The Brilliant Fighting Master
1378 Who Is a Dragon?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1378 Who Is a Dragon?

The black-robed youth was obviously Jiang Chen, and he wasn't going to leave obediently.

Yuan Xiaotian was building up power and was about to attack. But he suddenly stood still for an unknown reason.

\"Let's go outside to fight!\"

Just after this, Yuan Xiaotian went outside at a high speed.

It wasn't difficult to discern that someone must have sent a sound transmission to Yuan Xiaotian, and it was likely the deacon who still hadn't shown himself.

They didn't obstruct Yuan Xiaotian, and they allowed the fights between Young Sovereigns.

\"Jiang Chen, are you sure about this?\" Xia Houjie spoke in a worried tone.

He was aware that Jiang Chen had killed the Young Human Emperor, but the latter had depended upon the Human Emperor Bow to flaunt his might, and he was still famous only due to his status as a Sacred Lord.

As long as one managed to close in on the Young Human Emperor, even someone who wasn't among the third-rank group could kill him.

\"You can be at ease.\"

Jiang Chen jumped into the hall, before he exerted his power and rushed toward the gate.

\"He deserves praise for his courage.\"

When they witnessed that Jiang Chen didn't hesitate at all, the four people atop the 100th floor were surprised.

\"It's easy for one to confuse stupidity with courage.\"

Sleeping Young Master chuckled carelessly and looked at Miss Bai. He took the lead, jumped out through the window, and landed nimbly atop the tower.

As for the other three people, they also followed him closely.

The tower was around 1,000 yards tall, and one could get a view of everything within a 100-mile-radius. The four people quickly managed to see Jiang Chen and Yuan Xiaotian going into the sky.

This was a fight between people at martial grade, and, if they were slightly careless, they might end up destroying the whole street.

People outside the Western District were also observing this incident, and they quickly understood that a conflict had occurred.

\"Since they have put so many arrogant young experts together, accidents will surely occur.\"

\"They probably have done it on purpose to stimulate their unyielding characters.\"

\"It seems like that guy is Yuan Xiaotian, who is a disciple of one of the five great schools, the Hidden Cloud School.\"

\"He's among the best people in the strongest group below the third-rank group.\"

The people here knew Yuan Xiaotian, while they didn't know anything about Jiang Chen.

\"Fine, let's not continue flying any farther.\"

Yuan Xiaotian suddenly stopped and sneered. He said, \"I have just made some space for me to attack you. Did you really assume that a great battle would occur?\"

They were at a low altitude, while martial-grade fights were usually carried out at high altitudes so that the energy waves caused by them wouldn't harm innocent people.

\"Indeed, a great battle won't occur,\" Jiang Chen said calmly.

Yuan Xiaotian understood Jiang Chen's implication, and he spoke angrily, \"I really want to trample upon you and see whether you will still wear such a disagreeable look.\"

As Yuan Xiaotian spoke, gales started raging, and the Nine Underworlds Evil Wind stirred up with it the world's wind, which gave rise to a storm of sand and flying rocks in several districts, and they all descended into chaos.

\"Havoc Divine Wind!\"

\"Star-Destroying Finger!\"

Even though Yuan Xiaotian spoke disdainfully, he still attacked with his whole power without holding anything back.

He wanted to defeat Jiang Chen with a single strike of his finger as a warning to others and to uphold the dignity of the third-rank group's experts.

This finger strike was more powerful than the one used to deal with Xu Sheng, and it could be considered horrifying and shocking.

The wind was condensed into a pillar, and the wind pillar was turned into a wind dragon due to the finger technique's effects, while said dragon rushed forward.

\"It's no wonder that he wanted to go outside.\"

\"If he hadn't done so, this finger strike would have been enough to destroy the whole tower.\"

As discussions echoed all around, the four people atop the tower exchanged glances, and they all could see the same expressions plastered on each other's faces.

Yuan Xiaotian was wholly qualified to get a position in the third-rank group, and they had really underestimated him previously.


As Jiang Chen faced the wind dragon, his Storage Spirit Artifact flickered slightly, while the Heavenly Fault Sword appeared in his hand.

He pulled out the sword decisively, and its radiance illuminated the land, while it also affected the weather and changed it.

\"A swordsman?\"

The crowd was slightly surprised, but they quickly understood everything. Only an unyielding swordsman would confront Yuan Xiaotian.

\"He didn't use any sword techniques, and he attacked bluntly with his sword, didn't he?\" Miss Bai muttered. She found this guy too arrogant and crazy.

Just Yuan Xiaotian's finger alone possessed boundless power, let alone his Nine Underworlds Evil Wind. Moreover, it was still strengthened by the Havoc Divine Wind Technique, and he also launched a Star-Destroying Finger Technique with his Heaven-grade Martial Dais.

No one would have taken such stupid actions as did the black-robed youth.

\"Is he crazy?\"

The crowd witnessed Jiang Chen charging forward with his sword, while light engulfed his whole body.

\"Fool.\" Yuan Xiaotian curled his mouth in a sneer, while an ice-cold glint was apparent in his eyes.


When everyone assumed that Jiang Chen was attempting the impossible, a sharp whistling sound of wind emanated from the shining Doctrine Sword, which seemed made out of moonstones.

Sword Wind?

When everyone had had such a thought, the confrontation had already started.

Both Jiang Chen and his sword ran across the powerful wind dragon and, at that moment, his power was revealed completely, while his sword wind's power rose in intensity, and the Boundless Sword Soul appeared.

In the next moment, the wind dragon was split open from its head to its tail, and it was torn into pieces by Jiang Chen's sharp sword.

As for the Nine Underworlds Evil Wind that Yuan Xiaotian took such pride in, it was devoured little by little, and it quickly disappeared.

But Jiang Chen's sword strike's power still wasn't exhausted, and, as the sword flickered, it had already reached Yuan Xiaotian, while the Heavenly Fault Sword's tip was next to its target's frail neck.

It was fortunate that Jiang Chen had good control, as if this hadn't been the case, the sword's light beam would have penetrated its target.

One didn't need to say anything further about the battle's outcome. Such an outcome brought a great shock to the city's people, and they were so stunned that they couldn't utter a single word, while they also felt as if they were in a dream.

Yuan Xiaotian had unexpectedly been defeated by a primary-stage Martial Emperor.

\"Void, Void Divine Wind?\" Yuan Xiaotian spoke while stammering, and it was difficult for him to believe his own words.

The confident four people atop the tower had also finally lost control of themselves.

\"It's no wonder, it's no wonder he dared to say that the Nine Underworlds Evil Wind was mediocre. It is really mediocre in comparison to the Void Divine Wind.\"

Miss Bai's doubts were dispelled, and she understood why Jiang Chen was so confident, while she also got interested in him.

When the Sleeping Young Master next to her witnessed this, he couldn't help but say, \"It seems like Yuan Xiaotian is still not qualified to join the third-rank group.\"

It would be disgraceful to disparage Jiang Chen bluntly, and that was why the Sleeping Young Master came up with another solution.

However, no one replied, neither Miss Bai nor even his other two companions.

It was obvious that mere words were powerless in the face of facts.

\"A Sword Soul with all five special traits, as well as the Void Divine Wind, and he must also have also grasped the Wind Rule. But if it was just this alone, he still shouldn't have managed to defeat Yuan Xiaotian with a single sword strike.\"

While the crowd was still startled due to Jiang Chen, Miss Bai started analyzing this matter.

\"His body is surely a king body or a sacred body.\"

All of a sudden, Miss Bai figured out everything.

As for the Martial Dais grade? No one could discern it because a sword technique wasn't used.

\"It isn't enough, it's still not enough. He didn't use a sword technique, so he has surely used other matters to let his sword strike become so strong? Oh, that's right, a Will, he had grasped a Supreme Will, as well as the Wind Rule's Penetrative Will.\"

If Jiang Chen could have heard what Miss Bai had said, he would surely have been startled, as she had managed to discern nearly everything just through observing him.

\"A dragon doesn't live with snakes, but it seems that you're the snake,\" Jiang Chen put away his sword and spoke proudly.

\"Hateful! The Void Divine Wind had such a name because it was made out of the void and doesn't have a physical substance. How did you manage to achieve it?\" Yuan Xiaotian spoke angrily.

\"I have stayed among the Void Divine Wind,\" Jiang Chen replied bluntly.

Yuan Xiaotian was dumbstruck, as if he had suffered a hit with a lightning bolt. If one had done so, wouldn't he end up having a tragic death?

Yuan Xiaotian assumed that Jiang Chen stated such words just to make fun of him, and he didn't take them seriously.

\"Your Sword is quite special, and it's like a precious stone, while it also possesses unique sharp edges. Can you please inform me of its name?\"

All of a sudden, a white-clothed person came up to Jiang Chen's side.


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