The Brilliant Fighting Master
1394 Killing the Berserk Blade Wielder
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1394 Killing the Berserk Blade Wielder

Many people felt like everything was unreal. Jiang Chen had just died due to his heavy injuries and disappeared from the world. Yet, the other person who had arrived from a distant place was Jiang Chen.

"A clone? It's impossible."

The people who didn't know Jiang Chen were obviously startled. It was because a clone possessed just half of the main body's power, and, if the clone's power surpassed a half, then such a cloning technique could be considered a peerless magical technique.

If that was really the case, then the power of Jiang Chen, who appeared now, was higher than the previous one by half again.

"If it's really the case, then someone of his age can be considered a rare genius, and he should have gone to the Martial Field." Xue Ba found this matter unbelievable. Regardless if it was Duan Yun or Jiang Chen, they had both exceeded his expectations greatly.

"Whatever!" Xue Ba revealed a ferocious look and waved his blade at Duan Yun.

There were still 10,000 yards between Duan Yun and the new Jiang Chen, who had just arrived, and he wouldn't manage to save him in time.

Duan Yun, whose Sovereign Spirit had awakened, couldn't fight back at all, and he didn't even detect the danger approaching him.

When the blade was about to take Duan Yun's life, a bright bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck the tip of Xue Ba's blade.

The blade's power was instantly scattered, while Xue Ba's body spasmed violently, and he ended up losing his balance.

However, Protective Energy quickly appeared around Xue Ba's body, and it was only through its help that he managed to regain his balance.

As Xue Ba took another look at his surroundings, he discovered that Jiang Chen, who was still 10,000 yards away from him, had already appeared in front of him. He had the same appearance as the previous Jiang Chen, with the same black clothes. He had a handsome appearance, with a sharp and profound gaze.

What was different about the current Jiang Chen was that his realm level had already reached the Martial Emperor Realm's intermediate stage.


There was a valid reason why Xue Ba was called the Berserk Blade Wielder. He was arrogant and wild, and, after he ascertained that Jiang Chen's realm level was lower than his, he didn't care about anything else.

Since Xue Ba had been delayed for a while, Duan Yun's Sovereign Spirit had already awakened slightly, and Xue Ba didn't want to wait any longer.

"It's you who brought this upon yourself."

"A Berserk Blade Running Amok." Xue Ba started building up power for an attack for the first time. But despite this, his blade move was still quick, and after just two seconds, his blade started shining brightly, and emanated a wild aura that engulfed the sky. It seemed unstoppable!

Xue Ba advanced forward along with his blade and tore apart the sky. His blade's energy rivaled a giant sea wave, and its power was condensed wholly on the blade.

Xue Ba's previous moves were already strong enough, and they almost took Jiang Chen and Duan Yun's lives. But they were still not on the same level as the current one.

"He shouldn't have come back." The Sleeping Young Master shook his head. He found this matter regretful.

He didn't know what was going on with the two Jiang Chens . But the current Jiang Chen was still just in the intermediate-stage, and there was still a disparity between him and Xue Ba.

If such a blade strike fell upon Jiang Chen, he would probably be torn into pieces.

Jiang Chen still wore the same expression as before, while he raised his right hand and opened it.

"You are courting death!"

Upon witnessing this, Xue Ba laughed in a sinister fashion. "This guy has unexpectedly dared to look down upon me!"

All of a sudden, electric arcs started intertwining around Jiang Chen's five fingers, and, like how a woman knit clothes, he instantly formed a shield through using the lightning.

The shield formed by the lightning seemed quite glossy and didn't seem ferocious like berserk lightning. It didn't seem real at all.


However, the light shield's power exceeded everyone's expectations.

When the blade beam that possessed tremendous power fell upon the shield, a crisp collision sound unexpectedly echoed, and after the blade beam released its destructive power, it was extinguished due to the impact.

Just after this, the blade in Xue Ba's hand fell upon the shield, and it streaked across it. But it didn't manage to cut it open, and it didn't even manage to leave in it a white scar.

Jiang Chen, in front of many surprised gazes, moved his hand, and the lightning shield turned into a light beam that shot out.

The light beam struck Xue Ba's blade, and its tremendous power pushed Xue Ba back by tens of thousands of yards.


Just after this, the whole light beam was condensed into a speck, before it exploded.

Xue Ba's body was engulfed by intense energy waves. Bright white light engulfed his body and formed an oval light sphere.

When the crowd heard such a loud sound ringing near their ears, many of them found this matter unbelievable, and they even forgot to run away.

"What is going on?"

The attention of the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples, who had encircled and attacked Miss Bai, was also attracted by such a disturbance.

The lightning's might was released in one go, before it started gradually disappearing from the world.

The crowd then got to see Xue Ba's miserable state. That was right, he was really in a miserable state, and it could be said that Xue Ba didn't have any longer a human shape, while his arm, which was holding the blade, was mutilated, and they could even see its white bones.

"You have, you have unexpectedly mastered Lightning Rule's Bright Realm. I didn't know about that."

The four realms, bright, comprehension, transformation, and sacred, were used to judge one's mastery over a worldly rule's power.

A worldly rule represented one of the world's energies, and they had different properties, while the difficulty of mastering them varied according to those properties.

Everyone was aware that lightning was the most difficult one because it was a form of energy born among chaos, and it was difficult to fathom its mysteries.

Most lightning method's inheritors had just crude control over lightning. It was tantamount to having a jar filled with water, and once they ran into an enemy, they would just open the jar and pour the water at the enemy. Lightning was the water, as for the jar, it was them

The difference between lightning method's inheritors was just the purity of water, and the size and sturdiness of the jar. They all couldn't reach a worldly rule level because they depended upon such a crude method.

Jiang Chen had managed to reach a worldly rule level due to the help of Xiao Ying, and he managed to smoothly comprehend the Bright Realm by using the Lightning Essence.

Moreover, he obviously still had Xiao Ying's help while trying to comprehend it.

As for the changes the Bright Realm brought to Jiang Chen? It was what everyone had seen now.

Jiang Chen had broken down the lightning into several silk-like parts, before transforming them at will. He had managed to truly control lightning.

Moreover, since Jiang Chen had managed to increase his realm level, he had managed to overturn the tide of the battle thoroughly, and he changed the crowd's opinion of him.

"Boundless Natural Law!" Xue Ba wasn't willing to accept such a matter. He revealed wholly his wild nature, and he used his trump card as an apex expert among the third-rank group.

Xue Ba started transforming, while boundless power filled up his body and let it become bigger.

"Soul-Extinguishing Blade!"

It was still a blade move, and its might had already reached an indescribable level. It seemed really able to extinguish people's souls as the blade move's name implied.

After such a blade move was used, many blade beams started streaking across every corner of the sky, and there wasn't any room for escape left.

The blade instantly formed many raging waves, which swept at Jiang Chen from all directions and attacked him.

"This blade move..."

The spectators had mixed feelings about this matter. They all felt ashamed of themselves as they watched this fight. They were obviously all at the same age. Yet the disparity between them was so great.

"Twelfth Sword Move: Lightning Disaster of Myriad Swords."

Jiang Chen didn't take out his sword, nor did he move his right hand. He just pointed his left hand at the void.

As the sword art was used, thunder rolls echoed, and many lightning swords appeared. They all started revolving around and creating a hurricane.

As the wind whistled and thunder raged, Xue Ba's ultimate move became unable to inflict harm upon anyone, and its power was extinguished.

There wasn't any suspense at all in the blade and swords' confrontation.

Xue Ba's miserable screams echoed before the outcome of the battle was determined.

"Impossible! It's impossible for one to challenge someone at a higher realm level among the three ranked groups." Xue Ba still clung to his opinion obstinately, and shouted with his whole might. But this still wouldn't affect Jiang Chen's sword, but would take his life.

In the end, as blood splattered around, Xue Ba's aura disappeared from the world thoroughly.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and caught Xue Ba's Storage Spirit Artifact, while the lightning swords started disappearing.

At this moment, this place descended into silence, and it was only people's breathing sounds alone that could be heard echoing ceaselessly. The Berserk Blade Wielder, Xue Ba, unexpectedly had died, and he had even been killed by someone at the intermediate stage.


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