The Brilliant Fighting Master
1368 A Heavenly Bestowal Woman
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1368 A Heavenly Bestowal Woman

Nangong Xue was so excited that she spoke in a shivering voice because she couldn't believe that what was happening was real.

Her last memory was of a long time ago. Jiang Chen, who had discovered that he had been deceived, was drinking all day long. She had to spend all her time taking care of the messes he made. And, despite this, she couldn't get even a smile from Jiang Chen.

Afterward, Jiang Chen had been abandoned by all the Three Middle Realms, and he was attacked by a great army. Nangong Xue had then managed to provide Jiang Chen another opportunity by sacrificing her life. This had caused Jiang Chen to turn into a demon.

\"I'm really sorry about what happened in the past, and I will surely make it up to you in the future.\" Jiang Chen hugged his lover and revealed his deep affection for her.

When Jiang Chen witnessed Nangong Xue appearing once again in front of him, he felt that a part of his heart was stirred, and he realized that his feelings for Nangong Xue weren't just due to guilt. He really wanted to protect this woman for his whole life.

Since Jiang Chen had a proud and haughty character, all the women he fancied were assertive. He didn't like soft, gentle, and obedient women. He preferred thorny roses!

Jiang Chen's senior sister, Tianyin, and Xiao Nuo all had the same traits, and it was only Nangong Xue who was different. But he still had a strong desire to protect her.

\"Okay!\" Nangong Xue didn't bother worrying any longer about whether this was real. She just enjoyed herself at this moment. She closed her eyes and reveled in his embrace, which she hadn't had for a long time.

\"Even if this is illusory, I hope it lasts forever.\" Nangong Xue's arms passed through Jiang Chen's underarms, and she hugged his broad back.

After a long while, Nangong Xue realized that everything that was happening was true, and she pushed away Jiang Chen, while a flustered look appeared on her face and she ran toward Ye Xue.

\"I'm sorry!\"

However, Ye Xue unexpectedly didn't blame Nangong Xue, and her pretty face that wore usually an apathetic expression was filled with excitement.

\"It's me who should apologize to you.\"

\"No, it's me. I shouldn't have said such outrageous remarks.\"

\"No, it was because I had done something way out of line.\"

\"But it was the royal family that forced your hand...\"

\"Okay!\" Upon witnessing both women striving hard to take the blame, Jiang Chen smiled.

\"You were like sisters, and all the mistakes were made by the previous royal family. What is more important is that from today onward, you will be true sisters,\" after Jiang Chen spoke, he smiled meaningfully.

Nangong Xue and Ye Xue were both exceptionally intelligent women, and they immediately understood his implication.

Nangong Xue's face became flushed out of shame, and she lowered her head. She didn't dare to look at Jiang Chen or Ye Xue.

\"Junior brother!\"

Ye Xue's face was also flushed, and she looked reproachfully at Jiang Chen, while the temperature around them quickly dropped.

\"He, he, he,\" Jiang Chen chuckled sheepishly and quickly tried to change the subject.

Ye Xue cast him a flirtatious glance, took out a set of her clothes, and handed it to Nangong Xue.

\"Don't peek at her!\" Ye Xue didn't forget to warn Jiang Chen and ask him to turn around.

\"I'm an upright gentleman. Why would I peep at anyone?\" Jiang Chen wore an aggrieved look, while he muttered to himself, \"If I want to take a look at her, I will do it openly.\"

It was a pity that Ye Xue didn't leave Jiang Chen an opportunity, and ice walls surrounded both her and Nangong Xue.

It was only after several minutes that both women came out.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. His senior sister's beauty would always stun him. But he had already started getting used to it. However, he didn't expect that Nangong Xue, who was reborn, had a different charm than before.

Ye Xue's clothes were pure white and didn't have any adornment or design on them, and when Nangong Xue wore such clothes, her demeanor didn't seem any different than Ye Xue's. However, she didn't have an ice-cold, noble air like Ye Xue, and she seemed more refreshing.

Jiang Chen was in a daze, and he felt as if he was watching two fairies walking toward him. He felt overwhelmed with happiness.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen thought back to the Blood Clan, as well as the great calamity that was going to occur before long, and he couldn't help but become nervous.

\"I will protect both of you for your whole lives,\" Jiang Chen suddenly spoke, while facing both women's bewildered gazes.

The two women were caught unprepared by these words, and their faces became flushed once again. They didn't realize what Jiang Chen was implying by these words.

Just after this, Jiang Chen lifted the restrictive barrier, and the people outside, who had been waiting expectantly, witnessed another person appearing there and were surprised greatly.

\"Who is this?\"

When Ao Yu sized up Nangong Xue, his pupils contracted suddenly, while his expression also changed. This wasn't the case for him alone, as it was also the case for the other Martial Saints.

\"Well?\" Nangong Xue didn't expect that an army would be waiting for them outside, all at the martial grade. Her face turned pale with fright.

\"Don't worry.\" Jiang Chen pulled on Nangong Xue's hand and waved his hand in the air.

After the crowd got his signal, they all lowered their guard, and restrained their auras.

\"Is this? Is this...?\" Nangong Xue was startled by such a scene, and her big, pretty eyes were filled with disbelief. Were these many experts obeying Jiang Chen's commands?

\"How, how long have I slept?\" Nangong Xue wasn't aware of what had happened to Jiang Chen, and she just assumed that she had ended up losing consciousness, before being saved by Jiang Chen.

\"Around three years.\"

Upon getting such a reply, Nangong Xue was dumbstruck, and her mind went blank. She didn't know whether such a period was long or short. Being in a coma for three years was obviously a long period, but three years couldn't be considered a long period when one considered the achievements made by Jiang Chen.

All of a sudden, a warm feeling welled up in Nangong Xue's heart. Jiang Chen had already made such great achievements. Yet he still didn't forget her. Her emotions were greatly touched by this.

Jiang Chen flew up into the sky and was about to say several words to everyone and put an end to this trip. But all of a sudden, he frowned and a displeased look appeared on his face. He said coldly, \"Elders, what are you doing?\"

It could be seen that all the Martial Saints were staring at Nangong Xue. But Jiang Chen couldn't discern any vile desires in their eyes. If he had, he would have pulled out his sword long ago.

\"Jiang Chen, don't misunderstand it, we are just... Don't you know?\" Ao Yu averted his gaze from the woman, and an embarrassed look appeared on his face. He wanted to explain. However, he suddenly discovered another shocking matter.

Jiang Chen was confused. It seemed as if there was something he must know.

\"The woman next to you is a Heavenly Bestowal Woman,\" Ao Yu said loudly.

It could be clearly discerned than when the Martial Saints heard these three words, they were all stunned, and many envious gazes looked at Jiang Chen.

\"A Heavenly Bestowal Woman?\" Jiang Chen's heart shuddered. He felt like he had seen such a term somewhere.

\"It's no wonder that she could come back to life. It turns out that she's a Heavenly Bestowal Woman.\"

\"It seems as if Heaven didn't give up on our Xuanhuan Realm.\"

\"Jiang Chen really has good luck.\"

Jiang Chen couldn't immediately recall any information related to a Heavenly Bestowal Woman, and he was quite irritated by what the Martial Saints had said. He didn't bother with pondering and just inquired about it from Ao Yu.

\"A Heavenly Bestowal Woman can bestow on one an opportunity to become a Martial God.\"

Ao Yue's words gave rise to a great commotion. There wasn't any person who had managed to become a Sovereign in this era. Yet, Ao Yue spoke about a Martial God.

Jiang Chen's shock wasn't any less than the shock of the people who had heard previously heard about the Xuanhuan Elixir's effects.

As for Nangong Xue, she didn't know anything about this matter, and she was even more confused than Jiang Chen.

It was only after the Martial Saints explained this matter spiritedly that Jiang Chen got to clearly understand what a Heavenly Bestowal Woman was.

It was recorded in ancient history books that every divine king was accompanied by a Heavenly Bestowal Woman. The only exception to this was the last divine king, the Goddess of Empyrean, and that was because she was the Heavenly Bestowal Woman.


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