The Brilliant Fighting Master
1392 Come Over!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1392 Come Over!

It was five people who came over, and none of them was weak. They were all from the same faction, and it was the Sovereign Spirit Palace's Monster-Slaying Palace.

It was obvious from the faction's name that it was at odds with monsters.

The Monster Clan had once tried to occupy the Nine Realms, and there had been a great battle against the Human Clan. But 1,000 years had passed since then, and most people had almost forgotten about the previous crisis.

However, there was still a feud between them, and the Monster-Slaying Palace's previous master was a peerless expert who had lost his wife and child in the Monster Clan's military campaign.

The expert was engulfed by grief, and so he founded the Monster-Slaying Palace. He had sworn to kill all monsters in the world, and for the past few years, many of the Nine Realms' first-generation monsters were mercilessly killed by the Monster-Slaying Palace.

The Monster-Slaying Palace disciples had a prejudice against monsters and hated them bitterly. This was why when the three great factions decided to cooperate with the Monster Clan, the Monster-Slaying Palace opposed such a matter firmly.

However, the Monster-Slaying Palace was affiliated with the Sovereign Spirit Palace, and their opposition could only slightly affect the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

If the Martial God Palace and the Xia Dynasty formed an alliance with the Monster Clan, the Sovereign Spirit Palace would be the one to get the worst of it. This was why the Monster-Slaying Palace was forced to concede. But this still didn't mean that they would allow monsters to act recklessly.

The three great factions were also worried that the Monster Clan would have a bad influence on them, and that was why they forbade the monsters from revealing their original forms, and they also put many restrictions on them.

Miss Bai had ended up exposing her Monster Energy because she wanted to protect Jiang Chen.

Ordinary people didn't know about Monster Energy, but the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples were able to immediately detect it, and they flew over quickly.

It was five Monster-Slaying Palace disciples who came over, and four of them were at the top of the third-rank group. As for their leader, she was a pretty woman who possessed an outstanding air.

The woman's power was at the Martial Emperor's late stage, and she was stronger than Xue Ba by a lot, which meant that she was also an expert of the second-rank group.

The woman waved her sleeves and a shining arrow hidden in her sleeves shot out.

Miss Bai was forced to give up on trying to attack and kill Xue Ba, and as the arrow passed through the air, it shattered the ice and helped Xue Ba recover his freedom.

"Get lost!" Miss Bai shouted at Xue Ba.

Xue Ba revealed a loathsome smile once again, and he moved back to another corner, while observing the changes calmly.

"I haven't violated any rules, and you don't have the right to attack me." Miss Bai ignored Xue Ba, while her long and narrow eyes looked at the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples

The rule set by the three great factions forbade monsters only from revealing their original form.

Even though Miss Bai had revealed an overbearing aura, she still maintained a human form as before.

"Is it up to you to decide this matter?" The Monster-Slaying Palace woman sneered coldly and spoke in a mocking voice, "I didn't find you pleasing to the eye, and that was why I attacked you. Isn't that acceptable?"

"If you dare to reveal your original form, then you will be killed by us."

"It's a monster, yet it's still formed such a pretty body. It's really laughable!"

"If you are sensible, kneel down and kowtow."

The other disciples mocked Miss Bai, and they didn't hide at all their hatred.

As for the other people, they were all discussing this matter. They weren't aware of the grudges between these two groups.

"You are really bullying people too much," Miss Bai frowned, and she seemed like a volcano that would erupt at any moment.

"He, he, are you even a person?" The woman laughed.

At this moment, a turbulent Monster Energy erupted out, and it seemed like Miss Bai was on the verge of losing control of herself.

When the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples got ready for this, Miss Bai suddenly managed to get hold of herself.

"Fine, I also don't find you pleasing to the eye," as Miss Bai spoke, she attacked once again, and even though she threatened the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples, she attacked a different person. She was determined to kill Xue Ba!

"Attack!" The Monster-Slaying Palace disciples wouldn't give her a chance, and they landed around Miss Bai.


The disciples were experienced in dealing with monsters, and they all shot out many spirit seals

Miss Bai had intense killing intent, and she pounced at the woman.

"Humph!" The woman was still unmoved, and she started weaving hand signs quickly with both hands. Her mysterious power formed a sealing power, which took the form of a whip.

A crisp lash's sound echoed, while Miss Bai's hand caught the whip. But she didn't expect then that the whip was like a living organism, and it twined around her arm and fettered it!

The other four people's attacks were also the same, and they bound Miss Bai completely.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Miss Bai let out inhuman cries, while a hideous look appeared on her face, and her vigorous power forced the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples to move back.

"Seal her again!"

After the Monster-Slaying Palace disciples regained their balance, they charged at Miss Bai once again.

On the other side, everyone was startled and caught unawares by such a sudden fight.

As for Xue Ba, he looked at Jiang Chen, and his gaze ended up meeting Jiang Chen's gaze. It was at the same moment that he pulled out his blade and used the Moving Shadows Technique once again.

Xue Ba reached Jiang Chen in the twinkling of an eye, and his blade held ferocious power. It seemed like it would shortly tear apart Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's injuries had already recovered enough that they wouldn't affect him in a fight. But those two people's power wasn't on the same level, and it was really as the crowd had assumed previously.

As Jiang Chen suffered such an attack that contained tremendous power, his arm became numb and his chest was shaken.

"Even if you are a peerless genius, you will still be killed by my blade."

Such an attack couldn't be considered an all-out attack from Xue Ba, and as he thrust his blade once again, it contained a power greater than the previous strike by several fold.

Jiang Chen had almost given up all hopes and just planned to let the magical clone die and wait until his main body came back to avenge him.


However, what no one had expected was that a person appeared in front of Xue Ba and blocked the blade strike. It was Duan Yun. His recovery power was vastly inferior to Jiang Chen's, and he was still injured heavily. He ended up spouting a large mouthful of blood upon taking the blade strike.

"What, are you still in a daze?"

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's current state, Duan Yun shouted angrily.

"Worldly Wind and Lightning: Wind and Lightning Power Sword!" Jiang Chen didn't want to let down Duan Yun's expectations and kind intentions, and that was why he thrust his sword forward.

TSK! TSK! TSK! "Did you fight until you had feelings for each other?"

Xue Ba was slightly startled. But he still didn't take this matter seriously. He didn't care about Duan Yun even when was in his peak state, let alone when he was injured. As for Jiang Chen? He feared him even less.

"I'm the Berserk Blade Wielder, Xue Ba, and I'm unrivaled in the third-rank group."

"Get lost!"

The muscles of Xue Ba's arm started bulging, and he suddenly exerted his power. His blade's turbulent power didn't just force Duan Yun to move back, it still perfectly blocked Jiang Chen's sword strike.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Xue Ba, who was fighting two people alone, laughed heartily. He seemed wild and unruly!


In another region, Jiang Chen's main body was on a plain.

There were many blood-red eyes hiding among the night's darkness, and they were closing in on Jiang Chen.

If the clouds in the sky moved away and the starlight shone upon this land, one would discover that there were more than 10,000 vicious wolves on the plain, and they seemed like a great army.

Jiang Chen was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, and he didn't notice the danger approaching him.

The vicious wolves' saliva flowed down, and it emitted a sickening foul smell.

The batch of vicious wolves at the front neared the 100-yard-radius around Jiang Chen, and they finally couldn't bear their impulses any longer and pounced at Jiang Chen. They managed to cross 100 yards instantly.

The wolves' steel-like fangs and sharp claws could tear apart even a Doctrine Artifact-grade armor.

It was at this moment that electric arcs started flickering on Jiang Chen's body, and just after it, many lightning bolts erupted out of him ceaselessly. The lightning filled the whole sky, and it quickly spread out and engulfed the whole plain.

Many vicious wolves were bombarded and turned into waste. They couldn't put up even the slightest resistance, and they couldn't escape.

In the end, the plain that stretched across more than 10,000 miles became a Lightning Domain, and Jiang Chen was at the center of it.


Unusual thunder rolls echoed, and lightning clouds converged in the sky atop the plain.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen opened his eyes and stood up.

"Come over!" Jiang Chen raised his head fearlessly and waved his Immeasurable Ruler, which took a sword shape.

After Jiang Chen had finished refining and absorbing the Lightning Essence, he faced the Lightning Tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm intermediate stage.


The first bolt of divine lightning descended. It streaked across the dark night sky, illuminating the plain.


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