The Brilliant Fighting Master
1367 Nangong Xue
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1367 Nangong Xue

As the Ice Emperor's words echoed out, an anticipatory aura engulfed the whole area. All the Ice Spirits who were present held their breaths, concentrated, and quietly used their spiritual power.

However, everyone knew clearly what the outcome would be if they really started fighting the great army in the sky.

\"What comes after? Do you really want your Ice Spirit Clan to be exterminated thoroughly?\"

Jiang Chen forced himself to avert his gaze from the Ice Soul Stone, and he wore the same look as usual. His face didn't show either anger or delight.

\"It's your group that has pushed us too far.\"

The Ice Emperor was so angry that saliva spit out of his mouth when he talked. His emotions had been greatly stirred up by everything that was going on.

Just a short while ago, he had been sitting in the palace, haranguing everyone about occupying the Three Middle Realms, before marching into the Three Upper Realms. And now his dreams had been shattered in several minutes.

As the Ice Emperor looked at Jiang Chen and Ye Xue, who seemed like a perfect couple, his mind became completely addled, and a hideous look appeared on his face.

\"Imperial father! Don't take any crazy actions! We have already lost the advantage.\"

The woman retained her senses, and, when she learned that Jiang Chen was the Heavenly Palace's Lord who had troubled the Seventh Realm, she realized that her Ice Spirit Clan's situation was hopeless.

As the woman looked at the black-clothed youth's ice-cold expression, she realized that if her imperial father really destroyed the Ice Soul Stone, this person's anger would be as raging as an erupting volcano.

\"Shut up! You are helping an outsider.\" The Ice Emperor glared angrily at the woman, while his fingers ended up exerting their power unknowingly and a cracking sound emanated from the Ice Soul Stone.

\"Imperial father!\"

The Ice Spirit Clan's powerful ministers were all woken up by the woman's words, and they realized that any struggle would be meaningless.

The Ice Emperor's expression became twisted, and, as he looked at the reaction of the people around him, the stubbornness apparent in his eyes became more intense.

After a deadlock that lasted for perhaps 30 seconds, the Ice Emperor let out a long breath and emitted many strange cries.

\"Imperial father!\"

The woman strode forward slowly and comforted the Ice Emperor, while she carefully took the Ice Soul Stone from him.

After the Ice Emperor lost the stone, he unexpectedly started wailing loudly.

After this, the woman handed the Ice Soul Stone to Jiang Chen, while her beautiful face was filled with reverence.

\"I'm Bing Yu, and this is the Ice Soul Stone. Please don't punish my imperial father and my other clansmen for this incident.\"

Upon hearing the woman's plea, Jiang Chen didn't speak and just took the Ice Soul Stone.

When the Ice Soul Stone was in his hand, he didn't find it ice-cold. Instead, it was slightly warm.

The ice-cold glint flickering in Jiang Chen's eyes started gradually disappearing.


Jiang Chen faced the woman's entreating gaze and gave a positive reply.

\"Thank you.\"

Bing Yu and the other members of the Ice Spirit Clan heaved sighs of relief.

If Jiang Chen had wanted to harm them, he would have been able to bury them all here.

\"I feel as if it isn't possible to make you go back to the Spirit Realm.\"

However, Jiang Chen's following words made everyone nervous.

In the Spirit World, the Ice Spirit Clan served the Water Spirit Clan. The Water Spirits were afraid of their development, and so they suppressed them relentlessly.

After the Ice Spirit Clan went to the Three Middle Realms, it had shed all pretense of cordiality with the Water Spirit Clan and broken free of their control.

If they were forced to go back, there probably wouldn't be any place for them there.

\"The Three Middle Realms can only have a single Ice Emperor, and since Ye Xue has a Supreme Venerable Heart, she should be your emperor.\"

\"You can only serve her or leave.\"

Jiang Chen had given the Ice Spirit Clan two choices, but they weren't actually any different than a single one.

\"The Ice Spirit Clan's royal family who came from the Spirit World must take responsibility for the disaster it caused in the Three Middle Realms, and this is why its members will be imprisoned in the Ice Abyss for ten years,\" Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the Ice Spirit Clan members who accepted their fate had an intense response, while the deranged Ice Emperor regretted handing over their sole bargaining chip.

\"This is...\" A hesitant look appeared on Bing Yu's face, and she looked at Ye Xue with an entreating gaze.

\"Junior brother,\" Ye Xue strode forward and was about to speak.

\"There isn't any room for discussion.\" Jiang Chen expressed his resolution to Bing Yu.

Ten years were enough for Ye Xue to surpass the Ice Emperor, and, at that time, she would be able to rule these people.

If Jiang Chen hadn't planned this outcome, the Heavenly Palace's deterrence wouldn't be enough to help Ye Xue establish herself as emperor.

Ye Xue didn't say anything else, as she understood that her junior brother had given a lot of thought to this matter.

The Ice Abyss was situated in the deepest region of the Ice Spirit's land, and it was engulfed constantly by ice and nearly isolated from the outside world.

This Three Middle Realms' crisis was solved, and Ye Xue didn't have to marry someone she didn't like.

However, this acceptance had been just a stop-gap measure.

\"I knew that you would come here, but I didn't expect that my junior brother would already be so outstanding.\"

Ye Xue looked at the army in the sky with its innumerable experts. Even someone like her with great mental fortitude was surprised. She couldn't help but think back to the Nine Heavens Realm's events and all that happened when the two of them had first gotten acquainted at the Natural Law School.

At that time, the pressure from her clan had nearly forced them to break up, and now only several years had passed. At this time, Jiang Chen's words were able to determine the whole Ice Spirit Clan's fate.

Could it be said that fate was making fun of her people, or that her junior brother had gone against Heaven to alter fate?

\"Junior sister, you shouldn't have put yourself in that situation. If I had come late, what would you have done?\" Jiang Chen extended his hand and caressed Ye Xue's fine black hair. He felt sorry for her!

\"I had planned to seal myself in ice if you didn't come in time.\"

Ye Xue became bashful since her junior brother had made such intimate actions in front of so many people, but she still spoke in a tone that revealed her unwavering determination.

Jiang Chen chuckled bitterly and didn't say anything further, while both of their gazes fell upon the Ice Soul Stone.

Jiang Chen impatiently started the ritual that he had practiced in his mind countless times.

Nangong Xue's soul was already within the Ice Soul Stone, and Ye Xue had finished the most difficult step.

After Jiang Chen finished the ritual, Nangong Xue, who possessed a special Spirit Heart, would return to the world.

The Ice Soul Stone, which was as big as a fist, flew into the air and shone with a dazzling light.

Even Jiang Chen couldn't look straight at such a light and was forced to cover his eyes with his hand.

As the whole Spirit Realm was being purified by the light, many light specks, resembling fireworks, came out of the Ice Soul Stone.

These light specks, whose number surpassed 100 million, formed into the outline of a person.

Both Ye Xue and Jiang Chen found the outline familiar-looking, and they both got excited.

Jiang Chen set up a small barrier to prevent the occurrence of any accidents, while it also prevented other people from watching what was happening.

Just after this, the light specks formed light rays of various colors, as if a picture was being drawn, and a fleshy body was formed within the outline. This process started with the internal organs, muscles, bones, etc., before the skin. Suddenly a living person appeared there.

In the end, Nangong Xue came back. She was perfect and flawless, and she crossed her arms in front of her chest, while her fine black hair fluttered in the wind. Her fine brows were quivering slightly, as if she had just woken from a deep sleep, and it was then that Nangong Xue opened her eyes.

\"Where am I? I'm not dead?\" Nangong Xue muttered, before she discovered Ye Xue and Jiang Chen standing next to her.

\"Sure enough, you are a perfect match.\"

Nangong Xue chuckled bitterly. Ye Xue and Jiang Chen loved each other, while she was just a contemptible woman who had squeezed between them.

\"But what is going on? What happened to my spiritual power?\"

Nangong Xue still didn't understand the current situation.


This continued until Jiang Chen called Nangong Xue.

\"Ah? You are both real?\"

Nangong Xue was startled. She had assumed that Jiang Chen and Ye Xue were figments of her imagination.

\"You! You! You! Turn around.\"

Nangong Xue recalled something, and her cheeks became flushed, while she twisted her snow-white legs. She covered her intimate regions with her right hand, while she covered her chest with her left hand, but her thin arm couldn't cover such a mountainous landscape.

\"We are already husband and wife. What are you afraid of?\"

Jiang Chen shook his head and strode forward to hold Nangong Xue, before he helped her into his jacket.

\"Jiang Chen, you...\"

Nangong Xue was dumbstruck, and she found this matter unbelievable. She asked \"Don't you hate me?\"


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