The Brilliant Fighting Master
1397 Past Events Are Like Fleeting Smoke
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1397 Past Events Are Like Fleeting Smoke

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. He was in a good mood and didn't care why. He couldn't explain what had happened, and he had many doubts. But, most important, he had an indescribable feeling of joy that he hadn't had for a long time because he had just witnessed one of his closest old friends emerging before him.

Moreover, the reason why Duan Yun could recognize Jiang Chen wasn't just because he had the same name. It was also because what Jiang Chen had chanted during the fight that they had had.

Jiang Chen knew the World-Destroying Demonic Body chant. In the whole world, only Duan Yun and Jiang Chen knew it.

"Duan Yun!"

Chang Lei's angry voice disturbed these friends who had just been reunited.

Chang Lei had lost his brother and was like an injured beast. He wouldn't easily give up.

"I don't want to kill someone with an awakened Sovereign Spirit, so get out of the way," Chang Lei said.

PAH! "You are just afraid of the sword in my hand," Duan Yun turned around, raised his head, squinted his eyes, and grinned. Then he continued, "You must bear in mind that you have persecuted my brother, and I still haven't paid you back."

"My fourth brother was killed by him. Do you realize that?" Chang Lei spoke angrily.

"Are you the only people allowed to kill people, while my brother isn't allowed to kill you?" Duan Yun said.

"Okay!" Chang Lei shouted loudly. He had realized that talking was just a waste of time.

Just after this, Chang Lei and his two brothers used their whole power and attacked once again.

Jiang Chen was heavily injured, and they didn't have anything to fear from him. Everything would be fine as long as they could deal with Duan Yun.

"I still have many things to say to my brother, and I'm displeased by you."

Duan Yun curled his mouth into a sneer, while his blood-red eyes concentrated on the Changs, and his murderous aura was condensed.

"Be careful," Jiang Chen warned him.

"Such words will make me suspect your identity," Duan Yun spoke with displeasure.

Jiang Chen had almost forgotten that what this guy hated the most was having people question his power.

"I have gone through a rebirth, and it's unavoidable that some changes have occurred," Jiang Chen sighed with emotion as he spoke.

"After I dispose of these three guys, you must tell me all about it. I have protected you in my previous life, and this will be also the case in this life."

After Duan Yun spoke, he held tightly to the Slaughter Sword and attacked.

Duan Yun was facing the three people who had come after Jiang Chen, and his actions demonstrated that he was confident in obstructing all of them.

"I will hold him up, while you go to kill that guy."

When Chang Lei saw that the distance between Duan Yun and Jiang Chen had reached several hundred yards, he made a prompt decision and moved.

Chang Luo and Chang Guan exchanged glances, before they ran toward Jiang Chen at their highest speed.

"Stop trying to fool me!" Duan Yun raised his thick, black brows, while the Slaughter Sword emitted a boundless blood-red radiance that engulfed the three brothers.

"Divine Slaughter Sword Move!"

Duan Yun stood straight up, and his eyes shone with an ominous glint.

Everyone's hearts shuddered, and they felt unwell for unknown reasons, and it became difficult for them to breathe.

Upon witnessing this, Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief, and he realized that he didn't need to worry about anything.

Duan Yun's Sovereign Spirit had awakened, and he had recovered his previous life's memory. Duan Yun's power promotion wasn't as simple as a realm level advancement to the late stage. He had gotten a comprehensive great promotion.

Being-Slaughter, Ghost-Slaughter, and God-Slaughter: Those were the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's essence, and above them was Divine Slaughter, which was of utmost importance.

As this sword move was used, the Chang family's three brothers all let out miserable screams repeatedly.

Blood flowed out of Chang Luo and Chang Guang, who had wanted to deal with Jiang Chen, and what was scariest was that they couldn't find any wounds on their bodies.

The eldest brother, Chang Lei, didn't fare any better. His face was as pale as paper, while his blood and energy were churning.

"Just wait! This matter still hasn't come to an end."

Even though the brothers weren't willing to accept this outcome, they could only retreat in defeat in the face of such a scary sword move.

"It's quite irritating. I haven't really adapted to this new state yet, otherwise those three people would have all died," Duan Yun shook his head, while irritation became apparent on his face.

But Duan Yun didn't pursue and hunt down his targets. He just put away the Slaughter Sword and left with Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the sky had already become bright and clear, and this reminded people that the dispute had come to an end.

If anyone had said that he had predicted such an outcome from the beginning, then he was surely lying. Many incidents had occurred with many twistings and turnings, and it had been so complicated that many people couldn't bear watching this dispute.

Everyone was especially confused about the relationship between Jiang Chen and Duan Yun.

At first, they had obviously been enemies who were fighting to the death, yet now they had turned into brothers who guarded each other's backs.

It could still be seen from far away that they were deep in conversation, but no one could hear what they were saying.

"How can you adapt to this so quickly?"

"What's to it? I'm the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor. I have outstanding wisdom and a firm and indomitable will. Even if the world crumbled in front of my eyes, my aspirations wouldn't change."

PAH! "If I hadn't guided you to the right way in the past, what kind of d*mned aspirations would you have gotten?"

"This is... It can only be said that you have enlightened me, and if you hadn't shown up, I would finally have comprehended this in several years."

"But, since your enlightenment would have been delayed by several years, you would have ended up killed by Qiu Xiaotian."

"What the h*ll! Can you please not mention that guy."


These two people, whose souls crossed 500 years ago, were enjoying their conversation, while the rising sun sprinkled its golden rays atop their bodies.

Jiang Chen's doubts were dispelled one by one, and one of them was how Duan Yun carried out his reincarnation.

It must be known that at that time, the 500 quotas for Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation had already been given away.

"I killed a guy who got a qualification, and I have to say that Long Xing wasn't very good at choosing people," Duan Yun spoke carelessly.

Jiang Chen smiled. Duan Yun still didn't know that he was Long Xing, and since he had had to choose experts, they obviously wouldn't all be good people.

"What is your Sovereign Spirit? Did your Sovereign Spirit's memory awaken?" Jiang Chen asked.

"The Sovereign Spirit formed by me is a shattered sword. I'm really unlucky," Duan Yun spoke with displeasure.

"A shattered sword?"

Jiang Chen pondered this for a moment, and, when he recalled what that Sovereign Spirit was, he almost started cursing.

The shattered sword mentioned by Duan Yun was the spirit of a Sword Immortal whose surname was Ximen, a part of the strongest group among the 500 Sovereign Spirits.

"Did you kill Shangguan Jinhong?" Jiang Chen asked. He still remembered which people he had handed over the Sovereign Spirits to.

HUMPH! "After you died, that guy coveted Xiao Nuo's beauty, and he said something like he would enjoy her for you. Do you think I could stand that?" Duan Yun snorted repeatedly, while he winked at Jiang Chen, showing off.

Jiang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. In his previous life, Shangguan Jinhong had been one of his rivals in love. Since he could become his rival in love, he obviously had an outstanding status in the Sacred Zone.

He didn't expect that Shangguan Jinhong would be killed by Duan Yun, but Jiang Chen still was content that he had been killed.

"Let's not talk about the past, as I now have a headache." Duan Yun frowned and put his hand on Jiang Chen's shoulder. He said, "It seems like my memory is rejecting something."

According to Jiang Chen's understanding of Duan Yun, he surely wouldn't be joking while talking about such a matter, and this was why he asked him to stop and have a rest.

"Come on! As long as we aren't going to talk about old times, I'm fine. I know that you are still concerned about that white-clothed woman. So let's leave."

Duan Yun's hand that was on Jiang Chen's shoulder exerted its power. He was about to take Jiang Chen with him and fly away. But when he found himself unable to drag Jiang Chen and fly as usual, an odd look appeared on his face.

"I knew that once you trained, you would surely become outstanding. But this is still beyond my expectations."

Duan Yun sized up Jiang Chen, before he said with a faint smile, "Can your Sword Doctrine rival the Four Greatest Sword Doctrines?"

"It isn't limited to just this."

Jiang Chen didn't act with modesty in front of Duan Yun, and he revealed a mysterious smile, while keeping Xiao Ying as a surprise.


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