The Brilliant Fighting Master
1362 Genuine Blood of Dragon Divinity
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1362 Genuine Blood of Dragon Divinity

Jiang Chen was very surprised at the manner in which those people had departed.

He was left, holding the golden card, which was glistening in his hand.

Two words appeared on the card when it sensed the energy in his body. It was his name.

\"The Sovereign Path, what is it?\"

Jiang Chen asked those around him.

Judging from the reactions of Ao Yue, Hai Xi, and others, they obviously knew the answer.

\"The Sovereign Path is a big event that the three forces of the Realm of Divine Martial Arts have been preparing for more than ten years. It is to train some Martial Sovereigns in the Black Yellow Great World,\" said Ao Yue.

\"They gather all the strong people who are Martial Emperors or Martial Arts Saints with surprisingly great potential together to give them cruel and bloody training.\"

Gazing at the card Jiang Chen was holding, Yi Ya looked serious. \"The problem is, your card is from the Martial God Palace.\"

\"Oh? What's wrong with that?\" asked Jiang Chen curiously.

\"It means you'll be with those from the Martial God Palace at the beginning, and you'll run into that Xia Jiang,\" said Wan Ruoxi.

It looked as if only Jiang Chen and those from the Seventh Realm were unaware of that.

Jiang Chen could be the only person who qualified for the Sovereign Path in the Seventh Realm.

\"I gather no external force will be allowed in the Sovereign Path?\" Jiang Chen wanted to get to know the situation better.

\"Certainly not.\"

The Sovereign Path was for training. If external forces were allowed, that would be self-defeating.

\"It's because the calamity is getting closer and closer, but still no Martial Sovereign has appeared. Everyone is panicking. That's how the Sovereign Path started.\"

Jiang Chen nodded. Then he asked about the thing he cared most about, \"What does the Sovereign Path do to make people Martial Sovereigns?\"

No one present could answer that question, because the details of the Sovereign Path were top secret.

\"It's said there will be ultimate-level martial arts.\"

\"And divine elixirs! Legendary weapons from ancient times!\"

However, a lot of what people were saying were just assumptions.

Then Jiang Chen learned that Ao Yue and some of the others had also qualified for the Sovereign Path.

\"To respond to the call of the three forces, all the Worlds of Meson have put their hearts and souls into the Sovereign Path. They've donated all kinds of precious treasures that used to belong to various races to the Sovereign Path.\"

\"The Dragons donated the Genuine Blood of Dragon Divinity!\"

\"The Genuine Blood of Dragon Divinity?!\"

Both Jiang Chen and the Black Dragon were greatly shocked.

\"What were you thinking?!\" The Black Dragon couldn't help but question this decision. He felt that the Golden Dragons had gone too far.

\"What the other races donated are as great as or even greater than the Genuine Blood of Dragon Divinity.\"

Ao Yu tried to calm the Black Dragon down right away.

\"In that case, there will be infinite opportunities on the Sovereign Path. If I don't go and others become Martial Sovereigns, I will be left behind.\"

Jiang Chen had been hesitating, but at that moment he made up his mind. He would go to the Sovereign Path!

As for Xia Jiang's threat, Jiang Chen did not give it too much thought.

The danger actually gave him one more reason to go.

Jiang Chen was reminded to take a look at the other side of the golden card, on which the days to go to the start of the Sovereign Path were shown.

There were 36 days to go!

After that, Jiang Chen put the golden card aside, as if the episode had never occurred. He went on with his day's plan.

Because of the Black Yellow Elixirs, the people from the Worlds of Meson were not going back so soon. They intended to stay in the Heavenly Palace to get the first batch of Black Yellow Elixirs.

Black Yellow Elixirs were not a problem. The problem was the currency they were using to make their transactions.

Some forces had sent people back for money.

It was without a doubt that not everyone had yuan stones or spiritual stones for the transaction. Some people would choose to exchange stuff for Black Yellow Elixirs.

That was exactly what Jiang Chen was hoping for.

The greatest thing about founding a force was that you would not need to spend any time or energy to look for precious treasures.

As long as you needed something, you could get it in an extremely short time.

For his self-interest, Jiang Chen told those forces that if they traded ultimate-level martial arts techniques, they would get a big discount.

Of course, no one would take out precious treasures like ultimate-level martial arts techniques easily, since they could benefit them for their entire life and be passed on generation after generation.

Even if there were people who would like to do that, the Heavenly Palace did not have enough Black Yellow Elixirs for the transaction.

After helping the guests settle in, Jiang Chen told the Divine Tree of Creatures to spy on all of the movements of the Martial Arts Saints closely.

If anyone had any schemes, it was okay to kill them before reporting to Jiang Chen.

Facing the great temptation of Black Yellow Elixirs, it was hard to say whether anyone would play any tricks.

That being said, the fact that he had the nerve to let those people settle in the Heavenly Palace meant he had enough confidence.

Besides the Divine Tree of Creatures, his grand formation was not just a decoration.

As Jiang Chen had suspected, there were always one or two people with bad intentions.

Those who had managed to get out of the World of Bloody Sea thanks to Jiang Chen might not be so shameless to do such terrible things.

However, the seniors from their families or those friends who had come with them might have different plans.

If there was some kind of elixir, there certainly would be a formula.

That night, some black-clothed people broke into the Cloud Reaching Hall.

Some people even intended to attack Jiang Chen.

As a result, there appeared some dead bodies, which was not surprising at all.

Early next morning, Jiang Chen threw the dead bodies in front of the guests. He asked the forces from which those corpses were to leave.

Those forces did not dare say a word, because several Martial Arts Saints had died, but they had heard nothing during the entire night!

It was impossible to imagine how powerful the Heavenly Palace actually was.

\"What a shame!\"

Watching those forces leaving, Ao Yue felt disdainful.

Last night, the Dragons were the quietest among all of the guests.

During the next few days, other guests also behaved well.

Jiang Chen had gotten the Black Yellow Elixirs they needed ready. The transactions would officially start very soon.

Before that, Situ Nan came to the Heavenly Palace again.

\"You don't need to bother about Red Blood Field anymore.\"

Situ Nan informed him this way.

\"Thank you, President Situ.\"

Then Jiang Chen flipped his palm. Hundreds of Black Yellow Elixirs were given away immediately. \"I've promised the forces from the Worlds of Meson the first batch of Black Yellow Elixirs, but these are my gift for you.\"

To become a Martial Sovereign, hundreds of Black Yellow Elixir were certainly not enough.

But Situ Nan took them with pleasure.

\"I believe the Heavenly Palace will thrive very soon. But strength isn't the only thing a force needs to have. A powerful information network is also essential,\" said Situ Nan.

\"I certainly know that… Oh? President Situ, are you trying to say something to me?\"

As he spoke, Jiang Chen suddenly realized Situ Nan had not just mentioned it as a suggestion.

\"The Ice Spirit from the Spirit Realm wants to come to the Three Middle Realms. They will use the Spirit Zone in the Three Middle Realms as their stepping stone. As I know, you are pretty close to the Spirit Zone, aren't you?\"


The Spiritual Emperor of the Spirit Zone in the Three Middle Realms was Ye Xue.

As he knew, both the Water Spirit and the Ice Spirit from the Spirit Realm wanted to take advantage of Ye Xue.

\"The Ice Spirit from the Spirit Realm announced that the royal family would take over the Spirit Zone officially. The Ice Emperor would marry the Spirit Emperor of the Spirit Zone,\" said Situ Nan.

Before he could finish speaking, Jiang Chen's face had turned black.

Then he grinned. However, the light in his eyes was ferocious.

Situ Nan was struck dumb. Then he knew that the Ice Emperor was doomed.

\"Even the Eighth Realm doesn't dare to act recklessly. However, the Ice Spirit has the nerve to offend Jiang Chen. They are stupidly bold.\"


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