The Brilliant Fighting Master
1382 Changing the Name
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1382 Changing the Name

\"This isn't related to fighting prowess, because one can't use one's power inside.\"

\"The influence of one's realm level is also not that large.\"

The eliminated people stated what they were feeling. But their words didn't help the people who were hesitating to make up their minds. They had only become more hesitating.

\"Since this is the case...\"

Some people had limited patience, and they didn't pay attention to their misgivings. They just went right at it to challenge the water wall.

Miss Bai was among these people, and, she shot out, flickering, and split open the water's surface. She managed to rush for more than ten yards, leaving the white surging water behind her.

Miss Bai wasn't like the other people, and her body only stopped for a short moment, before she continued proceeding forward at the same speed.

It could be discerned, however, through the ripples around her that the pressure she bore was changing, yet she still managed to keep the same speed. This was an outstanding feat!


Ao Yue wasn't going to let herself be outdone, and her foot tapped the air softly, before she turned into a golden light beam that charged into the water wall.

Many ripples arose in the water's surface one after the other, and the surface was all roiled up.

Ao Yue managed to charge inside in one go, and she almost managed to overtake Miss Bai. But her explosive power ended up leaving her at a disadvantage, and more intense ripples appeared around her.

In the end, Miss Bai managed to cross the water wall first. She was the first successful crosser.

Ao Yue followed her closely, for even though her intense power had gone out of control slightly, it couldn't be kept down for very long.

The two women attracted many gazes that were filled with jealousy.

\"Jiang Chen, the water wall's secret is in...\"

Ao Yue looked provocatively at Miss Bai, before she sent a sound transmission.

\"Thank you, but I still want to deal with this by myself.\"

Jiang Chen blocked her remaining words, while his gaze became as sharp as a sword. This was just a trifling water wall, and if he needed other people's teaching to cross it, how could he still consider crossing the Sovereign Road?

Since the crowd had witnessed some people's success, the others became more spirited.

\"Earth and Fire Fusion!\"

King Yu had the most imposing manner among all the powerful attendees, and it was unknown whether he was just showing off . His vigorous Royal Aura turned into raging flames that engulfed his body.

As the whistling sound of something flying through the air echoed out, King Yu charged into the water wall, and his raging flames managed to evaporate the water and make an opening within the wall.

The fire's intensity didn't weaken, and King Yu still continued advancing. But when he was just about to make his way through the water by depending upon the flames, the water wall released a greater might which tamped down the flames a bit.

\"Fire Descent!\"

King Yu was skilled, and as his power erupted out once again, he managed to cross the water wall successfully, and he became the third person to succeed.

\"It turned out that it's like this...\"

Jiang Chen had figured something out and he developed a rough idea about this matter. One couldn't cross the water wall by depending upon brute power, and it was one's offensive power that was put to the test.

After Jiang Chen gave this enough consideration, he drew one of his two Doctrine Swords, the Heavenly Fault Sword.

\"Quickly look over there, he plans to rush into the water wall.\"

Jiang Chen's actions attracted many people's attentions. After all, the two women accompanying Jiang Chen had ended up in the limelight.

But no one imagined that Jiang Chen would challenge the water wall since his power was so low.

It must be known that even Yuan Tianxiao, who had been defeated by Jiang Chen the previous day, had failed while trying to rush into the water wall.

It could be seen that these water walls had certain requirements, and if one wanted to cross the water wall at the high entrance, one must be at least among the top people in the third-rank group.

As for the middle-grade entrance, it was for the excellent experts of the third-rank group, and it wouldn't be possible for someone at the bottom of the third-rank group to succeed at it

\"I really want to see what he can do.\"

Many people stopped in their tracks because they wanted to see how Jiang Chen fared.

\"Ninth princess, it seems like your friend is quite skilled.\"

King Yu acted like he had forgotten about the unpleasant incident that had occurred a while ago, and he ignored Miss Bai who was next to him, and continued trying to strike up a conversation with Ao Yue.

\"He isn't any weaker than me, and he's at the top of the Sacred Lord List.\"

Ao Yue couldn't bear listening to him speak so disdainfully, and that was why she exposed this matter.

\"The list?\"

It was obvious that King Yu didn't expect this. But, after he cast several glances at Jiang Chen, he curled up his mouth and said, \"Most Sacred Lords have just had good luck, and the Sacred Spirits' approval criterion was always up for debate.\"

\"Ninth princess, I still think that the reason why you didn't reach the top of the list is surely that you haven't used your true body's power.\"

Upon hearing this, Ao Yue realized that it would be useless to say anything further.

King Yu looked at Jiang Chen with an ice-cold gaze filled with contempt.

\"Well? Is this his Sword Energy? It's quite interesting.\"

The red-eyed youth from the distant region looked in surprise at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn't care about what other people thought about this matter, and he walked calmly toward the water wall. By the time there was enough distance left between them, his Sword Energy's density had reached the pinnacle.

As a cold light flickered, the Sword Energy erupted out.

Jiang Chen charged into the water wall while emanating a great imposing manner that exceeded everyone's expectations. Jiang Chen and his sword turned into a bolt of lightning that advanced violently, and he didn't come to a stop for even a moment.

The sharp sword split open the water wall easily, as if the terrifying obstructive force didn't exist.

By the time the crowd had recovered from their shock, Jiang Chen had already reached the water wall's other side.

A startled look appeared on everyone's faces, which was soon replaced with disbelief and shock.

\"Sure enough, the water wall tests whether one is determined to advance courageously, and such a matter is reflected in one's move.\" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

The more one changed one's techniques within the water wall, the greater would be the water wall's obstructive power.


King Yu got angry, and this was especially the case became Jiang Chen and Ao Yue's gazes met. He felt a grave sense of crisis.

\"But it's still good, since we will both use the high-grade entrance, and, once we get inside, the distance between us won't be so great.\"

As King Yu thought of this, he revealed a cruel smile.

The gaze with which people looked at Jiang Chen also changed, and they all couldn't help but think to themselves, \"A person who can walk along with the Golden Dragon Clan's princess is really anything but simple.\"

After Jiang Chen had succeeded at the trial, and crossed the water wall, the number of people hesitating became lower, and they all started moving to cross the water wall.

A large number of people managed to cross the wall, and their numbers quickly surpassed the entrance's quota of ten. This was why soon a hostile air permeated all the people that had crossed the trial.

None of them wanted to waste any opportunity since their starting point was already lower than the Young Sovereigns that had gone into the Martial Field.

\"Your Sword Spirit is pretty good.\"

Duan Yun had also crossed the trial, and he went toward Jiang Chen. He was plainspoken and didn't start with any polite greeting.

\"Thank you.\" Jiang Chen faced the guy's red eyes with equanimity.

Duan Yun was surprised by this, and he took several steps forward, while his blood-red pupils became larger and shone with an ominous light. He said, \"Aren't you afraid of me?\"

\"Should I be afraid of you?\" Jiang Chen replied, while staring straight into the guy's eyes.

At this moment, Duan Yun didn't know what he should do or say, and he just shook his head, before he moved back from confronting Jiang Chen. He said, \"Are you the one whose Sword Soul is also called Boundless?\"

\"That is right.\"

\"It's also the case for me, and, if you don't want to have any conflict with me, change that name. But you probably want to compete against me to see who deserves the name more, don't you?\"

Duan Yun crossed his arms in front of his chest, and he raised his head slightly, while wearing a provocative look.


Jiang Chen's reply didn't surprise Ao Yue, who was standing next to him.

\"Interesting, interesting. We have to come up with some sort of agreement. So let's fight soon.\" Duan Yun revealed a bright smile, while an ice-cold air emanated from his body, which made people assume that it was wintertime.

So many people had crossed the water wall, and this was why competition would surely occur between them. Meanwhile, Duan Yun had just chosen an opponent in advance.

When King Yu witnessed that Jiang Chen had accepted Duan Yun's challenge, he was slightly surprised..

The anger in his heart had slightly cooled because he realized that Jiang Chen was a person that dared to confront with force even the Slaughter Doctrine's inheritor.

But this matter still didn't mean that King Yu would let Jiang Chen off.

\"This guy brought trouble on himself. I really want to see whether you are demented, or you really possess great power.\"


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