The Brilliant Fighting Master
1400 A Brother Who Went Missing for Many Years
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1400 A Brother Who Went Missing for Many Years

"Good, pretty good."

Duan Yun realized that the other guy was making fun of him, and he became more resolved to kill. He didn't wait for Jiang Chen to say anything, and he held his sword as he charged ahead.

"How daring!"

When the bald man, who had moved to the back, witnessed Duan Yun attacking due to a slight disagreement, he flew into a rage.

It should be known that, regardless of how this matter was observed, it was their side that possessed a great advantage, while it didn't matter who was in the right, as Duan Yun's actions were a great offense to them.

But the bald man and the others hadn't planned to attack because they were aware that they wouldn't get a chance to fight due to Xiao Ying who was standing in front of them.

But they didn't notice that Xiao Ying's expression was more unsightly than usual. There were only a few people in the ancient ruins who were aware of the change in Duan Yun's power. He had jumped from the third rank to the ranks of the excellent experts of the second rank. This was a matter beyond Xiao Ying's expectations.

This was why when Xiao Ying faced Duan Yun's strike, he cut a sorry figure. His black robe fluttered with the wind, while a vigorous power, as well as a black fog, emanated from him.

Jiang Chen discerned at first glance that the black fog was anything but simple, but he still didn't warn his companion. He was aware that Duan Yun didn't like to pay attention to anything while fighting.

"Divine Murder Three Moves!"

Duan Yun had managed to get the upper hand with his sword move and pursued his retreating enemy, launching deadly linked sword moves.

Xiao Ying's black fog had originally been used for offense. But now, he was forced to use it for defense.

Xiao Ying was still quite outstanding, and his defense was watertight. Even though he was overwhelmed by his opponent, it still didn't seem like he would suffer a defeat.

"Charge forward!"

When the bald man discerned that the situation was anything but reassuring, he and his companions went over to provide help.

Xiao Ying didn't try to obstruct them because he wasn't really pursuing a fair victory.

But before the bald man and his dozens of companions entered the battlefield, a lightning arc streaked across the sky and obstructed them.

"You shouldn't act so overbearingly."

When the lightning's radiance disappeared, Jiang Chen appeared. He was holding in his hand the Immeasurable Ruler that took a sword's shape. His aura wasn't any weaker than any other person here because his power was strengthened by an Immortal Artifact.

"We have kicked an iron plate." The bald man finally understood this matter.

They had underestimated Jiang Chen and Duan Yun because they were only two people. While they knew that Duan Yun was an excellent expert of the third-rank group, they felt like there shouldn't be any issues as long as Xiao Ying was here.

As for Jiang Chen, they had seen him walking with Ao Yue and Miss Bai before they entered the ancient ruins, and he had been in the limelight. But they still didn't have any idea about his power.

These two people's power had unexpectedly exceeded their expectations greatly.


The bald man didn't hesitate too much, and he depended upon the fact that he was an apex expert of the third-rank group to attack confidently.

"Lightning Dragon's Electric Murder!"

The indifferent look apparent in Jiang Chen's gaze disappeared, and it was replaced by an ice-cold look. As he used a sword move, boundless lightning shot out along with electric arcs, and they flickered among the void.

When Jiang Chen's body was about to shoot out more lightning, a lightning dragon appeared out of thin air, and it sped up as thunder rolls echoed all around. The bald man and his companions couldn't avoid the strike, and they all ended up sustaining injuries.

A single sword was enough to repel more than ten experts in the third-rank group.

"D*mn it!"

When Xiao Ying witnessed such a sight, he regretted the fact that he didn't probe those two people's power at the beginning.

Moreover, the issue wasn't limited to just this, as the situation was developing toward the worst direction.

"Let's stop fighting."

The crowd had managed to get rid of the lightning only with great difficulty, and the only exception to this was the bald man. This was why they all quickly expressed their opinions. They had all just been called here and weren't a united team because they didn't even know one another's names.

Since they were facing such powerful opponents, they obviously wouldn't risk their lives and fight to the end.

The bald man's expression changed ceaselessly, and when he detected Jiang Chen's ice-cold gaze, his body shuddered, and he didn't know any longer what he should do.

"Stop! We admit defeat," Xiao Ying was forced to speak.

However, the aura of Duan Yun still didn't weaken. His blood-red eyes didn't seem like eyes that a human could possess.

"Do you really want to fight until we are all dead?" A hideous look appeared on Xiao Ying's face, while his black fog became more fierce.

Duan Yun let out a cold sneer. He didn't plan to stop fighting.

"Wuming!" Jiang Chen called Duan Yun because he discovered that many auras were approaching. People probably had detected the disturbance caused by the fight.

"Count yourself lucky."

It seemed like Jiang Chen's words possessed a magical power, as they had unexpectedly made Duan Yun sheathe his sword.

Xiao Ying who had focused his whole power on defense still didn't realize what had just happened, and he waved his hand at them awkwardly.

"Next time, don't be so opinionated," Jiang Chen warned Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying looked stealthily at the Immeasurable Ruler in Jiang Chen's hand that had recovered its former appearance.

At this moment, people arrived from all directions. They were all here for the divine palace and had gathered here due to the fight.

"I assume that you have found the divine palace. Yet you are just fighting over nothing."

"Isn't this the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's Duan Yun? What kind of lucky chance has he got that let him become able to contend against Xiao Ying?"

"He's already a late-stage Martial Emperor, and the reason behind it must be his realm level promotion."

"As expected of the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor."

Upon hearing these discussions, Xiao Ying and the bald man realized that the people who came over hadn't noticed Jiang Chen's previously outstanding performance.

"Duan Yun!"

The members of a team who came over were acquainted with Duan Yun, and it seemed like they had a good relationship. This was why they went over to him.

The team had three women and two men, and they were all excellent people. They didn't just have great power, they also had an outstanding appearance and were all talented men and beautiful women.

Out of the three women one who had short hair was the prettiest out of them. She had a perfect oval face, sharp features, and charming eyes. Her every frown and smile showed off her inborn great charm.

She also had a voluptuous body, and it seemed like she wore a close-fitting leather armor because she had to enter the ancient ruins.

"It's you!"

An odd feeling welled up in Duan Yun's heart when he saw his friends. But he quickly adapted to this.

"Not bad, you have advanced into the late stage, and you are now classified among the second-rank group.

"Ha, ha, Tang Lian will be proud of herself once again."

The two men started making fun of Duan Yun, and Tang Lian who was mentioned by them was another woman who wore light-blue clothes. She wasn't as alluring as the short-haired woman, but she still had a gentle air and a special beauty.

Tang Lian was the most excited to see Duan Yun out of the five people, and when she heard the other people make fun of her, her pretty face became flushed. "Come on! This isn't related to me at all."

The other four people smiled.

"Duan Yun, who is this?" The short-haired woman looked at Jiang Chen as she came over and questioned Duan Yun curiously.

"This is my brother who went missing for many years, and I have finally managed to find him in the ancient ruins."

Duan Yun's reply was way beyond their expectations.

When Jiang Chen heard Duan Yun's explanation, he was left speechless.

"A brother?"

The five people were surprised by this because their faces didn't seem even a little similar.

Moreover, Duan Yun had blood-red eyes that Jiang Chen didn't have.

But since it was Duan Yun who stated such information, they wouldn't question it, and they started introducing themselves.

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen noticed that these people didn't harbor any malice toward him, and this was why he didn't mind revealing his soft side to them.

"Why did you have a conflict with the Insect King Xiao Ying?"

The five people's interest in Jiang Chen didn't last for too long because he didn't have any noteworthy features besides his relationship with Duan Yun. He was just a middle-stage Martial Emperor and didn't seem too significant to people like them who had already reached the second-rank group.

Duan Yun briefly explained the course of events.

"Deep sea? It's quite likely."

"But if they were really sure about it, they wouldn't have looked for people casually. I don't think it's any more than a guess," the short-haired woman said.

These words made Jiang Chen attach more importance to this woman, and he cast several more glances at her. It seemed as if this woman wasn't just pretty, she was also quite clever.


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