The Brilliant Fighting Master
1384 Enemies on a Narrow Road
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1384 Enemies on a Narrow Road

In the ancient ruins, Jiang Chen appeared in the sky above a stone mountain.

This was an Independent Realm, and the sun, moon, stars, world, mountains, and seas weren't any different than the ones in the outside world. This was also the case for time.

If it was noon outside, it was also noon in here.

The sky had an azure color and a sea of clouds.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. He felt carefree and relaxed, and a joyful expression appeared on his face.

The spiritual energy in the ancient ruins was purer than in the outside world. But it was a pity that he didn't have enough time to use it for training.

\"That's not right. It's still too dangerous.\"

Jiang Chen frowned as he felt that something was amiss. As he looked around, his gaze fell upon the stone mountain beneath his feet.

It was a towering stone mountain, nearly bare, with little vegetation. However, if one looked at it from a different angle, one would notice some flickering objects.

Jiang Chen was tempted and he flew farther down toward the mountain, while the joy apparent on his face became more intense.

\"Oh, my god, isn't the high-grade entrance too outrageous?\"

When Jiang Chen had a clear look at the shining objects, he couldn't believe his eyes. They were spirit crystals!

They weren't spirit stones, but spirit crystals, and their value was 100 times higher than the former. These were objects that would only appear in a land with intense spiritual energy.

But spiritual energy wasn't their main requirement, as spirit crystals formation requirements were very strict, and it was only through a series of lucky accidents that they might appear.

For example, the spirit crystals that Jiang Chen observed now were blue spirit crystals, and they could only be formed in stormy weather. The clouds would be first nourished by spiritual energy, before they would be bombarded by divine lightning, and it was then that spirit crystals would be created and fall from the skies.

If one had to describe the function of these spirit crystals, then Jiang Chen could only say that the energy contained within the crystals discovered by him on this mountain surpassed greatly what he got through refining and absorbing a fire dragon, and it would spare him at least several months' cultivation.

Jiang Chen wasn't reserved, and he waved the Heavenly Fault Sword. A whistling wind blew at the spirit crystals and raised them into the air.

While Jiang Chen controlled this process, the spirit crystals went into his Storage Spirit Artifact one after the other.

But who would have imagined that at this moment a person would rush from a distant place and manage to see such a scene? What was even more coincidental was that that person was none other than King Yu.

\"Ha, ha, ha, ha!\"

When King Yu recognized Jiang Chen, he let out booming laughter. This was especially the case due to the spirit crystals as they were objects that even someone with his status couldn't get and take out.

\"Jiang Chen!\"

As the ear-piercing voice of something flying through the air echoed out, King Yu's speed rose and he reached the stone mountain in the twinkling of an eye.

A part of the spirit crystals that hadn't been scooped up by Jiang Chen yet ended up falling once again on the mountain, and they let out a crisp sound that echoed ceaselessly.

When Jiang Chen witnessed the busybody who had disturbed him, he couldn't help but say to himself that it was really a bad coincidence.

\"There were just ten quotas, but the number of people has exceeded expectations greatly. This was why there isn't enough distance between the people who entered.\"

King Yu didn't want Jiang Chen to die oblivious to the causes behind this, and he sneered repeatedly, before he said, \"Do you regret it now?\"

\"Why would I regret it?\" Jiang Chen spoke mockingly.

King Yu had an outstanding appearance and large stature. But his character ruined any other qualities he had.

\"Do you think that I don't dare to kill you?\"

Anger overcame King Yu, as Jiang Chen's words were a great insult to him.

\"If you can do it...\"

\"Good, pretty good.\" King Yu was so infuriated that he laughed, and a heat emanated from him that burned and twisted the space around him.

\"Do you think that you are so amazing just because you managed to cross the water wall? Let me show you who is a true expert.\"

When King Yu's voice echoed, raging flames churned around him, while he advanced forward courageously like a war chariot.

Jiang Chen faced his opponent empty-handed.

\"You are courting death!\"

King Yu shouted angrily, while his raging flames erupted out constantly and their power converged in his right fist.

\"Royal Tyrant Fist!\"

King Yu had perfectly fused his Royal Aura's secret technique along with the Alien Flame, and he had depended upon this technique to get a position among the third-rank experts.

Moreover, the crux of this was that King Yu's realm level was higher than Jiang Chen's. He was an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor.

\"What a good name, b*stard fist.\"

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, while he got fired up. The Immortal Divine Bird appeared, and it let out a sonorous cry.

\"Fire Symbol Art: Fire God Armor.\"

Jiang Chen's whole body was engulfed by raging flames that revolved around him, and once he used the Celestial Phoenix Canon's technique, he condensed an awe-inspiring armor out of the flames.

By the time Jiang Chen had finished getting fired up, King Yu had already reached him, and Jiang Chen thrust his fist at his highest speed.

Both fists collided, and their collision was tantamount to the confrontation of two divine weapons, while it seemed like the raging flames would shortly destroy the sky. The shock waves caused by them made the stone mountain sway, and it ended up rupturing.

\"How is this possible?\"

King Yu uttered the same words stated by most of Jiang Chen's enemies. He had discovered that Jiang Chen's power was vigorous, while his body boiling energy was the same as his Martial Soul, the Immortal Divine Bird.

\"Isn't he a swordsman?\"

King Yu's arm ached, and that was why he quickly pulled open the distance between them.

Jiang Chen closed and opened his palm, and he found it slightly numb. He said, \"I'm not used to facing such intermediate-stage Martial Emperors.\"

Before Jiang Chen went to the Divine Martial Arts Realm, he was able to easily kill even late-stage Martial Emperors. But now, he had to use the Fire God Armor to get a slight advantage over his opponent.

\"Interesting! Now, I'm interested in you.\" King Yu repressed his shock, and his fighting spirit was gradually replaced by hatred, while his arrogant air changed.

\"So you're going to get serious?\" Jiang Chen curled his mouth. His instinct told him clearly that if he still didn't take action, he would be in danger.

\"A Fire God Such as Me!\"

King Yu spread his arms and absorbed the raging flames in his vicinity into his body. The official robe worn by him shone with bright light, while his skin emitted an orange radiance.

King Yu's condition changed as if he had gone through a body transformation, while blazing flames emanated from his eyes.

\"Royal Tyrant Fist Ultimate Technique: Sole Supreme Venerable!\"

King Yu attacked with his fist once again. This attack wasn't as outrageous as the previous one, but it still emanated a shocking imposing aura that shook the land in the vicinity.

The Fist Spirit that possessed destructive power made the stone mountain start crumbling.

\"Sky-Burning Fury: Half Growth!\"

When Jiang Chen saw that his opponent used an ultimate technique, he didn't act with reservations.

The Alien Flame and the Golden Solar Flame flowed into the Immortal Divine Bird that spread its wings, raised its head, and let out an excited cry, before it charged forward strongly once again.

When the fire fist ended up getting in contact with the Immortal Divine Bird, a mushroom cloud formed by flames started rising up, and it could be seen from 100 miles away.

Anyone below the martial-grade realm that was within the 1,000-yard radius of the mushroom cloud's center would be directly melted.


King Yu gasped for breath. He didn't expect that he would end up in such a state while dealing with someone like Jiang Chen.

But it was fortunate that the outcome wasn't beyond his expectations.

This time, it was him that stood motionless in his former place, while Jiang Chen ended up being sent flying. If nothing unexpected occurred, Jiang Chen would be left half-alive.

\"If it's used for offense, it's really not as good as divine lightning.\"

What was unexpected was that Jiang Chen's voice echoed from in front of him.

\"What?\" King Yu raised his head in disbelief, and he witnessed Jiang Chen walking toward him slowly.

Jiang Chen's state wasn't any better than King Yu's, and it could be seen that his chest's bones were broken, while one hand was limp.

\"Your life force is really tenacious. But I don't mind beating you to death.\"

King Yu let out a breath of murky air, while he cleansed both fists. But in the next second, he wore a dumbstruck look as if he had seen a ghost.

It could be seen that Jiang Chen's injuries were recovering at a speed high enough that it could be discerned by the naked eye, while his dislocated arm went back to its place by itself. As for his chest, it started swelling up.

\"A divine, a divine body?\"

King Yu was also experienced and knowledgeable, and he managed to immediately recognize it.

\"You don't have any opportunity left.\"

As Jiang Chen spoke, electric arcs that were more berserk than the raging flames came out of his body. Some of the electric arcs were like giant chains, while some were like flying dragons.

Thunder rolls echoed ceaselessly and lingered near one's ears.

King Yu realized that Jiang Chen hadn't been serious a while ago, and after his expression changed repeatedly, he made a wise choice. He turned around and escaped at his highest speed.


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