The Brilliant Fighting Master
1390 World-Destroying Demonic Body
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1390 World-Destroying Demonic Body

Duan Yun laughed heartily, even though he wasn't finding this battle easy at all. He was at the intermediate stage of the Martial Emperor Realm, and was among the best in the third-rank group.

This should have been enough to prevent anyone at a lower realm level from challenging him, but it seemed that Jiang Chen was fiercer than he had expected. It seemed as if he was inferior to Jiang Chen in the Sword Doctrine aspect.

\"What is his Sword Doctrine?\"

Duan Yun knew well the Four Great Sword Doctrines, and he was sure that Jiang Chen's Sword Doctrine wasn't one of them. His was a type of Sword Doctrine that at first had seemed mediocre. However, in a confrontation, its power rose to an unimaginable level.

Duan Yun was left without a choice, and he could only his realm level advantage. This wasn't really shameful, because the third-rank group's experts didn't reach their positions through being good at a single aspect, but through the integration of many aspects.

However, since it had been Duan Yun who went to ask Jiang Chen to change his Sword Soul's name, he felt quite frustrated and knew he must defeat Jiang Chen to recover.

\"World-Destroying Demonic Body!\"

Boundless power emanated from Duan Yun's body. It gave rise to energy waves rivaling storm waves that possessed great destructive power.

Jiang Chen was forced to move back by several yards.

Jiang Chen looked at Duan Yun's transformation, and he raised his brows. He was quite surprised by this!

Jiang Chen knew the World-Destroying Demonic Body. It was something his close friend, Wuming, had gotten in a forbidden land.

At that time, Jiang Chen had stated that the World-Destroying Demonic Body was a perfect match for the Slaughter Sword Doctrine.

What really surprised Jiang Chen was that Duan Yun's World-Destroying Demonic Body had already reached the sixth level.

\"He's a pretty talented youth.\" Jiang Chen couldn't help but have such a thought. However, he quickly realized that such an assessment was inappropriate. It wasn't just due to their ages, it was also due to their current situation.

\"Ghost-Slaughter Sword Move!\"

\"Soul Extermination!\"

Duan Yun, who was using his World-Destroying Demonic Body's power, seemed like a true demon, and an ominous light engulfed the land. His hair was torn loose and draped over his shoulder.

The blood-red Boundless Sword Soul flew forward, and it seemed like a falling meteorite, while its whole power was condensed into a single speck.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes wide and used the Invincible Golden Body's power and the Celestial Phoenix Canon, while lightning started flowing in his Holy Veins.

Jiang Chen put the Heavenly Fault Sword in front of his chest, and the sword's radiance formed a light shield.

The Boundless Sword Soul ended up striking the light shield, and it immediately shattered it.

Jiang Chen was forced to retreat from such tremendous power, and his body ended up streaking across the sky.


The crowd, which had already accepted Jiang Chen's great power, was scared by such a sight. It seemed now that it wasn't that Jiang Chen was too strong, it was just that Duan Yun hadn't used his whole power before.

\"Ghosts' Wails and Wolves' Howls!\"

It seemed as if Duan Yun had turned into a slaughter machine, and a shocking murderous aura emanated from him. It seemed as if he didn't feel any exhaustion, and he chased his target relentlessly.

\"Ksana Sword Method: Eternal Instant!\" Jiang Chen clenched his teeth, while lightning flowed in his Holy Veins, before he tore the void apart and disappeared from his former place.

\"Oh, my God! He can combine the Sword Doctrine's power and lightning to such a perfect degree.\"

Many swordsmen were among the spectators, and they discerned that Jiang Chen didn't simply use lightning's power, but he combined it perfectly with his Sword Doctrine's power.

The next moment, myriad bolts of lightning descended, and every bolt represented a different sword.

It seemed then as if time came to a stop, and the lightning bolts, which should have passed swiftly through the air, were frozen there, and they engulfed Duan Yun.

Jiang Chen's whole body turned into the strongest lightning tribulation, and he punished Duan Yun.


Duan Yun became more ferocious, and he looked up to the sky and roared angrily, while he waved the Slaughter Sword at the lightning bolts.

The people who witnessed such a sight didn't know how they could describe it.

\"Once Duan Yun steps into the late stage, he will immediately become one of the best experts in the second-rank group.\" The crowd was thinking this at the moment.

In the end, the Eternal Instant's power was exhausted, and it managed to inflict only light injuries upon Duan Yun.

The injured Duan Yun felt more frustrated, and he didn't leave Jiang Chen any time to take a breather, while he also didn't leave any time for himself.

Thunder rolls were still echoing near Duan Yun's ears, and the lightning hadn't disappeared completely, but he had already closed in on Jiang Cheng with his Slaughter Sword.

Duan Yun used the move, Ghosts' Wails and Wolves' Howls, once again, and as he waved his sword, many overlapping after-images of his sword appeared, and they all formed a bloody sea that engulfed Jiang Chen.

\"According to my research, the World-Destroying Demonic Body can raise your Slaughter Sword Doctrine's ferocity by several levels.\"

\"Just hand this over to me, I will help you improve the connections between the two of them. Then there won't be any weaknesses left when you use your sword with it.\"

Jiang Chen recalled what he had once said to a certain Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor, and, at this moment, he really wished to give himself two slaps.

\"Lightning Disaster of Myriad Swords!\"

Jiang Chen realized that if he didn't use his whole power now, he would become one of the people killed by the Slaughter Sword Doctrine.

Du Tian Divine Lightning at the second level erupted out along with the Immortal Supreme Will, and this could really be considered a lightning disaster.

Jiang Chen's aura changed greatly, and his black hair fluttered in the wind, while a grim look appeared on his face. As lightning flickered around, Jiang Chen seemed awe-inspiring and inviolable.

When the two people exchanged blows, it seemed as if the whole sky would be destroyed by them.

\"Why is he so strong?\"

The crowd's opinion of Jiang Chen changed once again, and it was also the case for the Sleeping Young Master. He didn't have anything left of his previous feelings of superiority.

However, Duan Yun still didn't fall down, and they both ended up evenly matched in such a confrontation.

\"The World-Destroying Demonic Body is really outstanding.\"

Upon witnessing that he still hadn't broken Duan Yun's defenses, an odd look appeared on Jiang Chen's face.

Duan Yun wasn't really faring well, and his energy and blood were running amok, while his face turned as pale as paper.

\"If this had been my main body, and I had the Immeasurable Ruler and Xiao Ying, this sword strike would have been enough to injure him heavily,\" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

There was just a single Xiao Ying, and he couldn't become three.

Moreover, the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword were in the hands of the magical clone, while the Immeasurable Ruler was left with the main body so that it could defend itself.

\"God-Slaughter Sword Move!\"

All of a sudden, Duan Yun used another sword move.

There were three stages: Being-Slaughter, Ghost-Slaughter, and God-Slaughter. Duan Yun had unexpectedly reached the God-Slaughter stage.

At this moment, the whole sky was engulfed by a blood-red radiance, and the dark night world became scarlet.

A 100,000-foot-long sword beam streaked across the sky, and it fell downward.

\"There isn't any hope left now.\"

\"Even if Jiang Chen is a shocking genius, the third-rank group still can't be challenged by someone at a lower realm level.\"

\"The Slaughter Sword Doctrine is so terrifying.\"

The expressions of the spectators changed drastically, and they all observed such a sight calmly in tribute to Jiang Chen.

\"Come over, and let's determine the battle's outcome.\"

What no one had expected was that Jiang Chen's resolute voice echoed out, and the crowd's expression changed once again upon hearing it. \"Could it be that Jiang Chen still had a stronger sword move?\"

\"Wasn't the previous sword move the strongest one?\"

They could only see Jiang Chen holding the sword with his left hand, while boundless sword energy emanated from him, and it scattered the scarlet radiance engulfing the world.

\"Startling Heavenly Sword Move!\" Jiang Chen used the sword move he had come up with while practicing, while the Boundless Sword Soul also released great power.

Duan Yun, who had gotten into the Slaughter State, ended up dazed for a moment.

It was just after this that the two Boundless Sword Souls ended up colliding. It seemed like the collision of a sun and a moon, and the whole land split open. The ground beneath them cracked open, and the whole forest disappeared from the world. It was flattened and turned into an even plain.

At this moment, they didn't need to worry about the divine honey, let alone the Divine Servant Bees.

The crowd stared attentively at the center of the battlefield, and they didn't care about such a great disturbance. All they wanted to see was the outcome.

After such turbulent energy scattered, the crowd got to see two heavily injured people. They were both drenched in blood. But they still didn't fall down and were gasping for breath, while looking at each other.

\"Is it a draw?\"

\"No, Jiang Chen has won.\"

\"That is right, he has won.\"

The two people had fought until they had ended up in such a stage. After the crowd considered Jiang Chen's realm level, they came up with suitable results, and no one argued over it.

\"Is he the legendary person able to break the third-rank group's system?\"

While the crowd was still stunned, someone asked this question, which made everyone's faces turn pale.


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