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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1402 Fist!

Meanwhile, much was happening in the Seventh Realm's Divine Reign Domain.

Many lightning clouds had converged in the sky atop a desolate region, and dragon-like electric arcs were flickering among the clouds.

Deafening rumbling sounds echoed throughout the land, and it seemed as if the sky would collapse. This enormous disturbance was followed by more than 1,000 lightning bolts that crashed to earth.

If anyone had seen this, they would have assumed that the heavens had sent down a punishment on the target of the lightning. The target was Jiang Chen's magical clone.

Jiang Chen's magical clone was crossing a tribulation and advancing into the Martial Emperor Realm's middle stage.

The main body in the ancient ruins had risked his life to get lightning essence and make an advancement, while the magical clone who was in the Heavenly Palace had managed to make an advancement at nearly the same time due to the natural resources present there.

It was no wonder that at first the Azure Demon had insisted that Jiang Chen's main body should stay in the Heavenly Palace.

The magical clone had obviously crossed the tribulation successfully, and his realm level's power rose greatly. As long as he managed to fuse with the main body smoothly, this power wouldn't disappear.

However, if the magical clone was killed before the fusion, the power would disappear, and the innumerable resources consumed would be wasted.

While the lightning clouds were dissipating, a black dragon dove down from the sky and up to the side of Jiang Chen's magical clone.

"Are you ready?"

The black dragon took a human form of a tall man in black armor.


The magical clone and the main body had the same consciousness, and they both coveted the Dragon Punch Technique.

The black dragon had said previously that the Dragon Punch Technique was too tyrannical, and it would be better for Jiang Chen to raise his magical clone's realm level to the intermediate stage before getting it.

The reason behind this was that the magical clone's life force wasn't on a par with the main body's, and if the main body was on the verge of death, his potential would be stimulated and he might end up breaking through his restraints.

But such a situation wouldn't occur to the magical clone, as once its life force dropped to a certain level, it would start disappearing from the world.

The learning process of the Dragon Punch Technique was filled with perils, and the black dragon didn't want Jiang Chen to waste his efforts.

When Jiang Chen indicated that they could begin, the black dragon started using the Dragon Punch Technique in front of him.

This was the second time Jiang Chen got to see the Dragon Punch Technique, and the first time was when Ao Yue showed it to him. This was why he could discern that the Golden and Black Dragon Clans' Dragon Punch Techniques were quite different.

The Dragon Punch Technique that belonged to the Golden Dragon Clan had a sacred air, while the Black Dragon Clan's technique seemed more tyrannical. But they both possessed a shocking might.

It wasn't suitable to call it a punch energy, as Jiang Chen discovered that every time a punch was thrust, the power of a person's whole body would erupt out.

As the punch hit thin air, it seemed like the space membrane became like a mirror filled with glue. After the said mirror was shattered, one could still see distinct marks left behind.

As Jiang Chen observed the set of punches, his warm blood started racing and he wished to immediately learn this technique.

"The Dragon Punch is a misnomer, as dragons like us don't have fists."

"But the reason why we don't call it Dragon Claw is that this technique's method isn't as simple as it seems on the surface."

"It's the most perfect offensive technique that suits dragons that possess great power."

After the black dragon gave a demonstration, he didn't say anything unnecessary and got right to the point. He started explaining it to Jiang Chen.

"The reason why humans like you call it a dragon punch is that when you are at the peak of anger and facing an enemy, you will clench your fists instinctively."

The black dragon explained the technique to Jiang Chen so that he could get a rough idea about it, and, after he had finished doing so, he started teaching him officially.

"There was once a human that learned the Dragon Punch Technique, and this is why it was divided into 13 moves. They represent the learning sequence, as well as every step's features."

"The First Move: A Flying Dragon in the Sky!"


While the magical clone was learning an extreme martial technique, the main body's crisis in the ancient ruins hadn't been resolved yet.

Mo Fan was about to put away his sword, but, after he faced the challenge of Jiang Chen and Duan Yun, he got another idea.

"It seems like I didn't teach you enough of a memorable lesson."

As Mo Fan spoke, Moon-Canvas Sword started getting restless, and it shone brightly. Its might became stronger than before.

Many people looked mockingly at Jiang Chen and Duan Yun and awaited the results.


It was at this moment that a sonorous dragon's roar echoed out, and a boundless golden radiance that turned into a lightning bolt flew over.

The crowd was startled and sought to protect themselves.

Moon-Canvas Sword ended up hitting the golden bolt, and, as sparks flew all around, the sword was deflected.

Mo Fan's expression finally changed, when Ao Yue appeared out of thin air.

"Ninth princess, what do you mean by this?" Mo Fan asked.

The Divine Martial Arts Realm's people called Ao Yue the Ninth princess, and this title represented how every faction respected the Dragon Clan.

"What about you, what are you doing?" Even though Ao Yue was a woman, her aura wasn't weak at all.

Mo Fan was taken aback, and, as he recalled something, he looked at Jiang Chen, and spoke slowly, "Understood, I will give the Ninth princess my due respect, and I won't bother with him."

Mo Fan extended his hand and the revolving Moon-Canvas Sword went back to his hand.

"Are you all right?" Ao Yue wasn't grateful to Mo Fan, and she turned her head to look at Jiang Chen, while she asked with a worried tone.

"I'm still fine, thanks for your help."

"Why are you so respectful?" Ao Yue rolled her eyes at him flirtatiously. She was so charming that many people couldn't avert their gazes from her.

Upon witnessing this, the person who cared the most about this matter was the short-haired woman. She was confident in her appearance, but once she got to see Ao Yue, she realized that she was inferior to her.

Ao Yue's appearance wouldn't give one any lustful desire, but it was still able to captivate people's hearts. Moreover, she had a prominent status and great power.

Such a woman was so close to Jiang Chen, which made the short-haired woman wonder whether her previous surmise was only a figment of her imagination.

Since Ao Yue had come here, the crowd realized that it wasn't possible for them any longer to interrogate Jiang Chen and Duan Yun about the information that they had.

Some people had already started dispersing, as they didn't want to waste time.

"Duan Yun?"

Meanwhile, as Tang Lian got some instructions from her companions, she used a sound transition to question Duan Yun about his opinion. She asked whether he would travel with her and her four companions or with Jiang Chen and Ao Yue.

But if nothing unexpected occurred, it wasn't impossible for them to travel together.

"I will be with them. What do you have to say about this?"

Duan Yun wanted to reject the five people, but after he recalled that he would likely end up finding the divine palace, he realized that he would probably end up letting down his friends. This was why he gave the five people a choice and let them make a decision by themselves.

The short-haired woman was surprised by this, and she wondered whether Jiang Chen was really Duan Yun's brother who had been missing for many years.

"Let's stay together."

These five people had a good relationship with Duan Yun, and they didn't want to end up estranged from him because of this. Moreover, since they had been joined by Ao Yue, they wouldn't have to worry about anything.

"Jiang Chen!"

It was at this moment that a light ray approached from a distant place.

At first, the short-haired woman assumed that it was an enemy's attack, but she quickly discovered that it wasn't the case.

Jiang Chen and the person who arrived both looked delighted.

"Is it another beauty?"

After a short while, the person appeared in front of their eyes, and, after they had had a clear look, the short-haired woman and her four companions were surprised greatly.

The person was Miss Bai. She had a unique and outstanding demeanor and immeasurable power. She was wearing ordinary white clothes. Yet when she stood next to Ao Yue, she didn't seem any less powerful than her.

"What a horrid aura." Ao Yue twitched her nose. It seemed like she loathed Miss Bai!

Miss Bai didn't bother bickering with Ao Yue. She was relieved when she saw that Jiang Chen was safe and sound.

"It's good that everyone is safe and sound. Let's start taking action," Jiang Chen looked at the two people who had come with Miss Bai and spoke with a smile.

At this moment, a team with outstanding fighting prowess was formed.

However, the short-haired woman and her four companions still had misgivings about Jiang Chen, while Ao Yue and Miss Bai were on bad terms. This team wasn't any better than Xiao Ying's team.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》