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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1396 Brothers!

The Chang family's four brothers could coordinate well with each other, and as they spoke one after the other, it seemed as if a single person was speaking.

However, the eldest brother, Chang Lei, was quiet and didn't speak much, while his knife-like gaze stared at Jiang Chen.

"This affair isn't related to you." Jiang Chen's expression became gloomy, and he swept those four people one by one. "You still have a chance to avoid becoming my enemy."

Upon hearing this, the four brothers were startled. They didn't expect that Jiang Chen, who was on the weaker side, would put on such a front, and that was why they were at a loss for words for a moment.

"What will happen if we become your enemies?" The eldest brother, Chang Lei, spoke.

"You will be separated from each other by death, or you may even go to the underworld together." Jiang Chen's voice was quite low, but it still seemed forceful. It didn't seem like he was bluffing.

It seemed as if time came to a stop at such a moment, and everyone present here was awed by this.

"Kill him," Chang Lei furrowed his brows and spoke in an ice-cold voice.

This what was the other three brothers wished for, and they all proceeded to form an encirclement. The power of any of them was higher than Xie Ba, but lower than Su Yue.

"Since this is the case..." Jiang Chen grinned. He wished to see how great his power had become after he had reached the intermediate stage.

The Immeasurable Ruler appeared in his hand, and Du Tian Divine Lightning was imbued into it. As the lightning shone brightly, the ruler took a spear's shape.

The Chang family's three brothers stopped in their tracks and opened their eyes wide. It was obvious that they were scared by such a sight.

"An immortal...an Immortal Artifact?"

The Lightning Rule had already reached the Bright Realm, while the Du Tian Divine Lightning's power had also been raised by the Lightning Essence, and those two factors let the Immeasurable Ruler break free of its pseudo category. Its divine might already rivaled a true Immortal Artifact.

"Be careful!" Chang Lei shouted suddenly, while an anxious look appeared on his face.

While the three brothers were still dumbfounded, Jiang Chen charged at them while holding his spear. He went straight at them and thrust his spear without using any flashy moves.


This was a move that released the weapon's whole power, and it possessed great destructive power. Moreover, Jiang Chen still strengthened his spear with the Penetrative True Will, and it made it turn into a magnificent light beam, which surpassed even four linked Human Emperor Arrows.

This was why the three brothers couldn't react in time, and the third brother just felt that a chill ran down his spine, while his limbs became numb, and goosebumps rose in them.


A crisp sound echoed, and it was similar to the sound emitted if a toothpick was thrust at a radish.

Chang Ming's body was penetrated, and he seemed as frail and weak as a piece of paper.

"No!" Chang Lei and the other two brothers shouted out of grief. However, they already couldn't do anything, as Chang Ming, whose body was heavily injured, was turned into ashes by the lightning.

"Oh, my God!"

The spectators were startled. This night was more exciting than they had expected.

At this moment, the white light emanating from the east reminded the crowd that this dispute would shortly cross a whole night.

"Kill him at any cost." Chang Lei lost his previous calm, and a hideous look appeared on his face, while he passed down an order crazily.

"Kill him!"

The eyes of Chang Luo and Chang Guang were also bloodshot, and they wanted to tear Jiang Chen apart.

Jiang Chen, who had finished using this spear move, appeared in a distant place. But such a distance wasn't significant to the Chang brothers.

"Subduing Dragons and Tigers!"

"Infuriated Guardian Deity!"

Chang Luo and Chang Ming unexpectedly used joint techniques, and their power fused together like rivers converged. They seemed unstoppable!

Although Chang Lei was just by himself, his attack was also not weak, and he unexpectedly cast a great magical technique.

"The Chang family is really outstanding."

The people, who knew the hidden power of the Chang family brothers, sighed with feeling. Even if Jiang Chen possessed an Immortal Artifact, he wouldn't manage to change the tide of the battle.

"Invincible Golden Armor!"

"Fire God Armor!"

"Wind Firmament Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!"

Jiang Chen quickly came to a stop and faced the three brothers, while he used all his ultimate techniques. However, it didn't matter how gorgeous his techniques were, they all seemed weak in comparison to the three brothers' fierce attacks.

The three brothers didn't stop for even a moment, and they ferociously attacked Jiang Chen.

As a loud rumbling sound echoed out, the golden light was extinguished, while the wind and lightning whistling sounds echoed.

The crowd witnessed Jiang Chen being sent flying, as if he was just a frail mantis trying to stop a chariot. Jiang Chen streaked across the air in a straight line for 10,000 yards, and left behind a luminous trail, which didn't disappear even after a long while.

"He still didn't die, did he?"

However, the crowd quickly discerned that Jiang Chen's body just leaned backward, and he still didn't fall down. But he was still injured heavily. His breastbone was shattered, while his arm bones were fractured.

However, he still managed to survive while facing the Chang family brothers' all-out attack, and this could be considered a miracle.

"He doesn't just have strong offensive power, he also has a strong defense."

"It's a pity, the Chang family brothers are stronger than him by much."

"Look over there quickly, the Chang family brothers will attack once again."

Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen hadn't died, the Chang family brothers were surprised. But they quickly revealed a cruel smile. It was better like this, as they could torture their target properly and take revenge for their little brother.

Jiang Chen coughed intensely, while blood flowed from him ceaselessly. He had lost temporarily the ability to put up any resistance.

"Why does he need to do this?"

The Sleeping Young Master's heart finally calmed down. Jiang Chen, who would shortly die, would help him cover up his embarrassment on this night.

"Even if he's a peerless genius, he still shouldn't have flaunted his might like that," the Sleeping Young Master said to himself.

No one had the leisure to pay attention to the Sleeping Young Master, and everyone looked at Jiang Chen.

The Chang family brothers encircled Jiang Chen, while their energies started getting restless. It seemed as if Jiang Chen didn't have any chance to survive.

"I will break all your bones," Chang Guang clenched his teeth and spoke, before he strode forward.

Jiang Chen held the Immeasurable Ruler and looked on as his opponent approached him. He would put on his last struggle at death's door.

"Who dares to harm my brother?"

It was at this moment that a thunderous shout echoed from the dark night sky. A turbulent scarlet radiance shone upon the land, and a Boundless Sword flew over.

"Move back!" Chang Lei didn't want to lose another one of his brothers, and that was why he pulled the obstinate Chang Guang with him, and moved back.

When the Sword Soul streaked before them, Chang Lei couldn't help but raise his brows. His intuition informed him clearly that if he didn't retreat, his life would be in danger.

However, the person he knew that possessed such a Sword Soul shouldn't possess such power. But it didn't matter whether Chang Lei admired it or not, as that person appeared in front of his line of sight and kept him away from Jiang Chen. It was Duan Yun!

While no one was paying attention to Duan Yun, he had quietly finished forming his Sovereign Spirit, and most people didn't even get to see his Sovereign Spirit shape.

But they still discovered that Duan Yun's realm level had risen to the late stage, and that was why he could stop the Chang family's brothers with his sword strike.

"Ha, ha, ha, brother, I haven't seen you for a long time." Duan Yun didn't take the Chang family brothers seriously, and he turned around to hug Jiang Chen. He hugged Jiang Chen's back with his whole might.

"Wuming?"As Jiang Chen saw Duan Yun's familiar-looking gaze, he found this matter unbelievable.

Duan Yun's reincarnated Sovereign Spirit was unexpectedly Wuming from 500 years ago.

"Didn't you choose to abstain from reincarnating?" Jiang Chen asked suddenly. But he immediately realized that he had ended up blurting out something inappropriate.

At that time, Jiang Chen had looked for Wuming while using Long Xing's identity, and he had wanted to make him become one of the Sovereign Spirits reincarnators.

"Jiang Chen who doesn't have any cultivation base won't be given a chance to reincarnate, will he?"

Jiang Chen, whose memory was sealed, still remembered what Wuming had said.

"I won't go then, as someone must be left here to contend against the Blood Clan, and I will stay here to accompany him."

"Just call me Duan Yun. I have died one time, and the name Wuming seems ominous to me," Duan Yun said. "As for you? You have used the same name for both lives. You are quite arrogant!"

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》