The Brilliant Fighting Master
1379 Boundless, Boundless Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1379 Boundless, Boundless Sword

The white-clothed woman was obviously Miss Bai.

Jiang Chen's heart shuddered. Previously, when they had been separated by a long distance, he hadn't detected anything, but now, with less than ten yards between them, he had discovered that this woman was anything but simple.

Her body possessed immeasurable power. Yet, at the same time, she didn't seem arrogant or haughty, and, at first glance, she seemed peaceful and serene. However, if one took a really good look at her, one would surely be amazed.

Miss Bai was quite interested in the Boundless Sword Soul.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by this, as the Boundless Sword Soul's beautiful outward appearance was as great as its destructive power.

\"Miss Bai, its name is the Boundless Sword Soul,\" Jiang Chen said.

As these words echoed out, the expressions of the people who were within earshot changed drastically for some reason, as did Miss Bai's. She quickly recovered herself, and her expression went back to normal.

Just after this, everyone went back into the tower. Jiang Chen was invited by Miss Bai to go to the highest floor with her.

\"Did you hear that? He stated that his Sword Soul's name is Boundless.\"

TSK! TSK! TSK! \"Boundless Sword Soul! We are going to be able to watch a good show.\"

\"Boundless Sword, the sword of boundlessness, one wouldn't casually take this as a name, would one?\"

As Jiang Chen walked inside, a heated debate arose among the people outside, and they all ignored the defeated Yuan Tianxiao.

Jiang Chen got acquainted with the Sleeping Young Master and his other two companions in the tower.

\"Sir, are you from the Seventh Realm?\"

When the Sleeping Young Master and his companions found out Jiang Chen's origins, they were all amazed. It seemed as if they hadn't heard anything about the Young Human Emperor affair.

The Sleeping Young Master grinned, as he felt the pressure weighing upon his shoulders was much alleviated. One didn't need to fear a guy from the Seventh Realm.

\"Brother Jiang, your power is great enough to get into the third-rank group, and this is considered an amazing feat in the Seventh Realm.\"

\"Brother Jiang, your skill in the Sword Doctrine is too outrageous.\"

When the Sleeping Young Master heard his companions' words, he frowned. However, after he gave this matter enough consideration, he rolled his eyes and said, \"Brother Jiang, have you ever considered changing your Sword Soul's name?\"

These words had profound implications, and a grave look appeared on the faces of Miss Bai and the other two people.

\"Why?\" Jiang Chen had detected long ago that something was amiss, and he was just waiting until he could question Xia Houjie about this matter.

\"Boundless and limitless are both popular terms in the Divine Martial Arts Realm, and someone else has also used the name Boundless Sword Soul,\" someone said.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen felt quite baffled. He had chosen this name for his Martial Soul, and that was why it wasn't strange that the same name had been used by others.

\"The crux is that the person who possesses the Boundless Sword Soul is the inheritor of one of the Four Great Sword Doctrines, the Slaughter Sword Doctrine.\"

\"His name is Duan Yun, and he's arrogant and haughty. He once ran onto the Sword Field and defeated innumerable experts there, and, while he was there if he ran into people who used the same name, he forced them to change the name they used.\"

If Miss Bai hadn't raised a question about the name, this matter wouldn't have occurred. This was why she felt slightly ashamed of herself and wanted to inform Jiang Chen of the circumstances.

\"Duan Yun is an apex expert of the third-rank group, and he isn't someone Yuan Tianxiao can rival. This is why...\"

The Sleeping Young Master had put on a fake act and acted friendly. But he didn't finish his speech, as what the following words would be was obvious.

\"I understand.\"

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He didn't say that he would change the name. But anyone familiar with him would understand his answer because of this.

\"If you go into the ancient ruins, you may end up running into him, and, at that time, you just have to say that you will change, and you will be safe and sound,\" the Sleeping Young Master spoke once again.

\"Maybe,\" Jiang Chen gave them a vague answer, before he stood up from his seat and bade farewell to the four people.

Jiang Chen didn't wait for their response, but immediately jumped up and went back to his floor.

\"What an arrogant person. It seems like he doesn't want to change the name.\"

The four people finally understood Jiang Chen's intentions, and they also understood that when they asked him to change the name, he realized that they all walked on different paths and should go their separate ways.

However, it was only the Sleeping Young Master who tried to make Jiang Chen change the name.

Miss Bai would have liked to get Jiang Chen to come back, but since she had seen Jiang Chen leaving decisively, someone as proud as she was wouldn't mention this any longer.

When Xia Houjie saw Jiang Chen coming back, he strode forward, speaking excitedly, \"Brother Jiang, you are pretending to be a pig to prey on a tiger, aren't you? Your power is so outstanding.\"

\"It was him who bullied people too much,\" Jiang Chen spoke calmly.

Yuan Tianxiao was stronger than the Martial Emperors Jiang Chen had met previously, but that's all he was.

\"Oh, by the way, you shouldn't mention your Sword Soul's name next time, as it will invite trouble for you.\"

Xia Houjie assumed that Jiang Chen didn't have any idea about this, and that was why he warned him in a low voice.

\"Is Duan Yun quite strong?\" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

\"You know it.\"

Thereupon, Xia Houjie didn't hide anything from him.

\"There are more than 100 people in the third-rank group, and only a few of them are famous in the three great factions. Duan Yun is one of those people.\"

\"He's the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor, while his Wind Rule has reached the Bright Realm. As for his realm level, it's at the Martial Emperor Realm's intermediate stage.\"

Jiang Chen was quite interested in this person's attainments in the Wind Rule. A Worldly Rule's power represented one's understanding of worldly forces, and the higher one's attainment, the greater would be one's achievements.

All elemental forces were divided into Four Realms: Bright, Comprehension, Transformation, and Sacred Realm.

Those Four Realms had strict requirements, and that was why even if one grasped a worldly rule, one wouldn't manage to reach the Bright Realm. Even Jiang Chen who had grasped the Void Divine Wind couldn't reach it.

It wasn't as if Jiang Chen didn't want to reach it. The Four Realms were like the Extreme Martial Techniques, and one couldn't just reach them if he wanted to. One's realm power had to keep up with one's other attainments to be able to start the practice.

\"He, he, I wonder what will happen if my Immortal Sword Spirit devours the Slaughter Sword Spirit.\"

Jiang Chen had first started with the Eternal Sword Spirit, and he used the Immortal Supreme Will to use the Eternal Instant Technique.

The Slaughter Sword Spirits were also part of the Four Great Sword Doctrines, and he wondered what he could have achieved if he had done the same with it.

When Xia Houjie witnessed that Jiang Chen didn't take Duan Yun seriously, he didn't say anything more. If Jiang Chen could defeat Yuan Xiaotian with a single sword strike, he probably was still hiding a part of his power.

But it was still unknown whether Jiang Chen could rival Duan Yun, and that was why Xia Houjie looked forward to their fight.

In the evening, more newcomers arrived, one after the other. Some of them seemed deep and immeasurable and kept a low profile, while others had an arrogant air and looked down upon everyone.

\"Wow! It's a Golden Dragon!\"

When a valiant-looking woman with a deep aura entered the tower, an uproar arose among everyone. They were first startled by the woman's vigorous power, before they noticed her golden eyes and immediately associated her with a certain matter.


The Sleeping Young Master and his two friends landed in the hall at their highest speed, revealing the most friendly smiles they could wear.

But what was surprising was that Miss Bai, who didn't usually stay aloof, did not intervene.

Jiang Chen noticed that Miss Bai looked warily at the woman.

The Golden Dragon Clan woman in the hall treated the Sleeping Young Master and his companions coldly, and, after she nodded at him, her gaze started looking for something on this floor.

\"She's looking for someone.\"

An uproar arose in the tower, and everyone became excited. They all wondered who was acquainted with a golden dragon.

It was at this moment that a person who everyone found familiar landed in the hall.

\"Princess Ao Yue.\"

It was a black-robed youth, none other than Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen's words, disbelief appeared on the Sleeping Young Master's face, and he wondered how could someone from the Seventh Realm get acquainted with a Golden Dragon?\"

It must be known that Independent Realms usually interacted only with the Divine Martial Arts Realm, and they disdained to go into Lower Realms.

\"Just call me Ao Yue.\"

Ao Yue revealed a natural smile. Her manner and expression were completely different than when she had faced the Sleeping Young Master and the others.

\"You didn't say that you would be in the Martial God Palace's region, did you?\"

Jiang Chen still recalled that her qualifications as a Young Sovereign were provided by the Xia Clan.

\"The Young Sovereigns who don't belong to the Three Great Factions can change their camps freely,\" Ao Yue said.

\"Is this why you have come to look for me?\" Jiang Chen said jokingly.

However, a blush unexpectedly appeared on Ao Yue's pretty face, and she nodded in response.

Upon witnessing this, many people nearly fell on the ground.


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