The Brilliant Fighting Master
1381 Water Wall
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1381 Water Wall

\"He dared to disrespect King Yu.\"

\"Are you allowed to look like that in front of King Yu?\"

\"Anyone who disrespects royalty will become an enemy of the Xia Clan.\"

The people next to the youth started shouting angrily, one after the other. They all possessed overbearing auras, and they all had varied amounts of King Aura.

A King Aura wasn't merely a descriptive term. It was a sort of power practiced by the Xia Clan's royal family. They didn't just use it to attack. They could also use it to stun people and let fright and panic well up in their hearts.

The infuriated youth's King Aura took a physical shape and formed a ferocious dragon that bared its fangs and brandished its claws.

Jiang Chen still didn't take any action, while Ao Yue's expression became gloomy. She raised up her head and a sonorous dragon's roar reverberated in the world.

The Royal Aura was scattered, while the Xia Clan members couldn't help but move back with their faces pale.

As for King Yu, he fared slightly better, but his expression became even more unsightly than before.

It seemed as if Jiang Chen wasn't just a friend, and they had a strong relationship.

\"Are you going to hide behind a woman's back?\" King Yu shouted.

\"Are you looking down upon women?\"

What no one had expected was that Miss Bai would rush over wearing a stern look, and she revealed a little bit of her power that she hadn't exposed until now. It was enough to make space shake.

King Yu was startled, and he moved way back.

\"This woman...\"

The expressions of the people in the vicinity who were watching this incident also changed drastically. They could all feel a vigorous power that wasn't any lower than a prehistoric giant beast within the body of this gentle and beautiful


\"Who is this man?\"

When the crowd looked once again at Jiang Chen, they discovered that he had Ao Yue on his left side and Miss Bai on his right side. They were both extremely gifted women, and all the onlookers envied him.

\"He's a primary-stage Martial Emperor, and he's at most just someone from the third-rank group.\"

While the crowd was confused, the people who had come from the tower uttered some information about Jiang Chen. This included his name and his victory over Yuan Tianxiao. They didn't state anymore about him because most of them didn't know anymore.

\"Oh, that's right, he has a perfect Sword Soul with five special traits, and it was this Sword Soul that attracted Miss Bai. His Sword Soul's name is Boundless Sword Soul.\"

A loud voice echoed out.

The crowd wasn't able to discern who spoke, but they could feel that he was hostile to Jiang Chen.

Yuan Tianxiao, who was among the crowd, laughed complacently.

\"A Boundless Sword Soul!\"

Most people here were aware of what this matter implied, and many pairs of eyes looked around the crowd.

The person who had attached a special significance to those three words had arrived here a while ago. He was wearing white clothes, had a handsome face and slightly closed eyes. He seemed like a reserved gentleman.

But when he heard the words Boundless Sword Soul, his eyes snapped open, and they shone with a ferocious blood-red light, as if he were possessed by a devil. His bearing changed drastically, and he scared the people in the vicinity so much that they moved away from him.

The scarlet eyes penetrated the crowd and locked onto Jiang Chen's body.

It suddenly seemed as if time had stopped. No one dared to breathe loudly.


This affair wasn't developing as people had anticipated. The white-clothed man just curled his mouth into a sneer and closed his eyelids. It seemed as if he wasn't interested in Jiang Chen.

This interlude didn't resolve the conflicts between King Yu and Jiang Chen, and King Yu's black eyes were looking at both women. He wasn't willing to accept this matter.

\"I will keep this in mind.\"

King Yu didn't answer Miss Bai's question, but left such words behind as he left with his people.

Miss Bai snorted coldly. She was resentful.

\"Thank you,\" Jiang Chen said.

Ao Yue turned her head to look and said, \"She didn't intervene for us.\"

\"I also don't need your thanks.\"

Miss Bai wasn't willing to let herself be outdone, and she faced Ao Yue's gaze, while she started once again an imperceptible confrontation with her.

Jiang Chen, who was clamped between them, didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. They obviously had a feud going on, yet it seemed like the two women were fighting over his affection.

Many people beat their chests and stamped their feet. They couldn't discern what was so great about this guy.

\"Miss Bai, you have ended up incurring hatred from the Xia Clan. Was it worth it?\"

The Sleeping Young Master and his two companions hesitated for a moment before they came over.

\"The Empyrean Woman is also a woman. So, why don't they look down upon her?\"

It seemed like the reason why Miss Bai had stepped in was really due to what King Yu had said.

The Sleeping Young Master still wanted to say something further, but it was then that several Saints' auras appeared and descended here.

Everyone stopped talking. They were all aware that deacons were about to show themselves.

\"The ancient ruins' entrances will be opened at noon. Anyone who can't reach them by that time will be deemed as someone who has forfeited.\"

There were three Martial Saints, and their leader was a middle-aged man with an attractive look and heroic air. He was wearing a dignified and ice-cold look, and, while looking at him, everyone couldn't help but think about the four words, strictly impartial and incorruptible.

As for the other Martial Saints, they were white-haired old men.

\"The situation is as it has been explained to you. The entrances are divided into three grades, and their quotas are, in order: 10, 50, and limitless.\"

\"Our time is limited, and you won't compete one by one. This is why...\"

After the middle-aged man spoke, he raised up his right arm and the mountain's stream was raised by him up into the air. The stream went through a transformation, and it was turned into two water walls of the same height but different thicknesses.

\"You must pass through it and step into the corresponding entrance.\"

\"If the number of people that passes through it has surpassed the quota, an elimination competition will be carried out.\"

Upon hearing the middle-aged man's words, most people looked at each other in dismay, and they all found it difficult to believe what he had said. \"Wouldn't it be easy for people at their realm level to pass through such water walls?\"

\"I will go over first.\"

Someone couldn't wait any longer, and he flew up toward the water wall leading to the high-grade entrance.

\"An accident will occur,\" Jiang Chen said subconsciously. Martial Saints weren't fools, and the water wall was obviously not as simple as it seemed.

The guy possessed an imposing manner, and he used his whole power, while leaving a long trail of air behind him. But when he entered the water wall, he didn't manage to pass through it as smoothly as he had imagined.

As a splashing sound could be heard, the guy instantly lost his power and wasn't able to move by even a little inch in the water wall.

While the crowd was observing the guy, he started drowning, and he struggled with his whole might. After a short while passed, the middle-aged man released him. If he had been slightly later, this impulsive guy would have died.

As the crowd looked at the water wall with a thickness reaching 50 yards, they all realized that this affair was anything but simple.

However, the thickness of the water wall at the middle-grade entrance only reached 20 yards, and it seemed easier in comparison to the other one.

\"You should assess your own abilities and act accordingly. If you fail, you won't have the chance to try again.\"

The middle-aged man didn't explain the water walls to them, and he announced the start calmly.

Many people hesitated because they didn't have any understanding of the water walls, and it wasn't easy for them to decide.

If they couldn't pass the 50-yard water wall, they would have to take the most ordinary entrance. But they still weren't resigned to go just with the 20-yard water wall.

At this moment, someone obviously had to take the lead, and it was fortunate that there were many arrogant talented youths among so many people. Some of them started entering the water walls one after another.

These people's outcomes were the same as the first guy's. They all suffered great obstruction within the water wall and couldn't use their magical powers. They could only swim forward.

The water's obstruction was more terrible than they had imagined, and most people would become powerless after they had swum through half of it, and bubbles could be seen coming out of their mouths.

Martial-grade experts, who were usually able to hold their breath for several hours, seemed like ordinary mortals within the water wall.

After a short while, the first batch of challengers failed thoroughly, and what was surprising was that they were all experts of the third-rank group.

\"It's an entrance with only ten quotas, and it's really no joking matter,\" someone spoke with emotion.


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