The Brilliant Fighting Master
1376 A Dragon Doesn“t Live with Snakes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1376 A Dragon Doesn“t Live with Snakes

Jiang Chen learned more information from Xia Houjie once they were settled in a room in the tall building.

It was tomorrow when everyone was going to proceed toward the ancient ruins. The entrances to the ruins were divided into three grades: low, middle, and top.

If one entered the ruins through a top-grade entrance, one would find more treasures and end up in an area that wasn't considered dangerous. The middle-grade entrance was worse than the top in terms of treasures and danger, and the low-grade one was the worst of all.

The middle- and top-grade entrances had limited quotas. Only ten people could enter through the top-grade one, while only 50 could go through the middle-grade one.

As for the low-grade entrance? It obviously didn't have any restrictions.

\"Is everyone here?\"

Jiang Chen got over his irritation of being here and just told himself that he would have to make steady progress. He wouldn't think about the Sovereigns business for now, and he would just concentrate on becoming a Martial Saint.

\"The only Young Sovereigns that are here got their qualifications through the Martial God Palace, and there will be others coming from the Sovereign Spirit Palace and the Xia Dynasty.\"

\"Doesn't this mean that there will be more than 1,000 people in the ancient ruins? Isn't that an unusually large number of people who have been chosen as Young Sovereigns?\"

Jiang Chen was quite surprised. This time, it wasn't because he found the qualification for sovereigns too cheap. It was because of the number that he had expected 500 years ago.

Young Sovereigns were young martial-grade experts, and, 500 years ago, young martial-grade experts were rarely seen. But now there were a large number of them.

\"There are such a large number of people due to the appearance of the Ancient Race, the Wizard Clan, and the Dragon Clan,\" Xia Houjie said.

Jiang Chen nodded. He became slightly more confident in their ability to defend against the Blood Clan's invasion.

At this moment, both of them looked at the room's door and spread their Holy Awareness.

A boundless wave of pressure erupted once again because another newcomer had arrived.

\"These people seem really bored,\" Jiang Chen said. He didn't want to waste his time like this.


Just after this, the sound of a disturbance echoed out, and the multistory building descended into chaos. A clamor arose!

It was obvious that someone had suffered a loss.

\"Let's go take a look.\" Xia Houjie wanted to see the newcomer, and he pushed the door open and left.

Jiang Chen didn't have any other choice but to follow him.

When they arrived in the corridor, they saw what had appeared in the hall. It wasn't a single person, but five people, and they formed a team. They had both men and women among them, and they wore a standard white robe. There was a picture of clouds made out of silver and gold strings on their chests and on their sleeves.

\"They are the Hidden Clouds School's disciples, it's no wonder they made such a fracas.\" Xia Houjie's expression became grave. The five people that had arrived were anything but simple.

\"The Hidden Clouds School?\" Jiang Chen didn't know what such a name represented.

\"The Martial God Palace is a region's hegemon, and it governs boundless territory. More than 1,000 factions have sworn allegiance to it.\"

\"The strongest among those factions are the Villa Faction, the two Sword Lands, the three sects, the four great families, the five schools, and the other six factions.\"

\"The Hidden Clouds School is one of the five schools.\"

Xia Houjie came from one of the four great families, and that was why he was so well-informed. The four families' status was higher than that of the five schools, and the reason why Xia Houjie was wary of this group of people was because of the person standing in their midst.

\"Yuan Xiaotian, he's the strongest person in this group below the third rank,\" Xia Houjie explained.

Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen looked confused, Xia Houjie shook his head. He realized that Jiang Chen didn't know what the third rank represented.

Xia Houjie started explaining everything once again.

As Jiang Chen imagined, the three ranks were used to divide up martial-grade experts according to their power, and it was only limited to people who were under the age of 35.

\"In brief, reaching the third-rank group means that one is confident that he can't be challenged by anyone at a lower realm level.\"


Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen smiled and his eyes flickered. What he was most good at was challenging people at higher realm levels.

\"Those aren't just empty words, as what determines one's ability to challenge someone at a higher realm level is the Martial Dais, worldly rules, martial techniques, and magical techniques.

\"That's why one if one wanted to get into the third-rank group, one must possess a heaven-grade Martial Dais. The reason behind this is that nowadays it's only Extreme Martial Techniques and peerless magical techniques that can release an Immortal Dais's power.

\"If one didn't have an Extreme Martial Technique or a peerless magical technique, then one's Immortal-grade Martial Dais would just be a useless decoration.

\"As for worldly rules? It isn't difficult for martial-grade experts to grasp them, and if one got one, it would be easy to master another.\"

Upon hearing all this, Jiang Chen felt like the principles behind the third-rank groups were quite reasonable.

When Jiang Chen's expertise over the wind element reached a worldly rule level, he managed to easily grasp the metal element's power.

\"As for martial techniques and magical techniques, one must also have outstanding achievement in them, and this is why one's realm level power becomes important once again. It's difficult for anyone to challenge someone at a higher realm level.

\"If one can achieve this kind of thing, one can get into the third-rank group. As for the second-rank group? One must have the same foundation. But one's realm level's power must have reached the intermediate or late stage.\"

Jiang Chen understood everything because Xia Houjie explained it so well, and he said, \"This is why if I want to get into the first-rank group, I must reach the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm.\"

\"That is right, you must reach the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, while you also mustn't be defeated by anyone at a lower realm level. It isn't easy to achieve such a matter.\"

Xia Houjie was glad that Jiang Chen was so clever. If that hadn't been the case, he would have had to waste even more of his breath to explain everything clearly.

All of a sudden, Xia Houjie raised his head and looked at the people in front of them.

\"Yuan Xiaotian is the strongest among the group of people below the third-rank group. So don't underestimate him, as there are only a few people from the third-rank group here.\"

When Jiang Chen was about to look around, Xia Houjie quickly warned him, \"Big brother, don't look straight at them, as your intentions will seem too obvious. You should make it seem like you aren't paying attention to them.\"

It could be discerned that Xia Houjie was way too wary of the third-rank group.

Jiang Chen looked at the four people, three men and a woman. They all had immeasurable power and rivaled the top three of the Bloody Sea Realm's Sacred Lord List.

\"The person with sleepy eyes is called Sleeping Young Master, and he always seems indolent. But once he starts fighting, he will cause a great disturbance,\" Xia Houjie said in a low voice.

The Sleeping Young Master was quite distinct, and Jiang Chen managed to recognize him at first glance. But what he didn't expect was that this person was also sizing him up, and their gazes ended up meeting.

After a moment, Sleeping Young Master grinned and averted his gaze calmly. He wasn't wearing a disdainful smile. But he also wasn't wearing a friendly smile.

It was the type of smile you had while greeting strangers on the road if you were in a good mood.

\"He's quite haughty.\" Jiang Chen could discern that a haughty character was hidden behind his facade.

\"He isn't the most powerful one of them. That's the snow-white woman next to him. She isn't just pretty, she once killed a Martial Saint.\"

\"Is that true?\" Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically. One's ability to challenge someone at a higher realm level was quite limited, and it was usually impossible to surmount a whole Great Realm's disparity.

\"Of course, that Martial Saint was heavily injured.\" Xia Houjie was satisfied by Jiang Chen's reaction.

Jiang Chen felt relieved. But his expression quickly became gloomy once again. Even though it was an injured Martial Saint, it was still outstanding for this woman to kill him. One mustn't underestimate a Martial Saint's last struggle when facing death.

\"What is her name?\"

\"Miss Bai. No one knows her true name, and they call her Bai, which means white, because of her outward appearance,\" Xia Houjie said.

At this moment, Yuan Xiaotian, who was in the hall, jumped atop a table, grinned, and raised his head.

\"A dragon doesn't mingle with snakes. All the people at the Martial Emperor Realm's primary stage should get lost.\"

Such arrogant words gave rise to a commotion, and an uproar arose among the Young Sovereigns in the building.

\"It seems like he has recently achieved a breakthrough, and he wants to get into the third-rank group.\" Xia Houjie analyzed the situation, before he turned his head and looked at Jiang Chen. He said, \"Brother Jiang, what is your realm level?\"

\"It's the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm.\" Jiang Chen chuckled. He didn't feel restless and bitter inside. Instead, he was full of expectations and...ferocity.


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