The Brilliant Fighting Master
1369 Divine King!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1369 Divine King!

In the Divine Reign Domain's Heavenly Palace in the Seventh Realm, all had been settled.

The Ice Spirit Clan affair was over. All the royal family members who had come from the Spirit World were sent to the Ice Abyss. Only Bing Yu, who had a good relationship with Ye Xue, was left, and she could act as a mediator between both sides.

However, the current issue wasn't the weak Ice Spirit Clan.

There was a towering mountain beneath the Heavenly Palace, and, if one stood on its peak and raised one's head to look at the sky, one could occasionally see some other palaces that were engulfed by clouds.

The Divine Tree of Creatures was majestic and imposing, and it shone with a sparkling luster. It had a vigorous life force that made an enormous impression on everyone who witnessed it.

This night, the sky was filled with luminous stars and a bright moon held the pride of place in it.

The Divine Reign Domain had a primitive and peaceful scenery.

\"Does this mean that this tree was planted by you in the past?\"

Nangong Xue and Ye Xue, who seemed like snow spirits, were on the mountain peak beside Jiang Chen. After they had listened to an unimaginable story, both women were startled and amazed.

However, neither of them had any suspicions about Jiang Chen at all.

Jiang Chen had informed them of his greatest secret because he didn't want to hide anything from them.

However, while he spoke about such a matter, there was a barrier set up, which prevented people from eavesdropping on them through Holy Awareness.

The two women's reactions were beyond Jiang Chen's expectations. They didn't ask any questions, and they just accepted it calmly.

However, as Jiang Chen thought about it, he realized that he hadn't been too surprised when he learned that Tianyin was the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. Sometimes, one mustn't underestimate a human's ability to accept and adapt to everything.


Meanwhile, while the main body was enjoying his time with these two women, the magical clone was handling all the matters in the Cloud Reaching Hall.

\"There isn't even a single Black Yellow Elixir left. Our resources probably can't rival the wealth accumulated by holy lands through countless years, but they are still able to turn eyes green with envy,\" Wu Ming spoke about their current situation.

As Wu Ming saw that his disciple seemed troubled, he wanted to say something more. But he hesitated.

\"We can make Black Yellow Elixirs ceaselessly, and I plan to leave a magical clone in the Heavenly Palace,\" Jiang Chen stated his plans without giving this matter a single thought. This wasn't a troublesome matter for him.

\"Are you worried about this Heavenly Bestowal Woman matter?\"

Wu Ming exposed Jiang Chen's worries, and he heaved a long sigh. He said, \"The main reason why the Eighth Realm's factions allowed the existence of the Heavenly Palace was that they didn't want to waste their energy. They were all focusing on the Martial Sovereign matter, and the first faction to get a Martial Sovereign will become the ruling faction.\"

\"If they get to know about the existence of a Heavenly Bestowal Woman, they will surely attack this land right away.\"

This was the reason why Jiang Chen was worried. A few days ago in the Spirit Zone, when all the clans' experts discovered that Nangong Xue was a Heavenly Bestowal Woman, they all wished to attack and snatch her. If this was the case for even these people, it was hard to imagine what the avaricious and insatiable three great factions would do.

\"If they dare to come over, I will fight to the death against them and take them down with us.\" Jiang Chen curled his mouth, and his gaze became ice-cold.

Wu Ming was aware that Jiang Chen wouldn't hand over this woman, and, as Jiang Chen's master, he believed that he must come up with a better solution.

\"How can a Heavenly Bestowal Woman help someone become a Martial God? If you can discover this, then you should make the first move. The Eighth Realm won't be able to deal with you then,\" Wu Ming said.

\"I don't have a clue about this.\"

Jiang Chen had tried to clarify this matter. But in the past few days, he had only discovered that Nangong Xue's spiritual power was extremely pure.

\"Did you already sleep with her?\" Wu Ming suddenly asked. He had hesitated several times before raising such a question, and an embarrassed look was apparent on his face.

Couples' matters would always make a person's imagination run wild.

Jiang Chen chuckled bitterly and didn't reply.

Wu Ming realized that he had acted with undue haste, and he didn't mention such a matter again.


Returning to the main body, the story continues.

Ye Xue suddenly stood up and flew toward the Heavenly Palace. She didn't say anything and just left them behind.

Jiang Chen was confused by this, and it was then that Nangong Xue's sweet voice rang out near his ears.

\"Jiang Chen, take me.\"

Jiang Chen's emotions were stirred up. He was obviously willing to do it, but he couldn't help but say, \"Ye Xue didn't have to leave.\"

\"You are so naughty!\" Nangong Xue became bashful. She extended her hand and pinched Jiang Chen's waist.

Jiang Chen held her wrist and pulled her into his embrace. As he felt her soft and lovely body, his breathing became rough.

\"Wait! You aren't doing this just because of the Heavenly Bestowal Woman matter, are you?\" Jiang Chen, who was just about to assault her, understood what was happening.

Nangong Xue immediately denied it, but her pretty face got all flustered and betrayed her.

\"I don't want to bring you any trouble,\" Nangong Xue said.

Nangong Xue still didn't know what a Heavenly Bestowal Woman meant. But she could clearly feel the transformation of her spiritual power. It had risen to a high level, which she had never dreamed about. However, if it would bring Jiang Chen trouble, then she preferred having nothing.

\"Even if we take such actions, it may not necessarily be effective.\" Jiang Chen held her oval face with his warm hand, which made her soft fair skin become flushed.

\"But, I also won't lose anything.\" Nangong Xue let out a hot breath. She was slightly embarrassed.

The ambience became quite ambiguous and weird.

\"If I really wanted it, I wouldn't have waited until now.\"

Jiang Chen smiled, and his clear eyes possessed a magical charm that could entrap anyone.

\"I hope that you can become a Martial God,\" Nangong Xue stated the true reason.

If doing this could give him the opportunity of becoming a Martial God, then he wouldn't do it. This was Nangong Xue's gift, and it mustn't be given to someone else.

The reason why the Goddess of Empyrean could become a legend was that she firmly believed in such a matter.

\"I'm delighted to do it.\" Nangong Xue became anxious, and she wished to quickly give Jiang Chen everything she had.

\"I'm confident that I can become a Martial God. So if you have given me your chance of becoming a divine king, won't it be wasted?\" Jiang Chen tried using another method to convince her.

Nangong Xue finally understood Jiang Chen's thoughts.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen frowned and rolled his black eyes.

\"Xue'er, you should go look for my senior sister. I have to ponder something here. It isn't anything important, and, if you aren't willing to part with me, then there is also my magical clone waiting for you there,\" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen followed Nangong Xue with his gaze until she entered the Heavenly Palace, and it was then that Jiang Chen's eyes flickered like lightning. They seemed able to penetrate the void!

\"Come out!\" Jiang Chen shouted toward an empty place, which seemed to have nothing in it.

Neither the Divine Tree of Creatures or the formation had notified him of the occurrence of anything.

However, after a short while had passed since Jiang Chen's voice had echoed, a vortex appeared atop a mountain's peak. The vortex expanded until it formed a great gate, and a person was faintly visible standing under it.

\"You have a good perception, and you are a good man. But it also seems like you are a fickle man. It's really ironic that a single man possesses those two traits.\"

The person still didn't appear, and his voice was transmitted into Jiang Chen's ears.

\"Stop trying to mystify yourself, come out!\" Jiang Chen shouted angrily, while the Immeasurable Ruler took a sword shape.

The reason why Jiang Chen had such an intense reaction was that this person gave him a feeling that he never had previously, and, if he wasn't mistaken, then this person was a Divine King.

\"How is this possible?\"

But Jiang Chen's reason was informing him clearly that it was impossible for the Xuanhuan Realm to have a Divine King.


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