The Brilliant Fighting Master
1357 Fighting Both of Them
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1357 Fighting Both of Them

\"Would Jiang Chen choose Emperor Zhan Wu or the white-robed man?\"

\"If Jiang Chen doesn't use external power, could he be a match for Emperor Zhan Wu?\"

The people were pondering and analyzing the situation, and they started by analyzing both sides' realm levels. One of them was at the primary stage, while the other was at the peak stage. There was still a lot they couldn't figure out.

As for the white-robed man, he was second only to the five great saints on Jiang Chen's side.

\"Regardless of which person Jiang Chen chooses, he's not going to be able to fight against him.\"

Many people had a new level of respect for the white-robed man. Even the three great academies' old monsters couldn't subdue Jiang Chen. Yet Jiang Chen still ended up suffering a loss while facing the white-robed man.

However, some still felt that Jiang Chen's ability wasn't so limited, and, as they expected, they witnessed Jiang Chen, who had kept his silence, summoning another magical clone.

Two people, who were exactly the same, stood shoulder to shoulder, and, though they weren't speaking, they seemed as if they had come out of a mirror.

\"I will fight both of you,\" the two Jiang Chens spoke at the same time.

Such a sight made people recall what had happened at the Wizard Clan's banquet, and the shock they got when the magical clones Master Luo Cheng, and Lu Ping were exposed.

The crowd took a deep breath, while the white-robed man's expression became solemn. The crowd's heartbeat quickened, and their emotions were stirred up for some unknown reason.

\"Let's fight then.\" After the white-robed man said these words, the ambience became heated. It didn't matter how eloquent a person was because, in the end, the outcome would be decided by one's power.

\"Sirs, leave me and the Heavenly Palace's Master enough space,\" the white-robed man said.

Tens of thousands of people moved back and left them an appropriate battlefield. The white-robed man and Emperor Zhan Wu walked side by side, and then each proceeded toward a different Jiang Chen.

\"Jiang Chen, I will seize this last chance. If you are brave, use your main body to fight against me,\" Emperor Zhan Wu said. He wanted to take revenge for his disciple, and, since now the Heavenly Palace's forces wouldn't intervene, this was the last chance he had for a fair battle.

\"I will fulfill your wish.\" Jiang Chen didn't reject his request.

It was impossible to differentiate between the main body and the magical clone. But since Jiang Chen had used the One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones technique in front of the crowd, it was easy to distinguish them, and they couldn't make a mistake.

Emperor Zhan Wu sneered coldly, and a ruthless look appeared in his eyes, while the Red Blood Field Master's voice rang out near his ears, \"Use your whole power to achieve what you have chosen.\"

Emperor Zhan Wu was startled, and he understood that the Red Blood Field Master also wanted to kill Jiang Chen. Since Emperor Zhan Wu had chosen the main body, the Red Blood Field Master wouldn't get a chance to kill Jiang Chen himself, and so his statement's meaning was quite clear.

\"I will!\" It was fortunate that Emperor Zhan Wu was already resolved to kill his opponent.

\"I will then set a Battle Domain to ensure fairness, okay?\" The white-robed man nodded softly and spoke once again. When these words were heard by the crowd, the expressions of the Heavenly Palace members changed drastically.

The Battle Domain was a barrier-like obstruction around the battlefield, which would allow them to clearly see the actions of the people inside the domain. They could also discern through it whether the fighters had used external power, as well as their external power's characteristics.

However, the white-robed man's objective wasn't limited to just this, because when the Battle Domain was set up, something like a protective barrier would be formed, and it would prevent people from escaping, and it would also prevent people from intervening in the battle.

If Jiang Chen ended up in danger, the Heavenly Palace's Martial Saints wouldn't be able to provide help immediately, while the outcome of martial-grade battles might be decided in just a single instant.

\"He's luring Jiang Chen little by little into a dangerous zone.\"

\"The sharpest blade used to kill people is nothing other than people's minds.\"

\"Can Jiang Chen prevail?\"

As they thought back to the white-robed man's previous speech, they realized that the proud Jiang Chen couldn't reject the challenge, could he?

The azure demon and Wu Ming were the most worried of everyone, while the black dragon was wearing a careless expression. It was because the black dragon was aware that Jiang Chen wouldn't pay attention to their worries.

The most skeptical person was Gao Qiufeng. She had come from an independent realm, and, even though she recognized Jiang Chen as the new king, she still didn't know him well.

\"If you want to set it, just do so.\"

When Gao Qiufeng heard Jiang Chen's reply, her heart shivered.

\"My Queen, this person is too impulsive.\" Gao Yaner didn't know Jiang Chen well, and she was also startled. If Jiang Chen possessed any advantages, it would have been fine. But it seemed that Jiang Chen was on the weaker side. He probably had some trump cards. But wouldn't other people also have their own trump cards?

The three great academies' people also couldn't utter anything for a moment.

\"Is there still some hope left?\" These people, who had assumed that they couldn't deal with Jiang Chen and the Heavenly Palace members, all of a sudden became full of expectations, while their palms had already started perspiring.

\"It may also be a battle where the Heavenly Palace will reveal its might.\"

The Battle Domain was already set up properly, and it wasn't just a single one, but two Battle Domains.

\"This guy is really too careful.\"

The white-robed man had set up two Battle Domains because he was afraid that Jiang Chen might have deceived them and exchanged the magical clone with the main body.

After the Battle Domains were set up successfully, a murderous aura emanated from Emperor Zhan Wu, and he didn't even try hiding it.

\"Sister Cang Yue, will Jiang Chen suffer any mishaps?\" Tian Ling said anxiously.

This time, Cang Yue couldn't crack a joke, and a helpless look appeared on her face. \"Jiang Chen's power has already surprised me, and I can't discern the outcome of the battle.\"

After Cang Yue spoke, she took Tian Ling with her to Empress Ling Long's side.

\"Don't worry, Jiang Chen isn't an impulsive person,\" Empress Ling Long said.

Upon hearing this, Tian Ling set her mind at ease, while Cang Yue's heart sank. She was aware that the meaning of Empress Ling Long's words wasn't as simple as it seemed. Empress Ling Long hadn't managed to discern Jiang Chen's odds of success, and she used Jiang Chen's wits as an excuse to comfort them. It was only Tian Long who couldn't manage to discern the implication of her words.

The battles had already started, and the crowd was paying attention to Emperor Zhan Wu's fight because he was facing Jiang Chen's main body.

Emperor Zhan Wu's energy was churning, and his Martial Soul appeared. It was a colossal golden eagle as big as a mountain, which streaked across the sky. The golden eagle opened its mouth and cried at Jiang Chen. Its cry wasn't just awe-inspiring. It was a type of secret technique. Many ripples that couldn't be seen by the naked eye appeared in the air and started spreading quickly.

If average Martial Emperors had faced such an attack, they would get dizzy, and they might even lose their sight.

\"Heavenly Waves Attack!\"

Emperor Zhan Wu, who had gained the upper hand by showing his power, immediately displayed a lesser magical technique and turned into a light beam as he flew forward.

\"He has an earth-grade Martial Dais and a lesser magical technique. He used such great power to deal with a primary-stage Martial Emperor.\"

In the twinkling of an eye, and, in front of many stunned gazes, the attack reached Jiang Chen.

\"Hehe!\" What was beyond everyone's expectations was that Jiang Chen wasn't affected by the sound wave at all, and he was still strong. Moreover, he even thrust out his fist, and raging flames emanated from him.

Jiang Chen was now facing a lesser magical technique, but the Solar Golden Flame that was at the second level, which fused along with the Sky-burning Evil Flame, wasn't any weaker than such a technique. A heatwave swept the Battle Domain, and the shock waves almost overturned Emperor Zhan Wu.

Emperor Zhan Wu wasn't like the Bloody Sea Realm's Martial Emperors. He was an old and experienced veteran.

That was why his performance was completely different. Emperor Zhan Wu moved along with the shock waves, and he unexpectedly managed to dodge the flames' berserk force. As for the heatwave, he managed to resist it due to his realm level advantage.

\"Let's see how you can dodge this.\" A sharp look appeared in Jiang Chen's eyes, and he started weaving hand signs. \"Sky-burning Fury: Half Power!\"

The Sky-burning Evil Flame had a berserk trait, while it was assisted by the Solar Golden Flame. This was why sounds of explosions reverberated ceaselessly.

The raging flames started surging for a moment like a flood, and then they ran amok, while their outrageously high temperature was able to melt anything.

It was fortunate that such a matter occurred in the sky, and there weren't any objects around. If Jiang Chen's attack had fallen upon a city, then even if it was a colossal city, it would still be instantly destroyed thoroughly.

\"Jiang Chen is so terrifying.\"

\"Some people will always be legends.\"

When Jiang Chen was still a Star Venerable, he defeated myriad clans' geniuses and became the strongest genius. But, after he reached the martial grade, the term genius that was used on youngsters didn't fit him any longer.

However, even when Jiang Chen faced a Martial Emperor, who was older than he by much, he still demonstrated great power.

\"Humph, it's quite amazing. But you mustn't underestimate one of the seven emperors,\" the white-robed man said to himself.

If one believed Emperor Zhan Wu's power was limited to just this, then he had really overestimated the Red Blood Field. If this was the case, the white-robed man wouldn't have let go of the chance to fight the main body.

\"Is this the whole power of the Heavenly Palace's Master?\"

When everyone assumed that Emperor Zhan Wu had died among the sea of flames, a vigorous voice echoed out from them.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》