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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1377 Wind

\"Yuan Xiaotian, you are too arrogant.\"

Jiang Chen wasn't the only primary-stage Martial Emperor in the tower, and, after an uproar arose for a moment, a person came out of the 20th floor. He possessed an imposing manner that rivaled a mighty army's, and he charged at the person atop the hall's table.

\"It's Xu Sheng!\"

\"He's also among the strongest group of people below the third rank, and his fame is even more resounding than Yuan Xiaotian's became he's only a primary-stage Martial Emperor.\"

\"It's no wonder that he dares to fight back.\"

The people present here discussed this matter. They were all aware that a great battle would be unavoidable.

When ten yards were still left until Xu Sheng reached the ground, his aura rose in intensity, while acute golden light appeared suddenly, as vigorous power erupted out of him.

The wave of pressure created by him gave rise to a strong gale, and all the tables and desks in the five floors below him were sent flying, while the windows were destroyed, and many cracks appeared in the walls.

\"It's the Chaotic Primordial Hand!\"

No one cared about the damage inflicted upon the tower, as even if the whole building collapsed, it still wouldn't injure any martial-grade experts.

Many pairs of eyes looked at the golden radiance that emanated in an imposing manner, and they could faintly see that Xu Sheng was still swooping down, while he raised his right hand high.

\"What vigorous power!\"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. His palm didn't just contain great energy. It also had an intense metal element's power.

\"It's good that you have come over, as I have already endured you for too long.\"

Yuan Xiaotian was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, and, as Xu Sheng charged at him, he raised his right hand slightly, while a whirling swift wind shot out from between his fingers, and it instantly formed a whirlwind.

Many objects were drawn toward the whirlwind, and they were crushed to pieces in the process.

\"It's the ninth level of the Havoc Divine Wind, and it can be turned into a whirlwind.\"

\"It's no wonder that Yuan Xiaotian dares to act so arrogantly. His Nine Underworlds Evil Wind has reached the second level, while he still practices the Hidden Cloud School's peerless technique.

\"This means that he can use the Hidden Cloud School's Wind God Fury.\"

The Wind God Fury was the Hidden Cloud School's great magical technique, and it had depended upon it to rise above many other factions.

Returning to the main topic, the palm's energy contended against the wind, and as both golden and blue radiances interwove, they contended intensely and started burning with raging flames.

Everyone covered their eyes as the dazzling rays exceeded what the eye could bear.


Both energies started spreading outward when one of them ended up in a disadvantageous position, and the shock waves were about to destroy the tower.

As the crowd was about to rush out of the tower, a peculiar energy surged out, protected the tower, and helped it bear these impacts.

The energy that didn't have a way out exited through the windows, and it made the tower seem like a burning stove.

\"Ha, ha, ha.\"

Yuan Xiaotian's distinct laughter attracted the crowd's attention, and they could see that Xu Sheng had fallen in the hall. He cut a sorry figure. He was now half-kneeling on the ground.

As for Yuan Xiaotian, he didn't suffer any harm, and what was more astonishing was that even though the whole place was in a mess, the table beneath Yuan Xiaotian's feet wasn't damaged in any way.

It could be discerned with a single glance who was the strongest of them.

\"He is really going to be able to step into the third rank,\" Xia Houjie spoke with emotion.

Xu Sheng's previous palm strike's might was great enough to destroy a whole mountain. But Yuan Xiaotian still managed to block it easily, and he even injured his opponent.

\"Both people were originally among the strongest beneath the third rank, and Yuan Xiaotian had only made some progress when it came to Wind Rule, yet he still made Xu Sheng, whose realm level was lower than his, suffer a disastrous defeat.\"

Jiang Chen analyzed this matter inwardly. It seemed like the Divine Martial Arts Realm's three-ranks division was worth consultation.

The main reason why the fight had such an outcome was that Yuan Xiaotian was an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor.

\"What are you still waiting for? Do you want me to ask you to leave one by one.\" Yuan Xiaotian waved his hand, and a whistling wind ran amok in the tower.

After the primary-stage Martial Emperors had witnessed Xu Sheng's distinct defeat, they didn't intend any longer to fight back.

\"Yuan Xiaotian, just wait until my realm level advances. I will surely teach you a severe lesson.\"

Xu Sheng had a tall stature and a thin body. The corners of his mouth were stained with blood. He waved his sleeves before he left.

\"Do you think that I won't make any progress by the time your realm level advances?\" Yuan Xiaotian sneered coldly and didn't take this matter seriously.

As Yuan Xiaotian looked on, the primary-stage Martial Emperors left with their tails between their legs. He looked at the people in the topmost regions and suddenly indiscernible fright appeared in his eyes.

However, it was fortunate that Sleeping Young Master and his companions were old members of the third-rank group and wouldn't meddle in this affair.

\"Senior brother.\"

All of a sudden, a Hidden Cloud School disciple whispered something near Yuan Xiaotian's ears, while he pointed his finger at the sixth floor corridor.


Yuan Xiaotian's arrow-like gaze looked up there, and it locked onto two people, before it fell upon a black-robed youth who was at the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm. He said rudely, \"Do you want me to come up to ask you to leave?\"

The other primary-stage Martial Emperors had already left, completely cowed, while this person was still calm and composed.

\"I'm afraid that you aren't able to make me move,\" the black-robed youth sneered coldly and spoke.

The crowd had assumed that this incident had come to an end, but when they heard such words, they were surprised and amazed, and, after a short while, a commotion arose once again in the tower.

\"Who is this guy? It's a new face.\"

\"The person next to him is a disciple of one of the four great families, the Xia family. He's an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor. But he still won't support this guy.\"

\"His name is Xia Houjie, and, even if he supported the guy, it wouldn't matter, as he isn't an expert of the third-rank group, and I'm sure he's probably inferior to Xu Sheng.\"

\"Is that guy just looking for a beating?\"

The black-robed youth faced many mocking, curious, and confused gazes, but he still wore the same look as before, a faint smile plastered at the corners of his mouth.

\"Fine, fine, I was just fretting because I didn't get a chance to reveal my Nine Underworlds Evil Wind.\"

Yuan Xiaotian grinned once again, while a fiendish aura emanated from him, and his blue wind soared up in the air, as suddenly the table beneath his feet was crushed into pieces.

\"Your wind is so mediocre,\" the black-robed youth again uttered an arrogant statement.

At this moment, an uproar arose in the whole tower.

\"He's really talking big.\"

Miss Bai, who was on the highest floor, frowned.

Void Divine Wind wasn't the only type of wind in the world. Just as there wasn't a single type of Alien Flame, there were around 100 types.

Yuan Xiaotian's Nine Underworlds Evil Wind was well-known for its destructive power, and it was only a few types of wind that could contend against it.

As for the one that could surpass it, it was probably only the terrifying Void Divine Wind.

Even Miss Bai herself didn't dare to utter such a statement, and this was why she couldn't help but find the black-robed youth too arrogant.

\"That is right, Yuan Xiaotian practiced the Havoc Divine Wind Technique until the ninth level, and he neared great mastery, while he still had the Star-Destroying Finger Technique, and a great magical technique.\"

Sleeping Young Master approved of Miss Bai's words, while he also found Jiang Chen too arrogant.

One mustn't be deceived by the Sleeping Young Master's carefree look that made him seem like he didn't care about anything. As he spoke, he looked at Miss Bai, and his gaze exposed his intentions.

Everyone was fond of excellent women, and it was especially the case for the most outstanding of men.

Miss Bai's elegant manner had already conquered Sleeping Young Master long ago. But even though Miss Bai wasn't a cold beauty, she still seemed aloof and gave one the feeling that they were separated from her by 1,000 miles.

Even though Sleeping Young Master and Miss Bai had gotten acquainted a long time ago, they still could only reluctantly be considered friends.

Miss Bai was looking at the black-robed man, even though she had affirmed his outcome. But when she looked at his smile, she felt for an unknown reason intense confidence emanating from him.

It was confidence, not arrogance, and there was a great difference between those two traits.

\"It's impossible!\"

Miss Bai shook her head, and she assumed that it was just a misperception. As long as the black-robed youth was at the Martial Emperor Realm's primary stage, he wouldn't be able to defeat Yuan Xiaotian.

This was a system made for the Divine Martial Arts Realm's talented youths, and it was the fruit of countless years' experience.

\"I wonder where an arrogant and ignorant guy like you came from? I will let you know that it isn't any random nobody who is able to flaunt his might in the Sovereign Road.\"

Yuan Xiaotian discerned that the black-robed youth didn't plan to attack him by himself and that why he twisted his neck slightly. A cracking sound emanated from his muscles and bones.


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