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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1391 Monster

It seemed like it was difficult for Duan Yun to accept this, and he wanted to continue fighting. But when he moved his body, his face became drenched with sweat due to intense pain.


Duan Yun let out a roar like a wild beast. But he didn't pay attention to the pain or his body situation and forcefully attacked with his sword.

Duan Yun was aware that Jiang Chen wouldn't spare him if he continued fighting, and he preferred dying while fighting rather than surrendering.

Jiang Chen's body was quickly recovering, while his eyes shone brightly. His body moved, and he struck Duan Yun in the chest.

Everyone was upset by this. The Slaughter Sword Doctrine probably wouldn't appear again for many years.

"He didn't kill him, did he?"

All of a sudden, the crowd discovered that Jiang Chen hadn't killed his opponent. He had struck Duan Yun's chest with his sword's hilt, and it extinguished Duan Yun's berserk force but didn't kill him.

"You?" Duan Yun couldn't believe this.

"Who would let someone off who had tried to kill him in the ancient ruins?"

"The Slaughter Sword Doctrine is above any slaughters, and it isn't just a tool for killing." Jiang Chen's expression was grim, and he looked at the surprised Duan Yun as he said, "I am paying homage to an old friend, and I won't kill you this time."

Since Duan Yun could practice the World-Destroying Demonic Body, he was obviously related to Wuming.

"Why do you know so much about the Slaughter Sword Doctrine?" Duan Yun couldn't help but question him.

Jiang Chen, whose back was facing Duan Yun, stopped in his tracks. But as he was about to speak, his expression changed drastically, and he waved his sword to block something.


A blade's light beam appeared suddenly and struck the Heavenly Fault Sword. The blade's tremendous power sent Jiang Chen flying away.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! What a good response!" Complacent laughter echoed, as a robust man raising a blade flew over.

"It's the Berserk Blade Wielder, Xue Ba."

Upon seeing Xue Ba, everyone here was startled, and their expressions changed drastically.

Jiang Chen spit out a mouthful of blood. A divine body's great recovery power was unquestionable. But he still wouldn't let it become a reason to allow himself to sustain injuries and let it become his weakness.

Jiang Chen raised his eyes, while an ice-cold glint appeared in them, and a biting cold sword wind ran amok in the land.

TSK! TSK! TSK! "If I had seen such a gaze, I would find myself forced to kill you!" Xue Ba didn't care about Jiang Chen, and he mocked him loudly.

"You have mounted a sneak attack on him. It's so contemptible," Miss Bai came back to her senses, and she protected Jiang Chen behind her.

"Miss Bai, do you really want to fight me? Even though no one knows your hidden cards, I can surmise that the reason why you are concealing them is that you don't want to expose yourself." A wary look appeared on Xue Ba's face as he started trying to probe her with his words.

"I don't need to expose anything to deal with you," Miss Bai spoke coldly.

"Fine, let me see how great is Miss Bai's power."

After Xue Ba spoke, he attacked with his blade without the least bit of hesitation, and one blade beam after another appeared. They seemed like a raging tide that streaked across the sky.

Miss Bai leaned sideways, and when the blade beams approached her, she waved her palm and struck the void. A rumbling sound echoed, and all the light beams were extinguished.

"Is it limited to just this?" As Miss Bai mocked Xue Ba, she suddenly detected that something was fishy about Xue Ba. He stood motionless, and even his expression didn't change.

"An afterimage?"

Miss Bai immediately realized what was happening. But she was still slightly late.

"He, he." Xue Ba's clear voice called out from behind her, and his berserk blade's energy that was quicker than even sound struck Miss Bai and sent her flying away.

"Moving Shadows! Xue Ba's expertise in Moving Shadows Technique has become more refined than before."

"He's also among the best in the third-rank group. And his realm level has already reached the Martial Emperor late stage."

"I wonder why he attacked Jiang Chen?"

The crowd started discussing this matter, and everyone, who discerned how outstanding was Xue Ba's blade move, was startled.

"Sleeping Young Master?"

The Sleeping Young Master's two companions spoke anxiously. They were all Miss Bai's companions, and they surely couldn't just look on helplessly without trying to save her.

But the Sleeping Young Master was hesitant because he was afraid of Xue Ba's power, and this was especially the case since Miss Bai was involved in such a matter.

"We won't be of any help even if we intervene, and I feel like Miss Bai has a way of dealing with this," the Sleeping Young Master shrugged his shoulders and put on a relaxed look.

Xue Ba, who was at the Martial Emperor late stage, was already qualified to get into the second-rank group. But he wasn't too sure about this matter, and he still needed a good opportunity to prove himself to everyone.

But everyone could still be sure that Xue Ba was unrivaled among the third-rank group, and his abilities didn't really matter, as just his late-stage realm level was enough.

Jiang Chen was at the Martial Emperor Realm primary stage, while Duan Yun was at the intermediate stage. Duan Yun could fight Xue Ba without suffering a defeat, and he could even escape unscathed, while Jiang Chen couldn't achieve this. This showed how important was the power of one's realm level.

This was also the reason why Xue Ba had dared to run amok without any scruples.

Returning to the main topic, Miss Bai had already regained her balance. Blood was flowing out of her right arm that had suffered a strike, but what was surprising about this was that she had golden blood.

"You have made a grave mistake!" Miss Bai was anxious. If it could be said that she seemed previously as pure as white snow, then now she seemed like biting cold ice. An awe-inspiring aura started gradually emanating from her, while her wound stopped bleeding by itself.

"How is this possible?" Xue Ba was startled. It was obvious that he was scared by such a sight.

Xue Ba swept Jiang Chen with the corners of his eyes and recalled his trip's objective. He didn't want to end up in a hard and bitter battle.

"Die!" Xue Ba pulled out his blade once again, and his target was the heavily injured Jiang Chen. He attacked quickly, and he was as swift as a demon. It would be difficult to guard against his attack that possessed great destructive power. This was why he was called the Berserk Blade Wielder!

However, the crowd witnessed a strange sight this time. At first, Xue Ba's blade was quite swift, but halfway, it seemed like the whole world became slower by several fold, and everyone could clearly see Xue Ba's movements, as well as the long luminous arc he left behind him.

"What is going on?" Xue Ba's heart shivered, and he felt an intense chill.

The crowd discovered that an icy fog had appeared around Xue Ba, and it froze even the void.

Miss Bai flew through the air in front of many gazes filled with disbelief, and the closer she got to Xue Ba, the more intense was the icy fog.

Xue Ba strove hard to wave his blade. But he couldn't achieve it no matter what he did.

"Amazing! What kind of magical ability is this?"

"We didn't even see her take any action. Yet she has managed to restrain Xue Ba, and he is helpless in the face of her."

"Where does she come from?"

While the crowd was discussing this matter, Miss Bai got too close to Xue Ba.

"Miss...Miss Bai, I was mistaken. So please stop!" Xue Ba discovered that he couldn't budge at all, and that was why he got anxious and started begging for forgiveness.

However, one couldn't see any human emotions on Miss Bai's beautiful face, and no one suspected what she would do next.

Jiang Chen and Duan Yun couldn't help but exchange a glance. They had fought for a long time. Yet there was beside them someone who could easily kill them.

"Since she's so powerful, why didn't she go to the Martial Field? No, she can't go there just because she's too powerful."

Jiang Chen felt like the three great factions would surely guard against monsters.

On the other hand, when Xue Ba was about to be killed by Miss Bai, several light rays appeared in the distance, and they flew over.

When several people appeared among the light rays, the crowd couldn't take their eyes off them.

"Sure enough, it's a monster."

"I have already said that there is vigorous monster energy."

"She's really daring. She unexpectedly dared to use monster power. Does she think that we are just useless decorations?"

Those people's gazes locked into Miss Bai, and the crowd could easily discern their objective from their intense hostility.

Miss Bai rolled her eyes and attacked without the least bit of hesitation. She wanted to kill Xue Ba because she knew that while she was dealing with those people, Xue Ba would surely take advantage of such a chance to harm Jiang Chen.

"How daring!"

Miss Bai's actions infuriated the people who had come over.


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