The Brilliant Fighting Master
1401 Senior Brother Mo Fan
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1401 Senior Brother Mo Fan

The short-haired woman noticed that Jiang Chen had looked over at her, and she misunderstood the admiration apparent in his eyes. She assumed that Jiang Chen was attracted to her.

One couldn't blame her for having such thoughts because she possessed an angelic appearance, a good stature, and a voluptuous body. She would be at the center of attention wherever she went.

Since Jiang Chen had an attractive look, she didn't mind this, and she even felt slightly proud of herself. But as she thought about her previous experiences, she couldn't help but wonder whether he would also pursue her stupidly and make a scene that would force them to part on bad terms.

It was unknown what Jiang Chen would feel about this matter if he knew that his gaze would make a person's imagination run wild

"Let's exchange our information, as it may help us make some discoveries."

While they were chatting here, the people got an idea. They weren't as patient as Jiang Chen and Duan Yun who wanted to wait until the evening. They all wanted to quickly find the divine palace.

"I obviously don't have any objection, and the reason why I ended up fighting against the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor was that I had such an idea. But after I stated my information, he didn't want to divulge anything, as if he didn't find my information worthwhile."

When everyone became interested in finding the divine palace, Xiao Ying spoke carelessly.

Upon hearing this, Duan Yun's gaze became as sharp as a sword, while his sword energy started running amok.

"You should have let me kill him," Duan Yun said to Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing this, the short-haired woman and her four companions were quite surprised. It seemed as if the previous ordeal wasn't related to Xiao Ying, and it was Jiang Chen who was able to restrain Duan Yun when he had resolved to kill someone.

They were all familiar with Duan Yun's character and were aware that such a matter couldn't be achieved by just anyone.

"He was in a disadvantageous position, and killing him would have been strenuous. At that time, we would have ended up exposed, and your power would have been exhausted," Jiang Chen said.

Xiao Ying's speech had been quite effective, and many pairs of eyes focused on Jiang Chen's group.

"Duan Yun, what information do you have?" A person acquainted with Duan Yun asked bluntly.

"Get lost!" Duan Yun shouted at him rudely.

An embarrassed look appeared on that person's face, and he discovered that Duan Yun was slightly different than before. Previously, Duan Yun was decisive and firm only when it came to slaughter, and even though he had ominous fame, he was usually just apathetic and arrogant. He wasn't someone who would speak coarsely.

"Our time is limited, and we may not manage to find the divine palace before we leave. So it will be better to lay everything bare. This is fair and just."

"Or do you think that your information is better than ours, and you are confident in finding it?"

Sharp voices echoed ceaselessly.

Duan Yun didn't speak because he was worried that he might end up blurting out something inappropriate.

"Sirs, you have overthought this matter. I would like to ask whoever here dares to say that he knows the divine palace's location? On the contrary, we don't have any information about it, and this is why we can't say anything."

Jiang Chen took several steps forward and said, "The reason why we ended up fighting against a certain person was that he's an arrogant bully."

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen facing so many outstanding heroes calmly, the short-haired woman realized that Jiang Chen wasn't a simple intermediate-stage Martial Emperor.

"Who has allowed you to speak? Let Duan Yun speak."

However, the people present here were all cunning and wouldn't be deceived so easily.

A woman wearing white shouted angrily. But it was still obvious that she wasn't confident in herself.

Meanwhile, Duan Yun and Jiang Chen revealed the same look at the same time.

The five people next to them then believed for a moment that they were really blood brothers.

The white-clothed woman didn't expect that her words would give rise to such exaggerated responses from them.

Duan Yun and Jiang Chen's ferocious gazes rivaled fiendish beasts' gazes, and it seemed like they would pounce at people to kill them at any moment.

One didn't need to mention Duan Yun's blood-red eyes, and even the eyes of Jiang Chen, who was an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor, had many formless blades flickering in them, and it seemed like they would travel through the void and penetrate the woman's heart.

"Don't be afraid!"

When the white-clothed woman became flustered, a tall body swept up in front of her.

"Senior brother Mo Fan."

When the white-clothed woman saw the person in front of her, her heartbeat sped up, while her breathing became rough. She could only see a side of the man's face, but it still possessed a captivating charm.

Since this man possessed a captivating charm, it could be discerned how outstanding was his appearance.

But what attracted people's attention wasn't the man's look, but the sword floating next to him. The sword flew down, as if it would be shortly sheathed, but this sword didn't have a sheath, and it didn't even seem like a dead object, as it was flickering with rhythmic light.

This man was the person who had killed the giant serpent.

"Mo Fan is an apex expert of the second-rank group. His sword possesses a sword spirit, and its name is Moon-Canvas Sword."

Duan Yun was aware that Jiang Chen didn't have a good understanding of the Divine Martial Arts Realm's states, and this was why he used a sound transmission to introduce this man to him.

"Moon-Canvas Sword?"

As Jiang Chen looked at the sword that shone with a bright light, he couldn't help but admit that it was outstanding. Its might nearly reached a pseudo-immortal artifact's level.


Mo Fan looked at both people disdainfully and spoke in a soft voice. It was unknown who he was speaking to or whether he was speaking to both of them.

"Senior brother!"

The eyes of the white-clothed woman behind him became filled with stars, while her face became flushed, and her heart was about to be melted by the man.

Just after this, the white-clothed woman looked with a provocative gaze at the two people below her.

"Did you make a mistake somewhere?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly and spoke. It was obvious that it was the white-clothed woman that had disrespected them, yet he still wanted them to apologize.

"I will take such words as a reply." It didn't seem as if Mo Fan got angry, and he spoke in a calm tone, while he raised his right hand.

The Moon-Canvas Sword next to him started revolving around, while shocking sword energy emanated from it. The sword's sharp end was pointed at Jiang Chen and Duan Yun, and it seemed quite deadly.

The other people just observed this incident in silence, as they wanted to use Mo Fan to see whether Duan Yun had any information.

Even when Mo Fan was about to attack, his expression was still calm and composed, and, after he was quiet for several seconds, his sleeves fluttered, while he waved his right hand.

The Moon-Canvas Sword was as fast as lightning, and a whistling sound echoed as it flew.

Duan Yun groaned softly and thrust out the Slaughter Sword.

Both swords ended up colliding, and a crisp metallic sound echoed out.

Duan Yun was forced to move back several yards, while Moon-Canvas Sword was deflected. But it still managed to regain its balance.

The sword built up power through speeding up and it continued attacking. But this time, it attacked Jiang Chen.

"Worldly Wind and Lightning: Heavenly Power Sword!"

Jiang Chen's Immeasurable Ruler took a sword's shape, and he used his whole power to launch a sword technique.


Mo Fan, who wore the same look as usual, raised his brows, while his eyes lit up.

As a rumbling sound echoed, Jiang Chen ended up like Duan Yun, and he was forced to move back.


Jiang Chen and Duan Yun weren't willing to accept such an outcome. They were both aware that they would run into danger, but they still didn't expect that they would run across such an unreasonable person, while Mo Fan's power was still among the best in the ancient ruins.

"This is a little lesson." Mo Fan clasped his hands behind his back, while Moon-Canvas Sword went back to his side.

The short-haired woman and her companions heaved a sigh of relief, and they rejoiced because this matter didn't develop in the worst direction possible.

"We will pay you back for this sword strike."

But what no one had expected was that Jiang Chen would fly back once again and utter firm words at Mo Fan. At that moment, everyone's expression changed drastically.

The short-haired woman shook her head, and the favorable impression she had of Jiang Chen vanished like thin smoke. A great man should know when to advance or retreat, and, if one tried to show off, one would usually end up with a miserable end.

Sure enough! Mo Fan, who had planned to stop fighting, squinted his eyes, and his sword was ready to fly at any moment.

"Even someone like you dares to talk big?"

The white-clothed woman behind Mo Fan was quite disdainful, and she shouted complacently.

"Nice words!"

Meanwhile, Duan Yun also shouted, and he stood next to Jiang Chen, while he looked at Mo Fan. He spoke coldly, "Just wait until I adapt well."


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