The Brilliant Fighting Master
1370 Space-Time Divine Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1370 Space-Time Divine Palace

\"Your intuition wasn't mistaken.\"

As complex feelings welled up in Jiang Chen's heart, a voice echoed once again from the vortex. This time, the voice was clearer than before, and it could be discerned that it belonged to a woman.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but pay it more attention because this voice seemed quite pleasant to the ear.

\"You don't plan to come out, do you?\"

Jiang Chen paid attention to her, but she still didn't come out even after a long time.

\"You have an issue to resolve due to your ignorance. But I obviously can't blame you for this,\" the mysterious woman said. It seemed like she didn't plan to reveal herself.

\"Why did you come here?\" Jiang Chen asked.

\"My time is limited. So let's not waste it on such a matter. You are probably well aware of the current situation.\"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen snorted coldly and spoke with displeasure, \"You have just eavesdropped on me and listened to me talking. This doesn't mean that you know my thoughts.\"

\"First, I wasn't eavesdropping, and I only ended up hearing your last words upon arrival,\" the mysterious person emphasized.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. It seemed as if she didn't get to hear his secret, which he had stated previously.

\"Did you come because of the Heavenly Bestowal Woman?\" Jiang Chen asked calmly.

\"Heavenly Bestowal Woman? That is right, you are calling her that.\"

The mysterious woman admitted it bluntly. She expressed clearly her objectives.

\"The Heavenly Bestowal Woman mentioned by you can become a Divine King. But your world has already been crippled by the Blood Clan, and she has a slim hope of even becoming a Sovereign.\"

\"This is why I want to take her away, and, when she becomes a Divine King, I will allow her to come back to fight against the Blood Clan.\"

Such a statement was ridiculous, and, if this woman didn't possess immeasurable power, Jiang Chen wouldn't have believed her.

\"You have come from other Great Worlds?\"

The person in the vortex stayed quiet for a long time, and, just when Jiang Chen started getting impatient, the voice echoed once again.

\"You unexpectedly know about the Great Worlds. This is something not often known. Can you inform me how you got to know it? This matter is quite important.\"

This time, it was Jiang Chen who stayed quiet, and, after he pondered over this matter for a long while, he summoned the Evil Blood Emperor.

Jiang Chen could then clearly detect that the ripples within the vortex fluctuated intensely, and it was only after a long time that they calmed down.

\"This is beyond my expectation! You can unexpectedly reform an Evil Emperor,\" the mysterious woman exclaimed in surprise.

\"I have already expressed enough sincerity, and now it's your turn,\" Jiang Chen said.

\"Fine, I have really come from another Great World affiliated with the Space-Time Divine Palace.\"

Jiang Chen expressed his doubts. \"The Sacred Zone is the entrance to the Xuanhuan Realm, and it's already sealed. So, how did you manage to come here?\"

\"This is the reason why I couldn't leave,\" the mysterious woman said.

Jiang Chen frowned. He couldn't discern whether what she had said was true.

\"Why do you want to help us, and why are you trying to help us only now? Why didn't you show yourself 500 years ago?\" Jiang Chen became slightly excited. This woman was a divine king, and she was able to alter the whole Xuanhuan Realm's fate.

\"If we didn't intervene, we will just fight over the right of ownership of the Xuanhuan Realm. But, if we intervened, this realm would turn into an enormous battlefield, and this fragmented world would be blown up. Do you want to see the occurrence of such a matter?\"

The mysterious woman was a divine king. Yet she still didn't put on any airs because she came here for Nangong Xue. But she was quite irritated by Jiang Chen's attitude.

\"Why are you intervening only now?\"

Jiang Chen didn't care about the divine king's anger, and he wouldn't give up until he had clarified this matter.

\"If the odds of success didn't reach even one in 100, only a fool would attempt such a matter.\"

\"Even if they reached ten in 100, there still won't be anyone willing to attempt it. But, if they reached 20 in 100, people will start paying attention to it.\"

\"It's only when it reaches 30 in 100 that one can start considering it.\"

\"The odds of the success of the Xuanhuan Realm 500 years ago didn't reach even ten in 100. But now, it has almost reached 30 in 100 due to Long Xing's outrageous great plan.\"

After a long explanation, the mysterious woman spoke with emphasis, \"Listen to me clearly. My time is limited, and If I don't take away the Heavenly Bestowal Woman, her ability will only be wasted here, and it may even give rise to internal strife.\"

\"Why do you think that I can help you?\"

\"I followed her aura and came here, and I heard your conversation with her. This is why I know that your words are quite important to her, while you are a clever person.\"

The mysterious woman had already said enough, and what was left would depend upon whether Jiang Chen believed her or not.

\"I won't send my beloved woman to a completely unknown land,\" Jiang Chen said without giving this matter any long consideration.

\"So, are you willing to let her waste her ability in the Xuanhuan Realm, and let this realm lose a divine king?\"

When such words had echoed loudly, Jiang Chen felt a grave danger from the vortex, and it was only becoming more intense.

Then Jiang Chen's hair just stood on end, and a wisp of sword energy shot out of the vortex. It was just a single wisp of energy. Yet, Jiang Chen still couldn't react in time.

It was fortunate that the target of the wisp of energy wasn't Jiang Chen, and it just passed by his side, and streaked across 1 million miles before disappearing from this world.

\"Did you see that? If I wanted to harm you or her, you wouldn't even know how you ended up dead.\"

\"If I want to take her away forcefully, you won't even manage to react in time.\"

\"The reason why I'm wasting my breath with you here is that I'm a person who speaks reason.\" The mysterious woman's patience was already exhausted, and she started regretting that she didn't just take the young girl away forcefully.

\"What do you want me to do?\" Jiang Chen let out a sigh. He had already realized this. But he wasn't willing to accept it.

\"Just convince her. I will appear here once again in two hours.\"

The mysterious woman left behind these words, before the vortex disappeared without leaving any trace. It was almost as if the previous incident had been just a figment of Jiang Chen's imagination.

\"It seems like a divine king can fly through the void and ascend above the world because they have mastered the ability to travel between Great Worlds,\" Jiang Chen muttered to himself, before he shook his head and smiled bitterly. This wasn't a suitable time for thinking about such matters.

Jiang Chen looked for Nangong Xue in the Heavenly Palace and explained everything to her clearly in a tranquil tone.


Jiang Chen didn't expect that Nangong Xue would agree so readily.

As Nangong Xue faced Jiang Chen's surprised gaze, she forced herself to smile and said, \"I don't want to end up complicating your life like this.\"

\"I'm sorry, I'm not strong enough yet.\"

Jiang Chen's heart was stirred, and he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Nangong Xue was really considerate and sensible.

\"No, you are already amazing, and the reason why the Space-Time Divine Palace intervened is part of your great plan, isn't it? Yet, they still assumed that it was due to Long Xing,\" Nangong Xue comforted him.

In two hours, Jiang Chen and Nangong Xue stood atop the mountain peak.

The vortex appeared on time, and it was different than before, as this time it had a halo around it.

\"Come inside. I will have to take you and forcefully cross the Realm's Wall. I don't have any time to waste,\" the mysterious woman said anxiously.

As Jiang Chen hinted to Nangong Xue to go over, Nangong Xue walked toward the vortex.

\"Moreover, you are also pretty good, and I can feel the aura of an object related to the Realm in you. You should strive hard to let the Xuanhuan Realm recover, or else such a fragmented world won't bear the existence of more than a single Divine King.\"

After the mysterious woman spoke, both Nangong Xue and the vortex disappeared.

Jiang Chen didn't pay attention to what the woman had said, as his mind was filled with just Nangong Xue's gaze that was filled with reluctance.


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