The Brilliant Fighting Master
1383 I Will Teach You an Extreme Martial Technique
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1383 I Will Teach You an Extreme Martial Technique

After half an hour had passed, everyone had finished the water wall trial, and Jiang Chen had managed to figure out that the three ranks division was more reasonable than he had imagined.

There were 64 people who had passed the water wall trial, and all those people had either an imposing aura or a profound air. Every one of them was anything but simple, and this was the case for even the horrid King Yu.

On the contrary, Yuan Tianxiao, who had been defeated by a single sword strike from Jiang Chen, hadn't managed to cross even the middle-grade entrance trial.

\"Fine, everyone should get ready to set off.\"

A middle-aged man waved his hands and scattered the water wall. The water dropped from the sky, as a splashing sound echoed all around.

\"Elder, didn't you say that we would fight?\"

The crowd was surprised by this. Their number had greatly surpassed the high-grade entrance's quota of ten.

\"There are 64 people, and it will consume too much time, while if there is a chaotic fight, casualties may occur.\"

The middle-aged man's face was expressionless, and he didn't seem angry or delighted.

Upon hearing this, the people who had successfully crossed the water wall trial rejoiced. There were only some prideful people who were dissatisfied with this matter.

\"Humph, you have gotten some advantages in vain.\" King Yu cast a glance at the person next to him, while wearing a resentful look.

\"Jiang Chen, you should be careful of this guy.\"

King Yu's hostility was so intense that even Ao Yue could feel and detect it.

\"I will do so.\" Jiang Chen revealed a faint smile. He had seen so many of these kind of people, and he didn't mind killing one more.

\"It's a pity, it's a pity.\"

Duan Yun, who wasn't far from them, walked over while shaking his head.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything.

\"I'm just pitying you.\"

Duan Yun unexpectedly changed the topic of conversation, and he revealed a sinister smile.

\"What?\" Jiang Chen looked in confusion at him.

\"The Slaughter Sword Doctrine leaves behind it just dead people.\" Duan Yun left such words behind him, before he turned around gracefully.

The people who noticed this matter had figured out everything, and they looked at Jiang Chen with a mocking gaze filled with pity.

\"You just have to change the name. So, why are you so determined to seek death?\"

\"He has forced Duan Yun to draw his sword, and since no one can obstruct Duan Yun in the ancient ruins, he will surely die.\"

\"I really want to witness their fight personally.\"

As the sound of all these discussions reverberated, Jiang Chen figured out everything.

\"The Slaughter Sword Doctrine,\" Jiang Chen muttered those four words, while he thought about the events from 500 years ago.

Jiang Chen looked once again at Duan Yun and said to himself, \"I wonder how you are related to Jue Wuming?\"

500 years ago, Jue Wuming was the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor.

The Sacred Zone's first young master had a large social circle, but only a few close friends, and Jue Wuming was one of those few people.

\"The ancient ruins are still filled with pupils, and this is why you should be careful, as you obviously won't be able to use any external power in them.\"

\"Those ancient ruins were once an ancient battlefield and were an Independent Realm. But they are still so dangerous that no one can occupy them.\"

\"The three great factions have already cleared them out, but we still can't guarantee that you will keep your life.\"

\"But there are many immortal herbs and even divine herbs growing inside, and there are also ancient inheritances.\"

\"When the three great factions were clearing them up, they once discovered an Extreme Martial Technique.\"

Before the crowd entered, two white-haired old men started explaining to them matters related to the ancient ruins.

When the crowd heard their last words, they were all stunned. Any firm and resolute gaze would waver due to the mention of an Extreme Martial Technique.

The current Xuanhuan Realm didn't just lack Sovereigns and Divine Kings. It also lacked the peerless magical techniques that were higher than the great and lesser magical techniques, as well as Extreme Martial Techniques.

For the past few years, many talented people had appeared, and many of them had exceptional gifts, which gave rise to a certain issue.

People with an Immortal-grade Martial Dais didn't have suitable martial techniques, and the might released by them was only equal to heaven grade. Moreover, even those with a heaven-grade Martial Dais couldn't release 100 percent of their power.

It wasn't limited to just this either. When it came to the Rule Power's four realms, the crowd discovered that the same issue would arise once one reached the Comprehension Realm.

Martial, magical, secret, and divine techniques weren't able to release those aspects' whole power.

It was obvious that this matter had been caused by the Blood Clan's invasion plan. Now, any Martial Sovereign could treat the whole world with disdain, while also any Extreme Martial Technique could let one be able to overcome most people.

\"Now, go inside.\"

After the old men explained everything clearly, the middle-aged man who accompanied them opened the entrances.

A large amount of water on the ground formed a stream once again, and three light beams shot out of the riverbed. They represented different entrances.

\"After a month, a light beam that can be seen in all corners will appear in the ancient ruins. It's a sign that it's time to leave,\" the middle-aged man said.

A single month was quite a short time for most martial-grade experts, which meant that they couldn't practice or try to comprehend anything there. They could only run around in the ancient ruins without stopping.

\"Elder, is the entry's location random?\" King Yu raised a question on purpose.

Most people were concerned about this question's answer, but since getting an answer wouldn't change anything, they didn't raise it.

They didn't expect that King Yu would be so concerned about this matter.

The people aware of this affair's ins and outs sneered and looked at Jiang Chen coldly, as if he was already a dead man.

\"That's right, it's at random.\"

The middle-aged man didn't pay heed to anything related to the younger generation, and, after he had answered the question, he announced that anyone could enter. This was why suddenly more than 1,000 people rushed at the entrances at their highest speeds.

This trip was for treasure-hunting and looking for lucky chances. This was why if they fell behind other people, they wouldn't manage to get any benefits.

\"Jiang Chen, don't let me run into you inside.\"

King Yu was still not willing to give up, and he couldn't resist yelling at Jiang Chen, before he flew toward the light beam.

When the people got close to the light beam, they were instantly absorbed by it, and they disappeared.

\"You should be careful, as he's quite strong,\" Ao Yue said in a worried tone. This matter had arisen through her fault.

\"I will be careful.\"

\"If I had known earlier that this would occur, I would have taught you an Extreme Martial Technique.\"

Ao Yue was slightly irritated. They would have to enter now and didn't have enough time left.


Jiang Chen was dumbstruck, and he wondered whether his ears had misheard her.

\"My Clan's Dragon Punch is tantamount to your Human Clan's Extreme Martial Techniques, and since your body was altered by the main source, you can practice it.\" Ao Yue knew that he would have such a reaction, and she grinned at him.

It was only at this moment that Jiang Chen discovered that she had canine teeth. She seemed quite cute and lovely!

But Jiang Chen was concentrating on the Dragon Punch Technique that Ao Yue had just mentioned, and he said, \"I don't think that your Dragon Clan will let you teach the Dragon Punch to a stranger from another clan.\"

\"You are different,\" Ao Yue said before she realized that such words might create a misunderstanding, and she explained this matter with her face flushed, \"What I mean is that your Black Yellow Elixir has caused a commotion in my clan.\"


Jiang Chen didn't think too much about this. He felt like even the arrogant and haughty Dragon Clan members would bow their heads when they came face to face with reality.

The Dragon Clan was once titled the strongest clan, but, now, it was obviously walking down a bumpy road.

\"Let's go inside.\"

They ended up chatting for quite a while, and only a few people were left next to the entrance.

As Jiang Chen and Ao Yue faced the middle-aged man's sharp gaze, they flew into the light beam one after the other.

\"If we meet inside, I will teach it to you.\"

That was what Ao Yue said before they entered.

Jiang Chen was tempted by this matter, and the magical clone that was in secluded training within the Heavenly Palace summoned the black dragon.

\"Do you know the Dragon Punch?\" Jiang Chen questioned it.

\"Any dragon knows it,\" the black dragon said unenthusiastically.

If Jiang Chen didn't know the black dragon's character, he might have assumed that it had a prejudice against him.

\"What the h*ll! Why didn't you mention it earlier?\" Jiang Chen became excited. He was a person who had an Immortal-grade Martial Dais.

\"You didn't ask me about it.\"

The black dragon smiled, which was a rarely seen occurrence. It said, \"The style of every dragon clan's Dragon Punch is different, and my Black Dragon Clan's Dragon Punch is extremely overbearing. However, it has strict requirements for the wielder's body, while its practice is also a painful process.\"

\"Stop talking rubbish and just teach me.\" Jiang Chen didn't hesitate at all. That was an Extreme Martial Technique, and pain didn't matter at all.


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