The Brilliant Fighting Master
1374 Xuanwu City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1374 Xuanwu City

After Jiang Chen asked Chen Xi to take her fellow disciples with her and travel to the Heavenly Palace, he stopped into the Three Middle Realms to take care of the last matter.

Jiang Chen went into a city outside Shiluo Continent, looking for the exiled He Shou.

At that time, He Shou had been abandoned by the Genuine Heaven Sect because he had helped Jiang Chen fight against the Ancient Race. He had stayed in the Three Middle Realms because he didn't have any chance to change his situation.

After Jiang Chen convinced He Shou to go back with him to the Heavenly Palace, they both went back to the Seventh Realm.

\"Are you going now to the Eighth Realm?\" Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen was about to go on a journey, He Shou asked curiously.

\"That is right. But there is still another me in the Heavenly Palace.\" Jiang Chen didn't inform him of the difference between the main body and the magical clones.

If people got to know that the one traveling outside was Jiang Chen's main body, many people who harbored evil designs on him would have attacked him long ago.

\"The Heavenly Palace has now based itself on a sanctity-grade continent, and it seems like I'm not really qualified to join it.\" He Shou stroked his chin, while his smile became bitter.

Like other people, He Shou didn't expect that Jiang Chen would manage in such a short time to found a faction that was greater than all the great tycoon-grade factions.

\"The Heavenly Palace's disciples are chosen according to their characters. You preferred death over submitting to people who you didn't respect, and you didn't go back on your decision. I would say that you are a most suitable person,\" Jiang Chen said.

\"Okay, you have convinced me.\"

He Shou followed the departing Jiang Chen, who went into the planes' channel, with his eyes, before he sighed with emotion.

\"Who could have expected that a person who was hated and suppressed by the Ancient Race, the holy lands, and the divine sects, would garner such great achievements,\" He Shou muttered to himself, before he looked at the direction of the setting sun, which was also the direction of the Heavenly Palace.

He Shou didn't hesitate, and he flew toward the Heavenly Palace. He had severed his relationship with the Genuine Heaven Sect thoroughly.


Jiang Chen had now come to the Seventh Realm's channel leading to the Eighth Realm, and he stood outside of it. He had already settled any misgivings he had had related to the Seventh Realm and the Three Middle Realms.

As for the people he had gotten acquainted with in the Three Lower Realms? He didn't plan to get in contact with them for now because they might end up becoming his enemies' targets.

It was only by his acting like those people were just simply acquaintances that his enemies wouldn't waste their efforts on them.

Jiang Chen took out a golden card. It had a number of days on it that were going backward. He could see that according to what was written on it that there were still two days left.

\"Don't disappoint me,\" as Jiang Chen spoke, he charged into the channel.

Great Realms' channels were usually stable, and the travel journey that lasted for a dozen seconds went smoothly.

After Jiang Chen stopped feeling weightlessness, he had reached the Eighth Realm, the Divine Martial Arts Realm. He didn't find it strange at all, and he even felt like he was revisiting a familiar land.

The first thing Jiang Chen did was fly up into the sky, and when he reached the clouds layer, he started looking for the planes' channel leading to the Sacred Zone. However, when there was still 1,000 miles left until he reached the channel, he was obstructed by white clouds. These clouds engulfed him from all directions and were constantly circling around.

It wasn't difficult for Jiang Chen to discern that these clouds were man-made. An amazing formation and barrier had been set among the white clouds. However, these weren't techniques used to seal the Sacred Zone. They were just some techniques cast here by a later generation to prevent people from approaching the planes' channel.

Jiang Chen observed this place for a moment, and he was disappointed to discover that the formation was top notch, and, even if he tried to break it personally, he would need to spend a whole day and night doing it.

Breaking it in such a short period would surely give rise to a great commotion because the White Cloud Great Formation was made through assembling the knowledge of the best formation masters in the world, and the entry keys were held by the great factions, while they forbid anyone from setting foot here.

Jiang Chen just wanted to see the current state of the Sacred Zone's seal. But since he would have to break the White Cloud Great Formation, he could only give up.

First, Jiang Chen wasn't able to maintain or alter the seal, and, second, his current main objective was raising his power.

Since Jiang Chen had come into the Divine Martial Arts Realm, the golden card representing his qualifications started flickering with light, as if it was a breathing organism.

When Jiang Chen took it in his hand, he found out that the number on the back of the card had turned into a guidance map.

As Jiang Chen recalled that a Martial Saint was resolved to kill him, he made some preparations, before he proceeded onward.

The Divine Martial Arts Realm was currently the most intact and greatest realm, and it was the Xuanhuan Realm's core and center.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but exclaim in surprise upon discovering the changes in the Divine Martial Arts Realm. The current Divine Martial Arts Realm had already vastly surpassed the Sacred Zone from 500 years ago, and this was one of the objectives of Jiang Chen's plan.

Jiang Chen only had to wait for someone with a Sovereign Spirit to advance into the Martial Sovereign Realm and wait further for the appearance of a divine king. Everything would then be perfect!

\"A shattered Great Realm can only accommodate a single divine king.\"

Jiang Chen recalled what the mysterious woman had said.

Yue'e had said that if he wanted the Xuanhuan Realm to recover to what it had been before, he must find all the fragments of the bronze cauldron, which were the Xuanhuan Cauldron's fragments.

Jiang Chen had parts of the cauldron, its handle and one of its feet.

As Jiang Chen pondered over so many matters, he spent a whole day and night traveling before he reached the location marked on the map.

Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that the destination was a giant city, and it was completely different than Jiang Chen's imagination of the Sovereign Road had been.

Moreover, Jiang Chen knew this city, and its name was Xuanwu City. It was situated in the Divine Martial Arts Realm's Western Land, and it was the Western Land's main city.

The Divine Martial Arts Realm was different than the Seventh Realm, because this realm had only a single continent, and this continent was divided into several fields, which were the Western Land, Northeast Land, Southern Sea, and Middle Plains.

The Middle Plains were the most prosperous field, and this was why when Jiang Chen came into the Western Land, he wondered whether the Sovereign Road was just named to deceive people.

\"Sir, are you a Young Sovereign?\"

While Jiang Chen was still confused, a youth came up to him. He was the same age as Jiang Chen, and he was also at the same realm level. Even though his appearance wasn't stunning, he was still quite handsome.

As the youth spoke, he wore a faint smile, and he seemed as refreshing as a morning breeze.

\"Young Sovereign?\" Jiang Chen was confused by such a term.

\"They are the people who have the right to participate in the Sovereign Road's trial.\"

The youth noticed that Jiang Chen had a golden card, so he already knew the answer.

\"Will the Sovereign Road's trial start here?\" Jiang Chen couldn't help but question him.

The youth was taken aback, and he spoke in an odd tone, \"Sir, it seems like you don't know anything about the Sovereign Road, do you?\"

\"That's the case. The person who gave me the card wasn't too friendly,\" Jiang Chen said, as he smiled bitterly.

\"It sometimes turns out like this.\"

The youth revealed an understanding look and said with a smile, \"My name is Xia Houjie, and, if you don't mind, I will dispel your doubts for you.\"

\"I'm Jiang Chen, and I'm all ears.\" Jiang Chen didn't treat the youth rudely since he was quite polite.

\"Jiang Chen?\"

Xia Houjie, who was about to explain everything in detail, was quite surprised, and he said, \"Are you Jiang Chen from the Seventh Realm?\"

\"It seems like my name is quite famous.\"

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, and upon witnessing the youth's current look, he said carelessly, \"If you have any misgivings, don't force yourself. I will make inquiries about it by myself.\"

\"That's not the case, even though the guy doesn't seem very friendly. But he still isn't able to control everything. At least, we don't need to worry about him for now.\" Xia Houjie understood what Jiang Chen implied, and he expressed his point of view.


Jiang Chen found it difficult to get used to such treatment. He was already prepared to accept the fact that this guy would evade him as if he was the plague and flee away in panic.

\"Since that's the case, I think we may be able to become friends,\" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

\"Ha, ha, ha, I also feel like we hit it off well.\" Xia Houjie laughed heartily.

Both of them landed in the city, and some soldiers came up to them and inspected them. It was only after they had seen the golden cards that they let them pass.

\"It's really as you think. The Sovereign Road isn't here. But we still must pass through this place to go into the Sovereign Road,\" Xia Houjie explained this affair to Jiang Chen.

The martial grade was comprised of Martial Emperors, Martial Saints, Martial Sovereigns, and Martial Gods. Martial Emperors were called Emperors, while Martial Saints were called Sacred Lords. As for Martial Sovereigns, they were called Sovereigns, and Martial Gods were called Divine Kings.

As for the Sovereign Road, it was made to train a Martial Sovereign.

However, it wasn't realistic for Martial Emperors like Jiang Chen and Xia Houjie to reach the apex in a single step, and that was why an adjustment period was required.


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