The Brilliant Fighting Master
1398 Western Region
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1398 Western Region

"Can it make any wills immortal?"

After Duan Yun listened to the saga of the Immortal Sword Doctrine's mystical power, a stunned look appeared on his face. This was a rarely seen event.

But he still quickly frowned and said, "If I'm not guessing wrong, your skill in this Sword Doctrine has already surpassed the master who has taught it to you, hasn't it?"

Jiang Chen was quite surprised because Duan Yun wasn't mistaken.

"Such a Sword Doctrine is too outrageous, and I bet it was already difficult for your master to conceive it. If he had wanted to turn it into a complete Sword Doctrine, he would have needed a person such as you."

Duan Yun spoke solemnly, "If you teach the Immortal Sword Doctrine to someone else, you will just hamper their progress, and you must wait until you become a Sword Immortal or a Sword God. It is only after having your own proper understanding of it that you can teach it to other people."

"I didn't say that I wanted to teach it to someone," Jiang Chen said, before he noticed a resentful look on Duan Yun's face, and he figured out what was going on.

"You can set your mind at ease, I will teach it to you one day," Jiang Chen patted Duan Yun's shoulder and spoke to him solemnly.

"It's okay. I don't desire it now." Duan Yun shrugged his shoulders and broke away from Jiang Chen's hands. He wanted to go seek his target.

But they had been held up for a long time by the Chang brothers, and looking for Miss Bai in the ancient ruins wasn't any different than looking for a needle in a haystack.

"What do you plan to do?"

After they had flown for more than 10,000 miles without discovering any of Miss Bai's traces, Duan Yun stopped.

"Won't we go back?" Duan Yun suggested.

"No!" Jiang Chen quickly rejected this.

It would be difficult for Miss Bai to escape from the Monster-Slayer Palace disciples, and it wouldn't be realistic for her to take risks again and go back.

"She has ended up in this plight because of me, and I must find her," Jiang Chen said.

"But we don't even know which direction... By the way, did you see the previous mirage?"

As Duan Yun spoke, he recalled something and asked excitedly.

"What about it?"

"If she manages to escape, she will surely also go to the ruins, and maybe we can manage to meet her there?"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen cast a glance at Duan Yun, while wearing an odd look. He said, "500 years have elapsed. Yet your thought process is still so marvelous."

It must be known that what Jiang Chen was worried about was that Miss Bai couldn't escape.

"It's wrong of you to judge people with your prejudiced view," Duan Yun extended his right hand and waved his index finger, while he revealed a wise smile.

"If she hadn't managed to escape, we wouldn't have failed to find any marks of a great battle while we were following this road."

"Moreover, you have said that she's a monster, and, if she had really ended up in trouble, she would have revealed her true form. Then, even if we were separated by a long distance, we would still have managed to detect the monstrous energy that would soar up to the skies."

What was unexpected was that this speech was really reasonable, and it made sense.

"What you are implying is..."

"That's right, that woman also knew that she couldn't go back to see you. So what will she do? She can only continue trying to finish this trip's objective."

Jiang Chen couldn't help but nod, but then he quickly became confused once again. He said, "She doesn't know where the mirage is, does she?"

Upon hearing this, Duan Yun's gaze unexpectedly became quite odd.

"It's so pitiful!" Duan Yun put on an act and sighed with emotion.

"What?" Jiang Chen was aware that Duan Yun wouldn't say anything good, but he still must listen to him.

"You are the famous first young master of the Sacred Zone, while your father is one of the Four Great Saints. Yet you have now become a pitiful person without good access to information."

As Duan Yun spoke, he winked, and approached Jiang Chen. He said, "When we entered here, the three great factions asked us to rush into the west once the mirage appeared."

"The west?" As Jiang Chen pondered this, he realized that it conformed to his guesses, while he also understood why Duan Yun had stated this.

Miss Bai had been sent here by the Monster Clan, and she also obviously knew about this matter.

"When we go there, the Monster-Slayer Palace and the Chang brothers won't let us go quietly," Duan Yun said.

"What are you afraid of?"

"Okay!" Duan Yun wasn't afraid. He just wanted to hear Jiang Chen's opinion.

So they rushed toward the mirage's location.


Duan Yun's careless analysis wasn't wrong, and when Su Yue overtook her fellow disciples, she discovered that the four disciples had ended up losing their target.

"Did that female monster reveal her true form?" Su Yue was concerned about this matter.

Once the monster revealed its true form, she would be able to call everyone and attack the monster with them. So it was a pity that the Monster-Slayer Palace disciples shook their heads once again.

"We screwed up only a little."

One of the people tried to defend himself in a low voice, but when he noticed Su Yue's gaze, he quickly shut his mouth.

"Let's go back and take a look at that guy's end."

Su Yue hadn't forgotten who had caused everything, and so she went back along with her fellow disciples to the land where everything had occurred.

She had assumed that Jiang Chen had been subdued by the Chang brothers, because if he tried to fight back stupidly, people with bad tempers such as the Chang family brothers would probably have broken all his bones.

However, Su Yue could never have imagined even in her wildest dreams that Old Fourth of the Chang brothers would have been killed by Jiang Chen, while the fighting prowess of Duan Yun, whose Sovereign Spirit had awakened, rose drastically, and he had managed to repel Chang Lei and his other two brothers.

"What is going on?"

Su Yue was confused, and she completely lost her senses for a long while. She couldn't understand how Jiang Chen had enough power to kill Chang Ming.

Even though Chang Ming was only at the beginning of the second-rank group, he was still stronger than her fellow disciples, and he surpassed Xue Ba greatly.

When the Monster-Slayer Palace's four disciples found out this news, they all rejoiced. It was fortunate that it hadn't been them who stayed there to bring up the rear, as if this had been the case, they would have been killed by Jiang Chen before the Chang family brothers had arrived here.

What Su Yue couldn't understand was Jiang Chen and Duan Yun's baffling relationship.

"But since Chang Ming was killed by him, Chang Lei won't give up on this matter, and the influence of the Chang brothers isn't any less than ours."

As Su Yue thought about this matter, an ice-cold smile appeared on her pretty face.

The more Jiang Chen antagonized more enemies, the closer he would be to his death, and she would be happy to witness that.

"Let's not worry about this matter. A day has almost passed since the mirage's appearance, and we must head off there."

Just after this, Su Yue took her companions with her and headed off to the west.

In another region, in a canyon situated in a region that had been crossed previously by Su Yue and her companions when they carried out their pursuit, some were hiding.

Miss Bai had made enormous efforts to restrain her restless monstrous energy so that she could refrain from revealing her true form.

"Let's go back, and take a look at Jiang Chen's state."

Miss Bai had taken her two companions with her and gone back to the battlefield as soon as possible. This was an action that was beyond the expectations of Jiang Chen and Duan Yun.

However, it was fortunate that when they reached the battlefield, Su Yue and her companions had already left.

Miss Bai found out what had happened from various people.

"Since he's safe and sound, we don't need to look for him so that we don't cause trouble for him. I will take you to another location," Miss Bai spoke, while her gaze looked west.

Miss Bai traveled with the companions of the Sleeping Young Master, but she didn't plan to take them into the mirage's location.

She obviously needed companions, but she had high demands for their power, and this was why she had approached Jiang Chen.

But now, these two men had risked their lives to save her, and Miss Bai started treating them as people on her side.

What has occurred with Jiang Chen and Duan Yun?

They flew halfway through their journey before they remembered something and opened Xue Ba's Storage Spirit Artifact.

"What the h*ll!" They both shouted at the same time.

The bandit Xue Ba had robbed so much good stuff, and he had stacked up a mountain of treasures. But now Jiang Chen and Duan Yun had ended up benefiting from his thievery, and they had amassed so much treasure without putting in any effort.


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