Chen was in the Bloody Sea Realm, while she also knew about the Black Yellow Elixirs. She knew that his future achievements would surely be great.

As for Miss Bai, she had gone through a series of events with Jiang Chen, and his relationship with her was quite stable.

The Chang family brothers were near this region. They had come here and they knew that Jiang Chen was here.

However, they couldn't deal with even Duan Yun, while they knew that Ao Yue and Miss Bai were here. This was why they were aware that it wouldn't be easy for them to take revenge.

Thereupon, the Chang family brothers placed their hope on a tall man who was standing in a place not far from them. The man was wearing an awe-inspiring war armor, while a dragon was carved on the arm's region of his armor made out of mysterious iron. It was quite awesome.

The man had broad cheeks, thick brows, and big eyes. He seemed heroic.

The man was talking with one of his acquaintances, and he got to understand what had happened previously.

This man was Chang Wei, and, after he made enough inquires, he went back to the three brothers.

"Dealing with that guy becomes quite troublesome. You should first call over Xiao Ying and the Monster-Slayer Palace members. I think that they will be interested in fighting with us. As for me, I will go to look for another helper."

Upon hearing that Chang Wei was willing to take revenge for them, the three brothers became quite excited.

"Anyone who kills a member of my Chang family must pay a grave price."

Chang Wei left behind these fierce words, before he went toward Mo Fan's group that was searching one of the sea's islands.


When Mo Fan got to know the reason why Chang Wei had come to him, his expression didn't change. It was only his gaze that changed.

The white-clothed woman that traveled with Mo Fan spoke spiritedly, "Senior brother Mo Fan, you should teach that guy a lesson."

However, Mo Fan only shook his head and expressed that he didn't want to offend the Dragon Clan.

"We just have to kill Jiang Chen, and we don't need to injure Ao Yue. I just need to hold her up," Chang Wei wasn't willing to accept such rejection, and he spoke further.

"Brother Chang, you should look for someone else," Mo Fan spoke in a soft, yet unquestionable tone.

Chang Wei curled his mouth. It wasn't so easy to find someone at the same level as Mo Fan.

"You seem quite vexed, why don't you count me in."

However, a person that fit Chang Wei's needs came to him by himself, and Chang Wei was overjoyed greatly by such a matter.


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