The Brilliant Fighting Master
1356 If I Had a Son, I Hope He“d Be Like Jiang Chen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1356 If I Had a Son, I Hope He“d Be Like Jiang Chen

\"Emperor Zhan Wu, you are probably clearly aware of why I took such actions.\"

Upon hearing this, an odd look appeared on Emperor Zhan Wu's face. But he quickly said in a sharp voice, \"How can I understand the thoughts of a traitor?\"

\"So, I will state why clearly. Since Jiang Chen left the academy, you have joined hands with the other five emperors and suppressed my Qi Li Continent. Moreover, when Jiang Chen founded the Heavenly Palace, you struck us down even more ferociously and didn't leave us even time to take a breather.

\"The exploration mission is an exhausting, time-consuming task. Yet, you have cut down on our share of resources, and, in just several months, the casualties of the Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army have become higher than in all the past few years combined.\"

As Empress Ling Long spoke, her aura changed drastically and her gaze became sharp. She seemed like an unsheathed sword, whose cold radiance illuminated the land.

Moreover, the emotions of the Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army's soldiers were stirred up when Empress Ling Long spoke, and resentment, grief, and anger were apparent on their faces, which took on an awful mien.

\"Does the Heavenly Palace welcome us?\" Empress Ling Long didn't pay any attention to the infuriated six emperors, and she looked at Jiang Chen. She awaited his reply!

The two armies' soldiers were also nervous, and they wondered whether Jiang Chen would accept them.

In the past, when Jiang Chen was still a Star Venerable, he quickly grew stronger among them. But now, he already governed the Divine Reign Domain, which was better than their Qi Li Continent by many folds.This was why Empress Ling Long was seeking connections with someone of a higher status.

One couldn't discern anything through Jiang Chen's expression, and he kept his silence for several seconds.

When the breathing of Empress Ling Long and the others had started to sound labored through anxiety, a familiar-looking smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face.

\"Ha!\" Jiang Chen raised his arm and shouted loudly and looked with a zealous gaze at the Xuanji Army. \"Ha! Ha! Ha!\"

The soldiers of the Xuanji Army's five battalions felt their blood boiling, and they all raised their weapons high in reply, while a shocking fighting spirit emanated from them.

Upon witnessing such a sight, everyone's expressions changed.

Jiang Chen had stayed for just a short period in the Red Blood Field, and he had been gone from there for a long time. Yet his subordinates and soldiers were still loyal to him. They had authentic fighting spirit, and such a matter couldn't be faked.

\"We have underestimated him,\" Situ Nan sighed with emotion and spoke.

It could be seen from this that Jiang Chen possessed great charisma.

Everyone recalled the past. Every time Jiang Chen's name emerged, they would mock him because he didn't have any faction to depend upon. He was lawless, out of control, and was killing people everywhere. That was why it seemed that he would die sooner or later. But now, it seemed like their mockery was quite ridiculous.

Empress Ling Long realized that Jiang Chen had accepted her request. In the previous several seconds, she had assumed that he would reject it. As Empress Ling Long thought of this matter, she couldn't help but look at him with a resentful gaze.

\"Does the Heavenly Palace always handle matters like this?\" Emperor Zhan Wu's angry shout ruined the good ambience.

\"The Heavenly Palace always handles matters like this. What do you want to do about it?\" Jiang Chen responded to him.

Jiang Chen's ice-cold voice brought Emperor Zhan Wu back to his senses. He realized that Jiang Chen wasn't any longer a lad that he could beat or kill if he wanted.

\"We won't take anything on the Qi Li Continent, and the area explored by us is our contribution to you, while it's also the compensation we will give the Red Blood Field. We don't owe the Red Blood Field anything,\" Empress Ling Long spoke coldly.

Emperor Zhan Wu was left at a loss for words. \"The rules aren't like this. But I'm still aware that no one can obstruct the Heavenly Palace from handling matters like it wants. But please don't disgrace our Red Blood Field thoroughly.\"

When Empress Ling Long was about to bring her subordinates with her and join the Heavenly Palace's camp, a white-robed man emerged from the Red Blood Field's group. There wasn't any anger apparent on his face, and he even wore a helpless expression. He was putting on a good act to corner his opponent further, and it could be said that it was a brilliant move.

Jiang Chen was aware that this man was the Red Blood Field's Master and was a Little Tycoon.

\"What exactly do you want? When matters such as this one occur, both sides should just discuss it and not fight. But it's obvious that my Red Blood Field doesn't possess enough power to discuss anything with the Heavenly Palace. So please demonstrate your power so that people can know that I have already done everything I can,\" the white-robed man said.

Even though the man put on a lowly attitude as he spoke, Jiang Chen still couldn't help but frown. Just this short verbal display made him realize that this white-robed man was anything but simple.

\"How do you want me to demonstrate it?\" Jiang Chen questioned him.

\"I want to witness the might of the Heavenly Palace's Master,\" the white-robed man stated his aim. It would be difficult for one to reject such a request.

Many alarmed cries rang out here.

Jiang Chen had gone to the Bloody Sea Realm, and he had managed to advance into the ranks of martial-grade experts by the time he came back. But only a few people knew the reason behind this trip.

The crowd couldn't use the fact that he was a Star Venerable as a reason to mock him for founding a faction any more. However, in the end, Jiang Chen was still just a Martial Emperor, and, even if he had the divine tree, a great formation, and five great saints, what was important was still his own power.

But no one had dared to lay bare such facts since Jiang Chen was too tyrannical.

However, when Empress Ling Long joined the Heavenly Palace, the Red Blood Field saw a good opportunity to challenge Jiang Chen.

If Jiang Chen continued to draw help from other people, it would seem that the Heavenly Palace's Master was mediocre based on the white-robed man's previous words.

As for what the white-robed man would do if he was ignored? That was what he wished for the most.

The Red Blood Field wanted to keep its prestige and honor, and if they didn't say anything after one of their seven emperors betrayed them, how could they still consider themselves prestigious and honorable?

Many complex gazes filled with mockery and expectations looked at Jiang Chen.

\"What you mean is that you want a Martial Emperor to fight a Martial Saint, don't you?\" Wu Ming spoke angrily. \"If you want to experience the Heavenly Palace's power, I will keep you company.\"

Upon hearing this, the white-robed man shrugged his shoulders and didn't reply.

The crowd's discussions became more impassioned, while Wu Ming wanted to speak further. But he was obstructed by Jiang Chen.

The Red Blood Field was just a little tycoon-grade faction, and, if he couldn't deal with even such a matter perfectly, people would have a good excuse to mock him.

\"If it's for fame, everyone should depend upon his own power. But if it's for profits, one should use everything up one's sleeve.\"

\"Field Master, I wonder for which one are you taking such actions?\" Jiang Chen questioned him.

Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen didn't avoid the battle challenge and that he even revealed a fighting spirit, a great raucousness arose among the crowd.

\"He is anything but simple.\" Situ Nan's eyes lit up, and he sighed with emotions. He couldn't help but think of his granddaughter. She was at the same age as Jiang Chen. Yet, there was a large disparity between their wits.

Such a simple statement hid many mysteries within it.

The white-robed man, who was at the Martial Saint Realm, wanted to experience the power of a Martial Emperor, and, if he had the nerve to say that it was for fame, he would seem shameless. This was why Jiang Chen's question had only a single answer, and he had only a single choice that he could pick.

All people from the older generation were quite surprised that Jiang Chen could come up with an appropriate response in such a short time.

\"If I had a son, I hope he'd be like Jiang Chen.\"

All the elders couldn't help but wonder how Jiang Chen's parents had raised such an outstanding person. He was obviously still a youth. Yet, he was already so outstanding.

Many people who had believed that Jiang Chen depended upon martial power to act recklessly finally got to experience his wit, and they understood that he hadn't managed to found the Heavenly Palace by luck.

\"Empress Ling Long's betrayal made the Red Blood Field lose a great general. So, it's obviously for profits.\" The white-robed man squinted his eyes, which shone brightly.

The white-robed man pondered for a moment, before he spoke once again, \"But the Heavenly Palace's Master is young and promising and has boundless future prospects. This is why the Red Blood Field will fight for both fame and profit.\"

\"Emperor Zhan Wu!\"

\"I'm here!\"

Upon hearing the Master's call, Emperor Zhan Wu strode forward, while emanating a high fighting spirit and an imposing aura.

\"You can choose one of us,\" the white-robed man said.

\"It's brilliant!\"

Many people had just understood the verbal confrontation between Jiang Chen and the white-robed man, and, after they mulled it over, they finally realized that both those two people were outstanding.

The issue was pushed once again to Jiang Chen.


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