The Brilliant Fighting Master
1372 The Orthodox Branch of the Jiang Family
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1372 The Orthodox Branch of the Jiang Family

Jiang Chen started making preparations for his trip to the Divine Martial Arts Realm.

He had exchanged the Black Yellow Elixirs for a lot of wealth, and, indeed, he had a treasure trove. He obviously only took with him what he could use.

Moreover, Jiang Chen had decided to leave one of his magical clones in the Heavenly Palace, so that it could cultivate, while at the same time taking charge of the Black Yellow Elixirs.

\"Why don't you leave the main body here and let the magical clone go to the Divine Martial Arts Realm? Then you will stay safe.\"

When Gao Yue heard that her son was going to go on the Sovereign Road, she realized that she would have to live with worry for a long period.

\"Don't be silly. It's only through these kind of adventures that Chen'er can become a great expert,\" Jiang Qingyu said.

Gao Yue was obviously aware of this. But she still couldn't help but worry about him.

\"Mother, it's fine. I'm skilled at making my way through danger,\" Jiang Chen comforted her.

After Gao Yue and Jiang Qingyu left, the azure demon that had been waiting outside entered.

\"If your main body is going to make this voyage, you must at least take us with you.\"

Upon learning that Jiang Chen planned to leave the eight groups of spiritual beings in the Heavenly Palace, the azure demon also became worried.

\"The Heavenly Palace will only be safe as long as you are here, and my magical clone will then be able to cultivate by using our boundless resources.\"

Upon realizing that so many people were concerned about him, Jiang Chen felt a warm feeling well up in his heart.

\"But if your main body suffers a mishap, won't the magical clones also suffer?\" The azure demon couldn't be persuaded so easily, and he said, \"At least, take me or the black dragon along with you.\"

\"External power can't be used in the Sovereign Road. Moreover, you are too strong, and, if I'm protected by you, it will be difficult for me to become strong.\"

Jiang Chen had already made up his mind and wouldn't go back on his decision so easily.

\"Okay. But you must be careful.\"

The azure demon had witnessed Jiang Chen walking down his path step by step until this day, and he knew him well.

\"The first time we met, you tried to snatch and possess my body. Have you been purified?\" Jiang Chen made fun of the azure demon.

\"Humph, I only treat my enemies viciously,\" the azure demon responded.

\"Fine, I won't die before I conquer the Xuanhuan Realm,\" Jiang Chen said.

The azure demon nodded and questioned, \"When will you leave?\"

\"In the next few days. There are still some matters I must deal with before leaving.\" Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously.

Jiang Chen went to bid farewell to Ye Xue before he left the Heavenly Palace.


In fact, he wasn't going to the Divine Martial Arts Realm. Instead, he was going to the land he had first stepped into when he came to the Seventh Realm in order to see the ancient family, the Jiang family!

After the Jiang family had gone through internal strife that lasted many years, it was finally united once again, and now many things needed to be accomplished.

However, the members of Jiang Fei's faction, who had gotten the victory, weren't delighted at all. Instead, they were troubled and worried.

All the important members of the faction were assembled in a vast hall. The hall was quiet and its ambience was stifling.

After a short while, someone finally spoke.

\"I think that Jiang Chen has already forgotten about that brat long ago.\" A middle-aged man standing beside the main seat spoke. He was tall, clad in armor, and seemed quite awe-inspiring.

The man's Realm Level was among the highest here, a Martial Emperor. He was Third Uncle Jiang, who had almost killed Jiang Chen the last time he had been here.

However, the others were still worried and were afraid that Jiang Chen would return.

\"If he returns, will you really offer our whole Jiang family to him? Don't forget that his grandfather was killed by you,\" Third Uncle Jiang spoke angrily.

\"I didn't take part in such a terrible matter.\" Someone immediately tried to shirk that responsibility.

Third Uncle Jiang was infuriated, and he rushed outside without uttering another word.

The Jiang family members were taken aback. But they quickly understood what he wanted to do and went to obstruct him.

\"Get lost!\"

Since Third Uncle Jiang was a Martial Emperor, it wouldn't be easy to obstruct him. He wanted to kill Jiang Fan and connect the whole Jiang family's fate with his own. He wanted to carry out a bold gamble!

Jiang Fan and his supporters had all been detained outside the hall by people clad in heavy armor.

Jiang Fan had grown up being blinded by hatred, and the previously ignorant child had already become an experienced youth.

\"Jiang Zhu, Jiang Fan belongs to the orthodox branch of the Jiang family, and you will bring the whole family to destruction,\" an elder next to Jiang Fan shouted angrily. He was still spirited and vigorous, even though he was so old.

\"Nonsense! It's only experts who are respected, and the winner becomes the king. Don't you understand this principle?\"

Third Uncle Jiang, whose name was Jiang Zhu, sneered coldly, and went toward Jiang Fan, while holding a sharp dagger in his hand.

\"Do you have any last words to say?\" Jiang Zhu asked complacently.

\"My brother Jiang Chen will surely avenge me.\" Jiang Fan raised his head, and an obstinate and fearless look was apparent on his delicate face.

\"Ha, ha, ha, that guy is the aloof master of the Heavenly Palace. How do you think he will still remember an insignificant lad like you? If this wasn't the case, he would have come long ago,\" Jiang Zhu laughed heartily and mocked Jiang Fan, who he thought was indulging in a wild fantasy.

A hesitant look appeared on Jiang Fan's face. He wasn't sure whether Jiang Chen would really come. They had been in contact with each other for only a short while, and they didn't have many strong feelings between them.

\"Die!\" Jiang Zhu thrust his vicious dagger. He wasn't going to treat Jiang Fan leniently due to his young age.

However, just when Jiang Zhu was about to succeed, he felt as if something was amiss. Looking down, he realized that the dagger's tip was obstructed by a formless whirling wind.

It was then that the whirling wind erupted and sent Jiang Zhu flying away.

Jiang Chen descended from the sky, while many startling cries echoed all around.

\"Brother Jiang Chen!\" Jiang Fan was overjoyed. He had already prepared himself to face death, and, at that moment, his mind was quite muddled.

\"I'm sorry I have come so late,\" Jiang Chen said.

A month hadn't passed since the Heavenly Palace was open, and Jiang Chen wasn't just busy carrying out deals with Independent Realms, he also had had to go to the Spirit Realm to save people.

However, now that Jiang Chen witnessed that Jiang Fan had nearly suffered a miserable death, he realized that he should have come several days earlier.

Jiang Fan was so excited that he couldn't utter a word, and all the detained people shed tears of joy.

\"Heaven won't exterminate our Jiang family's orthodox branch.\" A white-haired elder shouted excitedly.

The members of Jiang Fei's faction had all turned pale and descended into despair. The academy they were affiliated with would surely not come over to save them.

\"Do you want to fight?\" Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Zhu and provoked him.

When Jiang Chen had first come to the Seventh Realm, he had been hunted down by this man and forced to escape. He had never forgotten this matter.

The performance of Jiang Zhu, who had seemed awe-inspiring a moment ago, was actually not that great, and, after he struggled for a moment, he unexpectedly escaped at his highest speed. All the Jiang family members were dumbfounded by such a sight!

\"I will use you to test my sword move.\"

\"Wind Firmament Sword Spirit: Startling Heavenly Sword Move!\"

Jiang Chen didn't treat Jiang Zhu leniently, and he thrust his sword at him. Jiang Zhu ended up killed by the sword move before he could put up any response.

\"God! What a scary sword move! Was this a magical technique? It killed a Martial Emperor with a single strike.\"

The Jiang family members were dumbfounded, and even though they had the honor of watching Jiang Chen use his sword move, they didn't know how they would describe it.

They only knew that one of their strongest warriors had been killed easily, without managing to put up even the slightest resistance.


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