The Brilliant Fighting Master
1364 Bing Xing from the Ice Spirits
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1364 Bing Xing from the Ice Spirits

Everyone noticed a young man wearing a black robe descending slowly from the air.

But no one saw where he had come from.

Gazing at the black-robed youngster, they somehow had a weird feeling. Their fears were greatly alleviated before they even realized it.

\"Jiang Chen!\"

Fengyu Duo greeted him in surprise.

Ji Ruxue's teacher was Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen was very famous in the Three Middle Realms. Most people recognized him at once.

They felt surprised and slightly nervous.

Jiang Chen was famous for his insanity. And though famous, he was still intimidating. They were worried that he would start a fight with the Ice Spirit.

Those who had the girl were openly hostile to him.

\"Who are you?!\"

The two Ice Spirit warriors were surprised by the reactions of the people of the Three Middle Realms.

The temperature was dropping secretly.

\"You don't deserve to know,\" said Jiang Chen coldly.

\"How arrogant!\"

One Ice Spirit warrior showed a hideous smile. Waving the chain in his hand, he gave the order, \"If any of you kills him, I'll give you one extra day!\"

He wanted the game to continue. He wanted to see these people killing each other.

Nonetheless, the smile froze on his face.

In the air or on the ground, no one had the nerve to move!

Although some of them wanted to act, they gave up the idea when recalling something.

\"You?!\" The Ice Spirit warrior was irritated. He yelled, \"Do you believe I'll start the ice storm again right away?\"

\"Bing Gui! Stop the game!\"

His companion warned him, because he had sensed the danger acutely.


\"Limit from the Ice God!\"

The Ice Spirit warrior called Bing Gui curled his lip. His spiritual power soared right away. Then he threw the thick ice chain over with an effort.

The long chain was coated by an ice fog. It flew through the air at lightning speed, headed toward Jiang Chen.

Under numerous gazes with various complicated feelings, Jiang Chen reached out casually to grasp the ice chain.


However, a cruel light flashed in Bing Gui's eyes.

The ice chain in Jiang Chen's hands exerted its power. Jiang Chen's entire palm was covered by thick ice.


Bing Gui pulled with an effort. His smile looked cruel.

If nothing surprising happened, Jiang Chen's hand would be broken into pieces. Then the pieces would fall like snow.


They heard a loud crack. However, Bing Gui's smile remained frozen on his face.

Jiang Chen's hand was fine, but the thick ice was breaking off quickly.

His attack had caused no harm to Jiang Chen at all.

Bing Gui finally realized how great Jiang Chen was, but it was too late!

Jiang Chen waved his hand. A fierce flame flew over as fast as an arrow that had just been shot from a bow.

Before he could do anything, the flame shot into Bing Gui's chest. The fierce flame swallowed him. He was burned to ashes instantly.


Even those who knew about Jiang Chen's strength were dumbfounded at this magnificent exhibition.

What he had just demonstrated was probably more powerful than the strength he had showed when he had gotten rid of the possession demon.

\"Mister! Do you realize the consequences of your behavior?! The current Ice Spirit in the Three Middle Realms is not the same as the one you used to know!\"

The other warrior yelled in anger.

He thought Jiang Chen was unaware that the Ice Spirit from the Spirit Realm had come here.

So, when Jiang Chen shot another arrow of flame, he panicked and died in despair.

The threat that had terrified all these people was removed as easily as that.

\"You don't deserve to be humans.\"

Looking at those who had betrayed their companions, Jiang Chen waved his sleeves. Then a sharp and quick wind created by the sword swept over. Those people were hit and fell back onto the ground.

They had an empty feeling in their bodies. Their strength had been taken away.

Jiang Chen had disabled almost 1,000 people at one go!

Those cruel people who did not know how to fight back and would even target their clansmen did not need to have any strength at all.

Jiang Chen did not kill them because he did not want to stain his hands.

Those whose strengths had been removed were killed by the angry crowd, however.

The only person Jiang Chen did not disable was the chieftain of the Jiangs.

He was the person who had tied up Ji Ruxue.

\"You should know what I'm going to do,\" said Jiang Chen in a cold voice.

The chieftain of the Jiangs was shivering. He was scared, but at the same time, he was also angry. It was only he had to suppress his anger.

It was Jiang Chen who had killed his son.

He had started to think about revenge when Jiang Chen had been possessed by the demon.

Later, Jiang Chen died and was revived in the Realm of Nine Heavens, but he had not picked any fights with the Jiangs.

He did not expect to meet the Jiangs here this day. And the chieftain of the Jiangs was the one had who tied up Jiang Chen's student Ji Ruxue.

\"You think it's the two minions that we are afraid of? It's who is behind them that we are scared of! You have no idea what you just did!\" The chieftain of the Jiangs snarled in anger.

His words reminded the others of the potential danger. Those on the ground hurried to leave.

Apparently, the Ice Spirit had stronger forces.

\"Who had the nerve to kill our warriors?!\"

As expected, an angry voice rang out. It sounded as powerful as a thunderbolt. Everyone's blood froze.

The oppressive feeling brought by a strong Martial Emperor or Martial Arts Saint struck them like a mountain.

\"Ha, ha, ha. Let's die together! I'm happy and satisfied to know before I die that you'll keep me company in the grave!\" The chieftain of the Jiangs burst out laughing. He sounded insane.

However, what he said changed Jiang Chen's mind. He decided not to kill the chieftain for the moment.

Soon, one of the Ice Spirit's Martial Emperors showed up. A cold wind with frost was roaring.

A terrifying ice storm would come very soon.

\"Bing Xing from the Ice Spirit!\"

Gazing at the Ice Spirit warrior as strong as a Martial Emperor, the crowd felt desperate.

This man was of medium build, but he was surprisingly intimidating. Below his black eyebrows, a primordial wildness flashed in his eyes from time to time.

\"Tell me your name. Then I'll allow you to die.\"

Bing Xing stood there with his hands behind his back. The cold wind was getting stronger and stronger.

\"Jiang Chen, Lord of the Heavenly Palace.\"

The snow stopped. The wind quieted down.

Bing Xing's aggressiveness was gone, as if he had seen a ghost. Sizing Jiang Chen up carefully, he gasped.

Seeing his reaction, the whole crowd descended into silence.


Bing Xing turned around to escape, almost as fast as he could. He was heading for the desolate land determinedly.

The crowd was struck dumb!

With a BANG!, Bing Xing's back was struck by thunder.

It was only one strike. And the arrogant Bing Xing was immediately heavily injured. He could not fight back at all.

\"How come?!\"

The chieftain of the Jiangs was petrified. He would in no way have anticipated such a result.

\"The Heavenly Palace, which was a pain in the neck for the entire Seventh Realm, had been started by Jiang Chen?\"

People looked at each other. A while later, a euphoric look showed on every face.

\"Gao Qiufeng.\"

Jiang Chen called out. Then a flame even more oppressive than Bing Xing's storm showed up out of nowhere in the air.

A tall, slim woman also showed up.

\"Martial...Martial…Martial Arts Saint?!!\"

Seeing the woman's state, some people even started stammering from fright.

\"Melt the ice and snow. Then meet us in the Spirit Zone,\" said Jiang Chen.

It turned out this was only a practicing body. Jiang Chen's true body had led a large force to attack the Spirit Zone.

\"Yes, sir!\"

People heard a response that they would never have expected to hear from a Martial Arts Saint.

A Martial Arts Saint was following Jiang Chen's orders obediently!

This shocking scene almost inhibited their ability to think.


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