The Brilliant Fighting Master
1358 The Golden God of War
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1358 The Golden God of War

Zhan Wu had landed on his feet after being attacked by the Sky-burning Evil Flame after 50 percent of its power had been exerted!

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, very surprised. He had thought about the possibility that this attack would not defeat the enemy, but he had assumed it would at least injure the enemy heavily.

However, now that the power of the flame had been completely consumed and it was disappearing, Zhan Wu strode out. An earthly yellow radiance was around his body. It was this that had protected him from being hurt by the fire.

\"The Unbreakable Divine Robe!\" Jiang Chen noticed that the robe Zhan Wu had been wearing was gone. It was replaced with a golden robe which looked like a kasaya.

\"Zhan Wu has a divine robe! That's surprising. No wonder he is ranked first among the seven emperors!\"

\"Now things are getting interesting.\"

\"Check out his divine robe. Neither water nor fire can damage it!\"

The onlookers knew that Zhan Wu could not be defeated so easily, but they did not expect him to have such a fantastic thing. However, those from the Red Blood Field, like Empress Ling Long, did know something about it. The Unbreakable Divine Robe was not a simple Doctrine Artifact.

To be precise, divine robes were like an occult method. To fabricate a divine robe, one needed to collect precious materials and construct it using occult methods constantly. It took a very long time to complete the fabrication of a divine robe. And it took an even longer time to enhance the divine robe.

In the first stage, no knives or spears could damage it. In the second, it was waterproof and fireproof. In its last stage, it could achieve the level of No Way to Crack Any Rule.

Zhan Wu was more than 50 years old, more than twice Jiang Chen's age. And this advantage of his age was fully presented through this divine robe.

\"My state isn't high enough. If we were in the same state, the Sky-burning Flame would have been able to burn this crappy robe down,\" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Trying very hard to not get distracted by such thoughts, he managed to focus on the battle again very soon.

\"What a pity.\" Seeing Jiang Chen's flame vanishing, Gao Qiufeng could not help but shake her head.

\"Yeah. He doesn't know how to play with fire yet at all,\" agreed Gao Yanhuo.

Jiang Chen, who had mastered the Solar Golden Flame and the Sky-burning Evil Flame, was being criticized for not knowing how to play with fire.

Only inheritors of the blood of the celestial phoenix would have the guts to say that. Except for the Sky-burning Anger, Jiang Chen did not have any other countermeasures at all. It was because he had not mastered the entire bible yet.

Gao Qiufeng decided to give him the bible after everything ended.

Anyway, Zhan Wu started smiling complacently when he realized Jiang Chen had given up the idea to attack him with fire. No matter how you looked at it, it was he who had gained an advantage in the first exchange.

\"The Moon Illuminates the Sun!\"

Wearing the Unbreakable Divine Robe, Zhan Wu walked out, fearless of nothing. His movements were quick and fierce. The golden eagle, his Martial Soul, charged down and transformed into a burning sun halfway, gushing golden flames and falling toward Jiang Chen.

\"Universal Wind and Thunder: A Sword of Wind and Thunder!\" Jiang Chen flipped his right hand. The Heavenly Fault Sword moved so fast that it looked like a white radiance. An infinitely powerful Martial Soul soared into the sky.

\"Strike!\" He brandished his arm. The Heavenly Fault Sword flew as fast as lightning. Only one strike, and the sun was split in half!

People shrieked, but the sword momentum did not decline at all. It charged straight toward Zhan Wu.

\"This sword attack! It's so powerful! How could it be so powerful?\"

\"This shouldn't be a sword attack that could be exerted by a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage. Gosh! He has an Immortal Martial Dais!\"

\"An Immortal Martial Dais? Seriously?!\"

Zhan Wu, in the middle of preparing a fierce attack, was startled. His pupils suddenly contracted. He only had the time to press his hands together before his chest. The Unbreakable Divine Robe started to shine. Its lights interwove into a semitransparent golden round shield.

At the moment when the round shield took shape, the Heavenly Fault Sword arrived. The blade pierced into the shield. When more than half of it had penetrated, cracks appeared along the blade and they spread over the shield quickly.

PAH. The round shield was broken. And Zhan Wu was sent flying.

The Heavenly Fault Sword flew back into Jiang Chen's hand. Jiang Chen curled his lips and sneered. It reminded him of the Divine Recluse Race.

\"Ha, ha, ha, what a pity. You have an Immortal Martial Dais, but your swordsmanship lags behind!\" Zhan Wu was gasping, but except for that, he was fine.

Jiang Chen had launched several fierce attacks in a row against him and had not been able to crack his defenses. When he had used up all of his tricks, it was not hard to imagine how he would end up. Jiang Chen threw his master a puzzled look.

Wu Ming shrugged his shoulders, meaning you were fantastic enough to give a beating to a Martial Emperor who was at his peak and wearing an Unbreakable Divine Robe.

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. He had used the Embryonic Supreme Will for nothing. What the Immortal Martial Dais exerted was even greater than a great theurgy. It was as powerful as the ultimate martial arts. In that sword, the Heavenly Martial Dais had been fully exerted.

The interaction of the apprentice and the master had been noticed, and it caused some gossip. Jiang Chen had gotten distracted at such a crucial moment. He was really not careful enough.

\"What a pity. The Immortal Martial Dais showed up, but he didn't have any martial arts techniques or theurgies that could make it fully exert its power.\"

\"It was really wasted. The power it exerted was only heavenly level.\"

\"With the Unbreakable Divine Robe, Zhan Wu is powerful enough to make up for any gap. Not to mention he is in the peak stage.\" What strong men like Situ Nan cared about was this.

Zhan Wu, who was irritated by Jiang Chen's disdain, almost lost control. Even his face distorted a little bit. \"Two Flames Illuminate the Sun!\"

As a Martial Emperor at the peak stage, he exerted the martial arts technique he was most proud of. It broke out surprisingly. He dashed over, too fierce to be stopped. His hands moved around wildly, trying to give Jiang Chen some fierce strikes.

\"All right.\" Somehow, Jiang Chen did not do anything at this time. He just let Zhan Wu attack him. Before people could figure out what was going on, Zhan Wu seized the chance to throw his punches over with effort. His punches were like running angry waves.

\"Is he an idiot?! Oh?\" The white-robed man clenched his fists. Jiang Chen was acting defenseless. There must be something tricky going on. When he thought Zhan Wu would pay the price for his impulsive behavior, he found in surprise that Zhan Wu had succeeded! The accident he had been expecting did not occur.

\"Did he forget to fight back?\"

Seeing his fists punching Jiang Chen's chest, he showed a cruel smile. Then he looked up. His complacent voice suddenly froze when he had seen Jiang Chen's face.

\"Just wanted you to know that you are not the only one good at defense,\" Jiang Chen, being punched by him, said with ease.

Zhan Wu felt like he had seen a ghost. When he took a closer look at Jiang Chen, he found there was a golden thin film around Jiang Chen's body, which identified him as the Golden God of War. He retreated as fast as he could.

Seeing Jiang Chen not take the chance to attack, he felt relieved. Then he laughed like crazy. \"What is this? Were you standing there inviting me to punch you? Stop fooling around with me!!\" He kind of lost his senses, since he could not accept the result of that attack.

\"Seven Suns Illuminate the Sun!\" Jumping from two to seven, he exerted his strongest movement directly.

\"Watch out, Jiang Chen!\" Empress Ling Long warned him. Even if she had not warned him, anyone could feel how powerful this attack from Zhan Wu was.

Those who were close to them felt like they were in a collapsing house. The ground underfoot was shaking!

\"He is risking his life!\" The white-robed man closed his fists more and more tightly. His fingernails pressed into his flesh, but he did not feel it. This was a big gamble. If he won, he would be honored. If he lost, he would be doomed eternally. And the result of the gamble would depend on whether Jiang Chen was dead or alive.

Fortunately, he knew Zhan Wu very well. Once Seven Suns Illuminate the Sun was exerted, Zhan Wu would have to stay in bed for half a month after the battle. That was how dreadful it was. Even a Martial Emperor at the peak would not be able to take it, and Jiang Chen was only in the preliminary stage.

However, Jiang Chen just stood still there, although radiances of thunder and golden lights were emitted from his body at the same time.

Zhan Wu and his Martial Soul turned into one. They transformed to the giant burning sun again!

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》