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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1387 Mirage

Two days quickly elapsed, yet the ancient ruins were as lively as before, and becoming more lively every day.

Each day some people were dying, while others were finding valuables and riches.

Everyone who had entered from the top-grade entrance, as Jiang Chen had, made great profits.

\"A Falling Star Divine Stone! Ha, ha, ha, this is one of the main materials of Immortal Artifacts.\"

Cheerful laughter echoed from a mountain's peak. A blue-robed youth jumped into the air and looked at the ground excitedly, while his eyes flickered.

\"Star-Picking Hand!\"

A lesser magical technique was cast, and brilliant lights overflowed. A giant hand that seemed made out of jade fell from the sky and struck the mountain heavily.

As a rumbling sound echoed out, the mountain burst open and a storm of dust arose from it.

The giant hand's fingers exerted their powers and grabbed a large pile of black ore. Ignoring the soil mixed with it, the hand took at least several hundred pounds of ore. The iron ore was naturally formed. It resembled steel essence that had been refined countless times by Alien Flames. It was worth as much as a Falling Star Stone.

A pound of Falling Star Stone could be exchanged in the outside world for countless Doctrine Artifacts and Immortal Elixirs. It was obvious that this blue-robed youth had managed to accumulate great profits.


Suddenly, the excited youth detected something, and his expression changed drastically. The Star-Picking Hand let go of the Falling Star Stone, and the youth thrust it behind him.

The Star-Picking Hand possessed boundless might, and it could crush into pieces even a great mountain.


But what no one could have predicted was that the imposing Star-Picking Hand would suffer heavy damages. Shortly, it exploded.

The blue-robed youth spit out a mouthful of blood and ended up being sent flying away from the shock wave.

\"Ha, ha, ha!\" Ear-piercing laughter followed as Blade Energy engulfed the region and crushed what was left of the Star-Picking Hand.

\"The Berserk Blade Wielder, Xue Ba!\"

Upon getting a clear look at the person who had come over, the blue-robed youth looked gloomy, and he spoke angrily, \"You have mounted a sneak attack behind my back. That is so contemptible!\"

\"What a joke! Even if I thrust my blade at you openly, you still wouldn't be able to block it.\"

Xue Ba was tall, with sturdy, bulging muscles, which filled his clothes to bursting. He looked like an iron tower of muscles!

Xue Ba's brows were massive and their tips inclined upward, which made him seem even more flamboyant.

\"Nonsense! You couldn't even cross the 50-yard water wall,\" the blue-robed youth said angrily.

The youth still remembered clearly that Xue Ba had failed when he tried to cross the water wall, and he had to enter through the low-grade entrance. He definitely didn't expect that he would run into him here in the first two days.

\"Humph, that doesn't mean a thing. Moreover, I will be spared from many troubles since you have helped me by gathering so many valuables,\" Xue Ba said.

Upon hearing this, the blue-robed youth sneered as he understood why Xue Ba had attacked him.

The blue-robed youth took a look at the Falling Star Stones, and he hesitated for a moment. Then he said, \"I won't fight you over them, okay?\"

It wasn't easy to deal with the Berserk Blade Wielder, Xue Ba.

\"You are still quite sensible.\"

Just after this, the blue-robed youth moved back 1,000 yards, keeping his eyes on Xue Ba. It was only then that he felt easy enough to turn around and prepare to leave.


What the blue-robed youth didn't expect was that just after he turned around, he heard the sound of something flying through the air, and soon he felt the world spinning around him, while his gaze became fuzzy. Moreover, he was able to see a headless body fly past with blood spurting from it.

\"Why is that person wearing the same clothes as me...\" This was the blue-robed youth's last thought.

The dismembered youth would never in his wildest dreams imagine that his opponent would be able to kill him even though he had drawn back by such a long distance.

\"It is only just a bit more than 10,000-yards distance where you can have a chance for survival. You only went 1,000 yards away. And you thought you could escape from me?\"

Xue Ba sneered coldly and wiped the fresh blood off his blade. He took the blue-robed youth's Spirit Storage Artifact and inspected it, before smiling in a satisfied way.

\"You aren't the first one, and you won't be the last.\"

Xue Ba went back and collected all the Falling Star Stones, before he checked out the void, which was shining with a ferocious glint. He was insatiable, and he was looking for his next target.

Xue Ba took a compass, and after he played with it for a moment, a smile appeared on his face.

TSK! TSK! TSK! \"The primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm and a large number of spirit crystals... What a cash cow,\" Xue Ba spoke to himself before flying to the southwest.


Jiang Chen had just gone through a great battle. He had been flying calmly in the sky, but ended up running into a flying demonic beast.

Even though it was just in the first grade, it was an overlord-ranked beast.

After an intense battle, Jiang Chen managed to kill it, and he got all the valuable parts of the demonic beast's body.

\"If I can find an Extreme Martial Technique, everything will be perfect,\" Jiang Chen started dreaming greedily.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen witnessed a shocking sight. The sky in the distance was going through a mystical transformation. Clouds started churning, as an imposing and beautiful palace appeared. It resembled a flying giant white dragon, and a magnificent light was shining out of it.

Jiang Chen had assumed that his Heavenly Palace would be considered the fruit of divine workmanship. But it was still lacking in comparison to this one.

Jiang Chen couldn't bear not flying toward it. Soon, two heavenly god-like men appeared. One of them was wearing golden armor and holding a scarlet halberd. He was standing atop the clouds and had a crown of purple gold on his head.

Jiang Chen immediately thought of the heavenly gods' pictures that he had seen depicted in books.

The person fighting against the golden-armored warrior also had an outstanding demeanor. He was wearing black clothes and holding a long, black sword.

\"This is...\"

Jiang Chen's eyes opened wide with surprise because he discovered that those two people's fighting style was completely different than the fighting style of the present era and resembled the different ways mortals and deities fought.

It was especially the case for the black-clothed man's sword techniques.

Jiang Chen felt his blood boiling, while his gaze became zealous. The sword wielder didn't use a sword move, yet the sword's radiance illuminated 9,000 miles. And when he did use a sword move, the sword's tip seemed able to split the whole world apart.

\"An Extreme Martial Technique, this is an Extreme Martial Technique!\" Jiang Chen had never seen anyone use an Extreme Martial Technique before. But now, he was certain that this is what it was.

What interested him now was whether these people still existed in the world?

Then the two people suddenly disappeared, leaving Jiang Chen confused.

Jiang Chen quickly flew over there, and, on the way, he detected that the palace had started becoming quite odd. It seemed fuzzy and illusory.

After a short while, Jiang Chen discovered that regardless of how hard he tried, he was always kept at the same distance from the precious palace. Then, after a minute had elapsed, the palace disappeared completely, as did its multicolored radiance that had been shining.

Even though Jiang Chen was experienced and knowledgeable, he was still taken aback.

\"It was only a mirage!\"

After a moment, Jiang Chen understood what had happened. The palace he had seen wasn't really there, and the two heavenly god-like men didn't exist any longer. Their fight must have been recorded and preserved for some unknown reason, and then at a certain moment, which might have been after several hundred years, the scene was broadcast.

\"An Extreme Martial Technique, that is an Extreme Martial Technique,\" Jiang Chen muttered to himself. If he hadn't seen it, it would have been fine. But once he really witnessed an Extreme Martial Technique's might, his desire for it knew no bounds.

\"Wait? The mirage was based on something real, and, even though I don't know its location, I may still be able to find it since the ancient ruins aren't that vast,\" Jiang Chen said to himself.

For other people, this matter was probably no different than looking for a needle in a haystack. But Jiang Chen believed that he was able to achieve it.

Jiang Chen thought back to the previous scene. He had seen stars in the sky, so the fight had occurred at night.

\"It's the Sleeping Wolf Star, no, that isn't right. It seemed more like the Iron Hammer Star.\"

Jiang Chen started guessing, and then he raised his head and looked at the sky, which still didn't darken. He could only wait for night before trying to figure it out.

\"I'm probably not the only person who got to see the mirage, so there are probably many people who want to find the precious palace.\"


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