The Brilliant Fighting Master
1371 Startling Heavenly Sword Move
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1371 Startling Heavenly Sword Move

\"We don't even know the Space-Time Divine Palace's location, do we?\"

After Jiang Chen informed Ye Xue about this affair, she became quite concerned about it.

\"They didn't even consider that we would be able to look for them, and that was why they didn't bother mentioning it.\"

\"If we become Divine Kings, it won't be difficult for us to find it,\" Jiang Chen said.

Ye Xue understood that they didn't have any other way of dealing with this matter, as the Space-Time Divine Palace's members were obviously able to snatch anyone they wanted.

\"I will start cultivating,\" Ye Xue said seriously.

Ye Xue had already made up for her past mistakes, and, after she got to know about the calamity looming over the Xuanhuan Realm, as well as what had just occurred today, she decided that she mustn't encumber Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded. His desire to become stronger was more intense than Ye Xue's.

Xue'er had been the person he wanted to protect the most. Yet, he wasn't able to keep her beside him. He felt terrible about that even though there wasn't anyone in the entire Xuanhuan Realm who would have managed to keep her.

Jiang Chen was stimulated to get better because dealing with someone who was strong enough to steal his woman provided him with enough motivation.


Ten days had passed, and, next to a verdant forest in the Divine Reign Domain, Cang Yue and Tian Ling were leading the Ling Long Army, the Xuanji Army, and carrying out an exploratory mission. This land wasn't any less dangerous than the Qi Li Continent.

However, the Divine Reign Domain was filled everywhere with natural treasures because it was a sanctity-grade spiritual land, and they were getting greater profits here than in the Qi Li Continent.


Cang Yue's sharp senses detected something, and she waved her hand to prevent the two armies from entering the forest.

Tian Ling, who was next to her, wanted to inquire what was going on. But, when she looked at Cang Yue, she realized that she wore an expectant expression, and she realized that this wasn't a suitable time for raising questions.

\"There is a demonic beast in this forest, and we can't deal with it.\" Cang Yue took a deep breath, and wariness was apparent on her pretty face.

\"A demonic beast?\"

Tian Ling and the others were startled. This was a being that was stronger than ferocious beasts.

After a beast's power reached a certain level, it could evolve into a first-generation monster. But it could also fail in such a process, and demonic beasts were all beings who had failed in evolving. But they still possessed great power and high intelligence.

It was only a few beasts that could get a chance to evolve, and the number of those who survived after failing in this process was even lower. This was why demonic beasts were extremely rare, while they all possessed power on a par with a martial-grade expert.

\"Let's leave quietly.\" Cang Yue had a restless feeling, and she quickly passed down an order.

But they still ended up alerting the demonic beast in the forest. It could be seen that the trees 1,000 yards from them had started swaying, while a cloud of dust arose. A colossal monster rammed into the giant trees and broke them apart.

\"It's a reptile. It's fine, it's still fine.\"

The crowd moved back quickly, while they rejoiced. The demonic beast's speed was very high, and, if they hadn't been in the sky, it would have been impossible for them to escape.

When the crowd rejoiced because the demonic beast couldn't fly, a loud rumbling sound echoed out, and a black blur pounced at them.

\"Oh, my God!\"

The armies finally got to see the demonic beast's appearance clearly.

\"D*mn! It's a winged serpent! Let's quickly withdraw.\"

Their previous guess hadn't been wrong, but the demonic beast was a giant serpent with a pair of wings. This was a serpent, which was as thick as a big bucket, and its body moved quickly in the air. It was as fast as lightning, and a ferocious glint was flickering in its eyes.

Cang Yue was aware that they would end up suffering heavy casualties.

When the winged serpent was about to start its slaughter, a light beam flew through the air, leaving in the air luminous marks that didn't disappear for a long time.

The light beam struck the winged serpent and penetrated its head before it had even managed to react and respond.

Cang Yue and the others held their breaths, and they managed to clearly see that the light beam was an arrow.

\"The Human Emperor Arrow!\" Cang Yue recognized it clearly, and her heart shivered. Since the shooter could shoot dead a demonic beast, then his skill had probably reached the level of four linked arrows.

\"His growth is really terrifying.\" Cang Yue sighed with emotion and looked in the direction that the light beam had come from. She was aware that in a distant place that she couldn't see, Jiang Chen was standing straight while holding the Human Emperor Bow.

The Human Emperor Bow was an outstanding weapon, and Jiang Chen didn't want to waste its ability.

In another place, a magical clone of Jiang Chen was learning the Celestial Phoenix's complete canon from Gao Qiufeng.

\"Fire is a berserk force. But since you have divine lightning, you don't need to use it to harm people.\"

Gao Qiufeng went directly to the last part of the canon and said to Jiang Chen, \"Moreover, you can use flames to stimulate your power briefly, and such a skill is called in the canon Flame Symbol Technique.\"

Jiang Chen, who possessed the Celestial Phoenix's bloodline, was obviously quite interested in such a technique. In the past, he had used Aflame Lightning State to strengthen his body and get explosive power.

But after Jiang Chen comprehended the complete canon, he realized that what he had done previously had been quite immature in comparison to what was recorded in the canon. If he mastered the Flame Symbol Technique, he would get into a state stronger than the Aflame Lightning State without even using divine lightning.

The main body was holding the Immeasurable Ruler and was among the clouds in the Divine Reign Domain's sky. He was led by the Lightning Spirit, Xiao Ying, and was moving around freely. Everywhere he passed by, lightning would flicker, and thunder would echo, while the clouds would start churning intensely.

It was only after several dozen seconds that Jiang Chen stopped.

Xiao Ying wasn't satisfied yet, and he was circling around Jiang Chen. He wanted to play once again!

Jiang Chen waved his hand and smiled bitterly.

Such a trip was just normal play for Xiao Ying, while this was a dangerous training process for Jiang Chen. He managed to raise Du Tian Divine Lightning to the second level.

Jiang Chen asked Xiao Ying to return to his body while he raised his head and looked in the distance. Only a short time was left until the opening of the Sovereign Road.

When Jiang Chen was about to go to prepare for it, an intense impulse welled up in his heart, and he put away the Immeasurable Ruler, took out the Heavenly Fault Sword, held his breath, and concentrated wholly.

For the past few days, the magical clone was always using the Human Emperor Bow, and, every time the bowstring shook, Jiang Chen would have a marvelous feeling.

While he was observing how the Human Emperor Arrow turned into a light beam and flew around, he got a feeling similar to the one he had had due to the Lightning Method's True Penetrative Will.

On this day, everything finally erupted out, and Jiang Chen comprehended the true will and intent of the Wind and Metal Worldly Rules.

The True Will was like a branch possessed by all Worldly Rules, and the wind, lightning, and metal all had a Penetrative Will, while the Fire Rule didn't have one.

Jiang Chen had managed through the lightning method's cultivation and the Human Emperor Arrow's stimulation to successfully comprehend the True Wills of the wind and metal on this day.

But this wasn't the reason why Jiang Chen had such a restless feeling.

\"Wind Firmament Sword Spirit!\" Jiang Chen shouted in a deep voice, and boundless sword energy emanated from him, while his sword became sharper than before by much.

\"Sword, rise!\" Jiang Chen thrust his sword. This was a simple movement. Yet it seemed like it deprived his body of its whole power.

Such a sword strike might reach an unprecedented degree. If anyone in any corners of the Divine Reign Domain raised his head, he would witness a shocking sword scar in the sky. The sky wasn't like the ground, which could be penetrated, and there wasn't any object of reference there. Yet a sword scar could be clearly seen there.

The thick layer of clouds around the sword scar was erased by it wholly.

\"This sword strike...has probably reached the level of a magical technique.\"

Wu Ming, who was in the Cloud Reaching Hall, witnessed the sword strike in the sky, and he couldn't help but mutter to himself. He had already admitted that his disciple's expertise in Sword Doctrine had already surpassed him, but he still didn't expect that it had reached such a level.

Jiang Chen was gasping for breath. This was the first sword move he had ever created, and it exhausted his power greatly. But everything would be fine as long as he practiced it and got more skilled at using it.

\"I will call this sword strike Startling Heavenly Sword Move,\" Jiang Chen muttered to himself.

This sword move fulfilled his desire to create his own magical technique. This sword move's might could only be rivaled by the Heaven Destruction Sword Move, which he could only use with the cooperation of the magical clones and the main body.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》