The Brilliant Fighting Master
1373 Myriad Islands Sea Area
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1373 Myriad Islands Sea Area

After Jiang Chen had solved Jiang Fan's crisis, he helped him get the Family Master position. Then, refusing politely their invitation to stay, he proceeded to his next target.

It was in a heaven-grade continent, in the Myriad Islands Sea Area.

This sea area was full of many islands, spread out as far as the eye could see. It was rumored that this place had once been a complete continent. But it had been shattered apart by an intense battle between two great experts, and the continent's land mass had been turned into many islands.

The Medicine King Valley was situated on one of the biggest islands, Hidden Cloud Island.

Recently, a major incident had occurred in the Medicine King Valley because the Valley Master, who was an Immortal Alchemist, had passed away. Losing an Immortal Alchemist was a grave blow to the Medicine King Valley.

But this was just the beginning, because the valley was now suffering imminent danger, and the Valley Master's disciple, Chen Xi, was being forced to marry someone against her wishes.

\"Chen Xi, you are aware of my feelings for you, and since your Master has passed away, you can't protect the Medicine King Valley. It is only by merging with the Dark Speck Sect that you can get our protection.\"

There was a group of martial-grade experts in the sky outside the valley, and they encircled the Medicine King Valley completely

\"Your feelings? What kind of feelings are they that let you come to abduct me just after my Master has died?\" Chen Xi wore plain clothes and a white ribbon on her head as mourning for the deceased.

Chen Xi didn't wear any makeup. But she was still beautiful and seemed like a fairy who had descended into the mortal world.

The youth who led the Dark Speck Sect group smiled sheepishly and continued, \"Isn't it just because I'm concerned about you?\"

\"I don't need your concern,\" Chen Xi spoke coldly.

The youth felt embarrassed, and he flew into a rage out of humiliation. \"You really don't give me any respect, do you? Don't blame me for being merciless. It was our Dark Speck Sect that helped your Medicine King Valley set its great mountain protective formation. Do you really think that it can obstruct us?\"

After the youth spoke, he waved his hand and asked the others to attack.

Some of the people that had followed the youth here were skilled in the formations' field, and they managed to break the formation without wasting too much effort.

Chen Xi's face turned pale, and she said in a sharp voice, \"Do you really want to attack the Medicine King Valley? Aren't you afraid of bringing a great disaster upon your Dark Speck Sect?\"

\"Ha, ha, ha, the Seventh Realm has been wrecked by the Heavenly Palace, while the Eighth Realm's people are busy trying to quickly train a Martial Sovereign. A great disaster is looming over them. So, who will bother with such a matter?\"

The youth smiled complacently, \"Moreover, our Dark Speck Sect always had a good relationship with the Medicine King Valley, and our sect has spent so much time and resources on you.\"

PAH! \"In the past, it was always your people who visited us and said that they wanted to protect the Medicine King Valley,\" Chen Xi said angrily.

\"None of this matters.\" The youth shrugged his shoulders. He was just a rascal.

Chen Xi was quite anxious. The alchemists here couldn't even retaliate while facing martial-grade experts, while the Medicine King Valley's help request signal had been obstructed.

This group of people was so demented that they would kill alchemists!

Since the alchemists had lost their defenses, they were no different than lambs at the slaughter. Ironically, they really didn't have any way of facing their enemies because the Dark Speck Sect had been the Medicine King Valley's biggest ally, which they had depended upon.

Chen Xi had stated in the past that they mustn't put all their eggs in one basket. But her Master had previously had a good relationship with the Dark Speck Sect's Master, and he didn't listen to her.

\"Chen Xi, I won't treat you unfairly.\"

The youth's eyes shone with excitement, as he looked at the beauty, who was almost within reach.

As Chen Xi saw the youth's lascivious look, disgust welled up in her heart.

\"Take Miss Chen Xi home,\" the youth instructed someone.


A female expert didn't utter another word and just charged at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was still only a Star Venerable and no match for the woman. She could only resign herself to her fate.

It was at this moment that a wisp of sword energy turned into a lightning bolt and flew over.

The female expert's expression changed drastically, and fright welled up from her soul, while she quickly moved back.

The wisp of sword energy flew in front of the woman, and it gave rise to a swift wind that ran amok in the sky.

\"Who is it? Who dares to meddle in the Dark Speck Sect's matters?\" The youth was infuriated, and his eyes, which shone with a ferocious ray, looked for the person who had intervened.

When the youth saw a person approaching them quickly, his pupils contracted, and he recalled a certain person.

\"Impossible! How is it possible for him to come to meddle in such a trifling matter?\" The youth couldn't believe it. But as the man approached him, he was forced to accept reality.

\"What will you do if I meddle?\" The person that came over said.

\"How daring! You dare to speak to the young Master in such a way.\"

When the female expert witnessed that the person who came over was just a youngster at the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm, she assumed that she had perceived a threat wrongly a while ago, and she shouted angrily. She was about to try to regain her prestige.

\"Shut up!\"

In the end, the woman was rebuked by the youth, whose emotions were stirred up.

Other people didn't know who had come over, but the youth clearly knew him.

The youth had joined in the fun over the past few days and had followed the sect's experts to participate in the campaign against the Heavenly Palace. He had personally witnessed the Heavenly Palace's Master, who was the same age as him, reversing the tide and deterring many heroes.

The black-robed youth in front of them was the Heavenly Palace's Master.

\"I didn't know that it was the Heavenly Palace's Master who came here, and I'm sorry that I didn't go to welcome you personally. So please forgive us.\" The youth acted humbly, and even obsequiously.

Even though the black-robed youngster was alone and didn't have the five great saints with him, the youth still didn't dare to act insolently.

\"The Heavenly Palace's Master?\" The female expert was startled, and she shivered with fear. She had just left secluded cultivation and hadn't taken part in such a major event. But she still had heard all about it.

\"There isn't any need for this because I didn't come here for you.\" Jiang Chen snorted coldly and landed beside Chen Xi.

Jiang Chen wanted to pay a visit to this woman, who he had gotten to know in the Three Middle Realms, and he also wanted to learn about some things from her Master.

After all, Chen Xi's Master was a person who had experienced all the changes from 500 years ago, and he was also Jiang Chen's past student.

However, as he saw Chen Xi's outfit, he could only heave a long sigh.

\"Young Miss Chen Xi, how do you want to deal with these people? I'm willing to help you,\" Jiang Chen said.

When such words were heard, all the people on both sides were shocked.

The Medicine King Valley disciples looked at each other in dismay. When did their eldest senior sister get acquainted with the Heavenly Palace's Master?

\"Jiang Chen?\"

Chen Xi had always assumed that the Heavenly Palace's Master was just someone with the same name and surname and didn't expect that it was the same person who she had gotten to know in the Three Middle Realms.

At that time, Jiang Chen had condensed the Dragon and Phoenix Divine Body due to Chen Xi's careless words.

The youth and all the others were nervous, and their scalps became numb.

\"Ask them to get lost,\" Chen Xi clenched her teeth and spoke.

\"Get lost, get lost, we will all get lost.\" The youth heaved a sigh of relief, and he nodded like a chick pecking rice, before he quickly brought the other people with him and left.

\"I will come to burn some incense for your Master,\" Jiang Chen said.

\"Okay.\" Chen Xi was surprised. She assumed that Jiang Chen was taking such actions for her.

As Jiang Chen looked at the portrait and coffin in the mourning hall, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart, and he thought about what had happened 500 years ago.

\"The reason why my Master could live for several hundred years was that he consumed a divine herb by mistake. But recently, the herb's medicinal power was exhausted, and this is why...\" Chen Xi spoke in a sad tone.

After a short commemoration, Jiang Chen asked Chen Xi what she planned to do.

\"I will leave the Myriad Islands Sea Area.\" Chen Xi heaved a long sigh.

The Medicine King Valley had previously been protected by the Dark Speck Sect, and, now that they had come over to bully them, there was no choice but to leave.

\"Come to my Heavenly Palace. Elixirs are my Heavenly Palace's main products,\" Jiang Chen invited her.

\"Huh? This is... I must first ask the others what they plan to do?\" Chen Xi hadn't taken the Valley Master's position, and that was why she didn't have the right to decide anything.

\"Eldest senior sister, why are you hesitating? We will obviously go there.\"

\"That is right, the Heavenly Palace can make Black Yellow Elixirs, and all alchemists want to get in contact with them to learn their mysteries.\"

The Medicine King Valley's disciples expressed their opinions more proactively than Chen Xi, before they were even questioned.

Thereafter, the Heavenly Palace's alchemists weren't any longer just Jiang Chen alone.


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