The Brilliant Fighting Master
1359 Able to Handle Temporary Setbacks
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1359 Able to Handle Temporary Setbacks

The golden ball resembling the sun exploded as it approached Jiang Chen.

This attack created a much bigger disturbance than Jiang Chen's Sky-burning Anger.

It created a small storm in the air. Clouds collided with each other.

A calamity was on the verge of breaking out. Not until the Divine Tree of Creatures helped Jiang Chen was the energy taken under control.

\"That was really dreadful!\"

Cold sweat trickled down many people's faces.

People began to realize why Zhan Wu stood out from so many Martial Emperors and why he was ranked first of the seven greatest emperors of the Red Blood Field.

This was the reason!

The majestic power that he had exerted with the aid of the Unbreakable Divine Robe and an earthly Martial Dais was stupendous.

\"This attack could kill Jiang Chen.\"

People were worried about Jiang Chen when they thought of his being undefended in the face of these terrible attacks.

\"No way!\"

However, while people were pitying Jiang Chen, Zhan Wu's panicked voice could be heard coming out from the remaining energy of his attack, which had not completely dispersed yet.


The white-robed man, who had been gloating with a cruel smile, craned his neck to see what was going on.

Soon, Jiang Chen, with not a single hair out of place, reappeared.

The golden light that surrounded him had become a golden radiance. It soon formed itself into an armor. Fierce arcs of electricity were jumping violently all over the armor.

\"What do you think? Are you still proud of your shabby clothes?\" Jiang Chen's look was indifferent. His tone was disdainful.

\"What theurgy is this?!\"

Emperor Zhan Wu was completely flabbergasted. He could not accept the fact that Jiang Chen had not been damaged by his attack. However, they were on the battlefield. If any external force had been used, it would have been discovered.

\"A dead man doesn't need to know,\" Jiang Chen answered.

\"D*mn it!\"

Zhan Wu gritted his teeth. His eyes were bright red.

\"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you can't kill me!\"

As he spoke, Zhan Wu injected all his remaining energy into the Unbreakable Divine Robe.

The watching crowd, still in shock, smiled meaningfully.

Both of these two men had created the most solid shields.

Everyone in the crowd was thinking the same thing, \"How would these two shields kill each other?\"

\"You are overthinking.\"

Jiang Chen shook his head. He looked helpless, but the light in his eyes was getting sharper and sharper.

He raised his right hand. His whole arm was charged by electricity.

He closed his fingers. The electricity formed an angle.


As soon as Jiang Chen launched the attack, the electricity transformed into a blade.

No one knew what had happened, but Jiang Chen vanished.

When he reappeared, he was smack in front of Zhan Wu.

His face was stained by some crimson blood.

It was not his. His right palm had pierced through the Unbreakable Divine Robe and then through Zhan Wu's chest.

The arcing electricity had removed any chance of survival for Zhan Wu.

\"You! You!\"

Zhan Wu made a last effort to raise his hand. He wanted to strangle Jiang Chen, but, in the end, he was too weak. His hand hung down listlessly.

When Jiang Chen brought his hand back, Zhan Wu was dead.

Sword Doctrines and flames might not be able to be compared to an Embryonic Supreme Will or Martial Dais, but Du Tian Holy Thunder was a bird of a different feather.

\"Law of thunder! Comprehending the True Meaning!\"

Yao Yuntong was petrified. As an inheritor of thunder methods, she surely knew what this meant.

\"Du Tian Holy Thunder is really great! And he has mastered it so perfectly.\"

A moment later, Yao Yuntong felt happy as well as bitter.

When they had parted last time, she swore she would reach the same levels of attainment as Jiang Chen.

But it turned out she did not even know where his shadow was.

\"He surely shouldn't be called a genius. Monster. That's the proper name for him!\"

Situ Nan murmured involuntarily after calming himself down from the shock brought about by Jiang Chen.

\"If he becomes a saint one day, no other people can ever be saints anymore!\"

The other strong people from all the other academies agreed with Situ Nan.

A Martial Emperor at the preliminary stage had just killed a Martial Emperor at the peak.

At the same time, a Martial Arts Saint in the preliminary stages had also killed a Martial Arts Saint at the peak stage.

Thus, there were no more Martial Sovereigns in the Black Yellow Great World.

Finally, they had realized that the Heavenly Palace was awe-inspiring.

\"What the h*ll! He could kill an emperor with a single attack! And I was feeling worried for him.\"

\"He just wanted to try out his strength.\"

\"He deserves to be called the strongest man among all races.\"

Most people were not really able to discern what had gone on in the fight. They thought Jiang Chen had made a fool out of his enemy deliberately.

Standing still, he let the enemy attack him, but nothing happened. However, when he got serious, he killed the enemy in only one second.

\"This is the lord of the Heavenly Palace?!\"

When they looked toward Jiang Chen again, they found this Martial Emperor looked as great as the Five Greatest Saints.

\"No wonder,\"

Gao Qiufeng said to herself. She had thought that Jiang Chen's fire techniques were not good enough in spite of his many advantages.

It turned out that he had been focusing on thunder methods.

In terms of fierceness, thunder was as good as flames, indeed.

\"Red Blood Field Lord, please.\"

The voice coming from another battlefield caught everyone's attention.

Not until then did people recall that this was a battle in which no external force was restricted.

Gazing at Zhan Wu's dead body, the Red Blood Field Lord, very embarrassed at the moment, pressed his lips into a thin line. His thick brows were knitted together.

\"The Red Blood Field is completely convinced by the power of the Heavenly Palace. We won't have any problems with you anymore.\"

The white-robed man said loudly. He canceled the battlefield without being asked to.

He wanted to avoid a fight!

Numerous boos rang out toward the white-robed man, since this fight had actually been provoked by him.

Many of the onlookers had the same thoughts, \"He had lost Empress Ling Long first, and now Emperor Zhan Wu had also died. And now, he decided to give up?\"

\"This guy should be killed!\"

Wu Ming said to Jiang Chen through holy awareness.

Jiang Chen nodded involuntarily. This man was capable of accepting temporary setbacks. He had made a choice so quickly facing such a great humiliation.

He knew that even if he won, he would only kill a practicing body, but he would antagonize the Heavenly Palace.

Such a vile character would bite Jiang Chen again like a viper whenever he got the chance.

\"Red Blood Field, listen to my order! All of you, don't antagonize the Heavenly Palace. Don't hate your old comrades either!\"

Facing those from the Red Blood Field, the white-robed man shouted loudly.

Such a farce decimated the Red Blood Field's morale. Everyone felt frustrated.

However, at least for the moment, it was impossible for Jiang Chen to attack him.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. His look intimidated the white-robed man greatly.

At this moment, numerous crooked planes channels appeared overhead!

The three academies immediately exploded into a great tumult. They all came up with the same and only possibility.

That was, some people from the Eighth Realm had arrived!

Soon they perceived many strong energies emanating from the passages, which confirmed their guesses.

\"It turns out that the Eighth Realm isn't going to allow anyone to break apart the system of the three academies.\"

Situ Nan exclaimed. He somehow felt a little bit disappointed.

\"Ha, ha, ha! Great! Just in time. The Heavenly Palace should have disappeared a long time ago!\"

After experiencing great pleasures and great tragedies, the white-robed man totally lost his sangfroid. He burst out laughing hysterically.

Then he felt someone grasping his neck. He could not go on laughing anymore.

\"Ao Yue from the Golden Dragon is here to congratulate you on the Heavenly Palace's opening to the outside world!\"

\"Yi Ya from the Yis of the Sacred Light Great World is here to congratulate you!\"

\"Hai Xi from the Endless Sea Field is here to witness the splendidness of the Heavenly Palace.\"


The congratulations came hard and fast. They were a bolt from the blue for everyone gathered here today. Regardless of their states, no matter how shrewd they were, all of them panicked.


The white-robed man was sweating copiously. His knees went weak as Jiang Chen threw him a look. He was almost crying.


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