The Brilliant Fighting Master
1375 Won“t We Know After Giving It a Try?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1375 Won“t We Know After Giving It a Try?

The Divine Martial Arts Realm's three great factions had racked their brains and worked for dozens of years to make the Sovereign Road. It wasn't something simple whose purpose was just to assemble everyone, ask them to fight, and finish.

Thorough arrangements had been made for the Sovereign Road, and it had very clear goals.

People who had already reached the Martial Saint Realm or those who had a Sovereign Soul had already started walking down the Sovereign Road on the Martial Field of the Central Plains.

The Martial Field was a man-made world, and it was filled with many fortuitous chances, as well as trials to test the challengers.

For the group of Martial Emperors like Jiang Chen, their first goal would be to reach the Martial Saint Realm, before considering anything else.

\"We will travel to the ancient ruins. That place is so dangerous that even Martial Saints can die there. However, it has been cleared up by a large number of experts and turned into our playground.\"

\"So, it's like this?\"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn't help but look in the direction of the Central Plains. He really wanted to go to the Martial Field now because Tianyin was also probably there.

\"He, he, it's quite reasonable. If you end up running into a Young Sovereign you won't fare well.\" Xia Houjie had managed to figure out what Jiang Chen was thinking, because when he had first arrived he also had had the same thoughts.

\"When you finally get to see how people are arranged here, you will understand everything,\" Xia Houjie said.

Jiang Chen wasn't willing to accept this, as he had always believed that he was strong enough for anything.

When Xia Houjie had first come here, he had also had the same thoughts as Jiang Chen was having now. But when he witnessed the other Young Sovereigns, he had changed his mind.

\"Well?\" Jiang Chen felt as if Martial Emperors couldn't be that strong.

\"Is that the whole Sovereign Road?\" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

\"No. It isn't as easy as you seem to think to become a Sovereign.\" Xia Houjie shook his head and answered in a deep voice, \"After the trial's end, the people with enough qualifications will be able to enter the Sovereign Road.\"

\"Qualifications?\" Jiang Chen had assumed that possessing the golden card was enough to enter the Sovereign Road.

\"That's right. Even the ancient ruins we are going to isn't a place that just everyone can enter,\" Xia Houjie said.

After this, Jiang Chen understood why he had become famous in the Divine Martial Arts Realm. It wasn't because he founded the Heavenly Palace and it wasn't because of the Black Yellow Elixirs. It was because he had killed the Young Human Emperor.

As for the Heavenly Palace? Xia Houjie was surprised to hear that such a faction even existed.

\"Alas!\" Jiang Chen shook his head. He felt quite frustrated.

However, it was fortunate that the Heavenly Palace was expanding quickly, and it would sooner or later step into the Divine Martial Arts Realm.

It seemed from the current situation that becoming a Sovereign was the most urgent matter.

\"We have reached it!\"

They reached Xuanwu City's Western District. The whole area was already cleared out, and they didn't see a single person here. All the stores had been closed. The district had been prepared specially for the Young Sovereigns.

However, there was a vast crowd outside the district, only separated from them by a single street. The crowd were all looking at the Western District's highest building.

The building contained one of the city's most luxurious hotels. It had been expropriated and offered to the Young Sovereigns. They were all going to reside there.

\"What is going on?\"

Jiang Chen was surprised to see the frantic crowd of people watching everything.

\"We all represent the Xuanhuan Realm's best hopes,\" Xia Houjie smiled bitterly as he spoke.

The people of the Divine Martial Arts Realm understood the Blood Clan better than the people of the Seven Realms. Originally, they had gone through a period of real fear, but then the reincarnation of the Sovereign Spirits had appeared and comforted them.

If they possessed Martial Sovereigns, they wouldn't find the Blood Clan as scary as before.

\"This is all due to the Sovereign Spirit Palace and Sir Long Xing,\" Xia Houjie said. In talking about this subject, he couldn't help but mention that person.

Upon seeing Xia Houjie wearing a respectful expression, Jiang Chen didn't know what to say.

\"You aren't oblivious to Sir Long Xing, are you?\" Upon noticing Jiang Chen's expression, Xia Houjie was curious.

\"I knew him. He is the person who stranded the Blood Clan for 500 years in the Sacred Zone, and he's in control of the Sovereign Souls. He has grasped the reincarnation mysteries fully, and he's able to bring the dead to life,\" Jiang Chen spoke in an exaggerated tone.

However, Xia Houjie didn't discern the apparent mockery in Jiang Chen's tone, and he nodded as if all this was really the case.

\"I really wonder how Sir Long Xing managed to achieve so much,\" Xia Houjie gasped in admiration..

What Xia Houjie didn't know was that Jiang Chen could have easily dispelled his doubts.

After this, they both entered the high building. Just as they passed through the entrance, a great wave of pressure swept over them.

Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically, while Xia Houjie, who was standing next to him, seemed safe and sound.

Xia Houjie transmitted his voice to Jiang Chen, \"This is a rule here. They will test all newcomers to get to know their characters.\"

This wave of pressure hadn't been created by a single person. By all accounts, there were at least 100 Young Sovereigns in the hotel at this time.

Jiang Chen didn't care about such a wave of pressure. But he still became slightly frustrated when he discovered that a Young Sovereign's status wasn't as precious as he had imagined.

This was also why Jiang Chen didn't treat them with any respect. He strode forward, showing his whole power.

He was like a sharp knife that could pierce everything, and the wave of pressure couldn't obstruct Jiang Chen at all. He managed to easily reach the center of the hall.

Jiang Chen still planned to teach these people a lesson. As he reached the center of the hall, he raised his head and sneered coldly while facing the Young Sovereigns' gazes.

The next moment, a bloody murderous aura engulfed all the corners of the hotel.

Many people lost control of themselves, and alarmed cries echoed all around. There were loud noises as the chairs and tables collided.

It was only then that Jiang Chen restrained the murderous aura.


\"You are really overbearing.\"

Xia Houjie definitely hadn't expected that the graceful and serene Jiang Chen had such a side, and he was startled by this.

\"Showing weakness usually brings one too much trouble,\" Jiang Chen said.

\"Let's walk, I will take you to your room.\" Xia Houjie shook his head as he walked toward the staircase before 100 pairs of eyes.

The hotel had around 100 floors, and, on the highest floor, a youth dressed like a prominent young master was leaning against a chair. The youth seemed quite indolent!

The youth smiled after witnessing the previous sight.

\"An interesting person has arrived.\"

\"It's a pity that he's just at the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm.\"

\"Why? You have already reached such a high level. Why are you still observing other people's realm levels?\"

Then the youth started talking about Jiang Chen.

Any random person here could be one of the Divine Martial Arts Realm's famous people. This was the case for the indolent youth.

This person, who had been talking about Jiang Chen's realm level, was a tall woman. She wore snow-white clothes and white boots without even a single stain. As for her skin? It was even more white than her clothes.

When the woman faced her companion's confused gaze, she said, \"There are four stages from the primary stage to the peak stage. Challenging someone from a higher realm seems easier now than while we were in the Star Venerable stage that was divided into ten realms.

\"But one mustn't forget that anyone who can reach the martial grade is a talented expert, and the force possessed by them has reached the highest limit one can reach outside the realm level's power.

\"People who have mastered an Energy's Worldly Rule can easily master another similar energy, and that is why most people's achievements in such aspects are similar. This is why realm level's power has become important once again.\"

After the woman gave such a long explanation, her companion finally understood what she meant.

\"You aren't mistaken, and this is also the case for magical techniques. The higher one's realm level, the greater the power released by the technique.\"

\"It's a possibility that this guy's forces, which aren't related to realm level, have reached the same level as ours.\"

\"That is right. Not just anyone can reach such a level.\"

He understood what the woman meant. But he still didn't believe that Jiang Chen had reached the level the woman talked about.

\"Won't we know it after giving it a try?\"

All of a sudden, the man's smile became brighter, and his words made the others restless.


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