The Brilliant Fighting Master
1385 Piercing a Heart from 10,000 Miles
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1385 Piercing a Heart from 10,000 Miles

King Yu was quite clever, but it was a pity that he wasn't smart enough, as he shouldn't have provoked Jiang Chen from the beginning.

Jiang Chen had already resolved to kill this opponent. He didn't plan to let him off the hook.

Jiang Chen didn't even bother with picking up the spirit crystals that were on the ground. He used both the One Foot Apart World Technique and the Void Escape Technique. He managed to cross 1,000 miles with a single step and overtook his target.

King Yu was quite skilled when it came to running for his life, and the flames started burning behind his body to form a propelling force. His speed didn't manage to reach void-level, but it was still quite high.

\"You are probably aware that you don't have any hope left,\" Jiang Chen followed his target closely, trying to destabilize his mind with words.

King Yu curled his lips, while his expression became unsightly.

Fleeing from a battle was tantamount to losing it, and one would end up at the mercy of one's opponent. This was why if he didn't manage to escape successfully, his end would be miserable.

\"I don't believe that someone like you who is at the early stage can wear out a person at the intermediate stage such as me,\" King Yu said to himself, hardening his resolve.


King Yu's speed multiplied, as if he had been sucked by the space in front of him. He turned into a flowing ray of light, and, after a short moment, a sonic boom echoed out.

King Yu seemed like a shooting star that streaked across the sky, and many of the people who had entered here were alarmed by such a sight.

\"What is wrong with King Yu? If he continues consuming his power so intensely, what will he do once he faces a great battle?\"

\"It seems to me that he's trying to run for his life. But there isn't anyone behind him.\"

\"Could it be that a supreme treasure appeared in a certain land.\"

Some people wanted to follow King Yu, but they quickly discovered that they couldn't reach such a high speed, so they gave up.

After a long while, King Yu stopped in the sky atop a river.

\"Ha, ha, ha, ha.\"

King Yu turned his head to take a look, and he didn't see Jiang Chen. He didn't believe that Jiang Chen could rush here before him. This was impossible!


King Yu laughed too loudly, even though he had already consumed so much of his power. This was why he ended up coughing intensely. He only managed to stop coughing with great difficulty, and he quickly consumed a whole bottle of pills.


A hideous look appeared on his face. He had ended up cutting a sorry figure while trying to kill Jiang Chen, and this was a great humiliation to him.

\"I shouldn't have escaped, as the lightning arcs weren't probably any stronger than the raging flames,\" King Yu started trying to comfort himself.

\"When I get to meet him next time, I will surely teach him a severe lesson,\" King Yu said to himself.

When he was about to move on, he raised his head suddenly and looked around warily as if he was facing a great enemy.

An intense sense of crisis welled up in his heart, but he still couldn't see the enemy.

\"That guy has surely been thrown off by me. So, who is it? Is it a demonic beast?\"

When such a thought ran across King Yu's mind, he quickly flew up to a high altitude.

Beasts weren't usually able to fly. But his sense of danger still didn't disappear. Instead, it had only become more intense.

What King Yu didn't know was that four rays of light had flown past the track he had gone through, and the people that noticed finally understood what was happening.

\"The Human Emperor Arrows!\"

The four Human Emperor Arrows were following each other, and after they had crossed a certain distance, three Human Emperor Arrows hit each other and transmitted their power to the one at the front.

In the end, the sole remaining Human Emperor Arrow became so fast that it nearly couldn't be seen by the naked eye.


King Yu finally figured out what was happening. But he didn't have enough time left. When he had just turned around, a light beam shot through his body, and it still didn't come to a stop, but continued flying until it struck and destroyed a towering mountain's peak.

\"D*mn, d*mn it.\" King Yu lowered his head to take a look at the hole in his chest, while a helpless and frightened look was plastered on his face.

\"I don't want to, I don't want to die! Imperial father, you must take revenge for me.\"

Words filled with unwillingness echoed all around, as King Yu fell out of the air.

In a place that wasn't too far from the stone mountain, Jiang Chen lowered the Human Emperor Bow, while the helmet covering his face fell off by itself.

Jiang Chen waved his numb arm, before he went back on the road.

The Human Emperor power wasn't considered external power, and he had practiced hard to become able to shoot four linked arrows.

After all, King Yu was an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor of the third-rank group, and if Jiang Chen had chased him, he wouldn't have managed to take him down in a short while.

\"It's no wonder that the Sacred Spirits didn't want to let the Young Human Emperor die, as the Human Emperor Bow is really a great slaughter artifact.\"

Jiang Chen thought about a certain rumor concerning the Sun-Shooting Bow that could shoot down the sun in the sky, and he couldn't help but wonder whether it was genuine.

After Jiang Chen went back to the stone mountain, he was about to collect the remaining spirit crystals, but suddenly he saw a shocking sight. The stone mountain was walking around, and, even though most of it had already crumbled, its ruins were still moving around.

If one observed it carefully, one would discover a giant body beneath the ruins that had four feet. With every step it took, both the ground and mountains would shake, and the mountain's stones would tumble down.

At first, Jiang Chen assumed that the great mountain had turned into a monster. But he quickly discovered that that wasn't the case.

This was a giant beast, and the stone mountain was atop its back. While the beast was sleeping, it had contracted its whole body like a tortoise, and people outside weren't able to recognize it.

Jiang Chen followed the beast and ended up walking for more than 100 miles. He wasn't doing so because he was bored with nothing to do. It was just because after the stone mountain crumbled, more spirit crystals appeared and were falling on the ground as the giant beast walked around.

Jiang Chen managed to get many precious heavenly treasures in this way.

In the end, the giant beast entered a mountainous area, and it dawdled slightly before it coiled up its body once again.

If a person unaware of the truth had arrived, he would just have seen that this was a pile of ruins and wouldn't imagine that a giant beast was underneath it.

Jiang Chen pondered over this matter for a moment, before he gave up on his idea of attacking. One of the reasons for this was that he didn't want to, while the other was that he felt like he couldn't beat it.

\"Those ruins are really anything but simple.\"

Jiang Chen sighed with emotion and left the mountain region at his highest speed because he had felt an intense sense of crisis.

It was as if something was hidden within the lush forest, and it had set its eyes on him.


When Jiang Chen was about to leave, Xiao Ying jumped out and barked crazily toward the forest. He was obviously just a little pup, and his ferocious look seemed quite funny.

But Jiang Chen could tell that Xiao Ying was really looking hostile, and he realized that this matter was anything but simple.

Just after this, Xiao Ying bit at his clothes and pulled him toward the forest.

\"Is there something related to divine lightning within the forest?\" Jiang Chen asked.

Xiao Ying nodded and used his gaze to warn Jiang Chen and ask him to be careful.


At first, Jiang Chen didn't plan to go inside, but since a Lightning Spirit had had such an intense reaction, there must be good stuff in there.

Jiang Chen soared into the sky, and, after he reached a high altitude, he was able to observe the whole forest with a glance. But this still wasn't any different than observing a map. He had to go inside to know what was in there.

Jiang Chen put his hand on his sword hilt, before he dove down fast. He flew into the ground like a lightning bolt, and, when he landed on the ground, the lightning razed a huge area around him.

Jiang Chen had done this because he wanted to scare the creature eyeing him, while also trying to catch it off guard.

When Jiang Chen used his Holy Awareness to sweep this area, he detected several majestic auras of demonic beasts and giant beasts. But they didn't belong to the creature eyeing him.

Xiao Ying landed on the ground and started showing Jiang Chen the way.

The human and the dog managed to quickly reach the forest's depths that had innumerable giant trees that hid the sky. Anyone who walked here would have an eerie feeling.


Jiang Chen suddenly discovered something, and he waved the Immeasurable Ruler. He turned it into armor!

Just as Jiang Chen put on the black armor, his back suffered a heavy strike. He ended up being sent flying and knocked into many great trees in his way.

Jiang Chen bore his pain and exercised his power to regain his balance. It was then that he turned his head around to take a look, but he couldn't discover anything.


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