The Brilliant Fighting Master
1354 Anyone Who Insults Heavenly Palace Will Die
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1354 Anyone Who Insults Heavenly Palace Will Die

The azure demon, the black dragon, the Evil Blood Emperor, Gao Qiufeng, and Wu Ming were all apex Martial Saints, and they surrounded the Heavenly Palace's Lord, Jiang Chen.

Such a group was enough to shake up any of the Seventh Realm's colossal men and factions. Moreover, Jiang Chen and the Heavenly Palace also had the Divine Tree of Creatures and a great formation.

\"The three great academies and the continents' three grades have existed in the Seventh Realm for almost 100 years. Do you really believe that you are able to break such a system?\"

While they had been in this deadlock, a significant person had finally shown up. He was the Abundance Land Academy's Vice Master and also the Master of the Yaoguang Holy Land. The man wore a white robe and possessed an outstanding demeanor and immeasurable power.

\"Master Situ,\" Jiang Chen acknowledged him. This wasn't their first meeting. The last time they had met was when Jiang Chen went to the Yaoguang Holy Land as Master Luo Cheng, and at that time he even saved Master Situ's life.

Afterward, Jiang Chen got the protection of the Yaoguang Holy Land's Vice Master during the Wizard Clan's banquet.

Situ Nan nodded in response and awaited Jiang Chen's reply.

The question raised by Situ Nan expressed the doubts of the people here. It was only after disputes, which had lasted for many years, that the Seventh Realm's factions were divided up, and they had all reached an agreement with each other.

The rise of the Heavenly Palace posed a threat to their benefits, and they wanted to hear Jiang Chen's opinion so that they could figure out how they should deal with this matter. However, anyone with a clever mind knew that this matter wasn't going to be resolved perfectly.

\"My convictions are more resolute than you think. It's high time for the Seventh Realm to change. Its static state has brought about many unimaginable restrictions,\" Jiang Chen began answering. \"I started my path on the Sky Reaching Continent, and what I have gone through is the best proof of this.\"

Upon hearing this, the powerful people from the three academies frowned.

\"Moreover, I must kindly advise you, if several more years pass without significant changes, you won't get to talk me like this.\" Jiang Chen's gaze became sharp, and he spoke in a deep voice, \"All factions who have attacked me previously still have now an opportunity to remedy everything.\"

An uproar immediately arose in the surroundings. They had just had several confrontations in which the Heavenly Palace didn't suffer any casualties, while three Martial Saints from the three great academies had died. Yet Jiang Chen still dared to say these things. He was really overbearing.

\"Jiang Chen! You have killed my husband and killed Changqing. My Divine War Clan won't coexist with you.\" From the Li family, Madame Li shouted out of grief and indignation.

She had witnessed that the tension had alleviated, and she was afraid that everyone would be convinced by Jiang Chen to coexist. That was why she quickly expressed her opinion.

There were many people who harbored the same kind of thoughts as Madame Li, and the Heavenly Sea Gang's Vice Master shouted angrily, \"Our gang Master was killed by the Heavenly Palace for no reason, and we surely can't just drop this matter easily.\"

When the yellow and black gas was discovered the last time, the three academies sent their experts in order to try to make some profits. But they were all frightened by the Devil Slaying Tower, and the Heavenly Sea Gang's Master was killed by it.

As the ambience became hostile once again, Jiang Chen didn't back down and shouted sharply, \"Anyone who insults Heavenly Palace will die.\"

The Divine Tree of Creatures shone brightly, and many vines pushed out from its branches, while the Heavenly Palace's great formation emitted a loud whistling sound as many multicolored light beams shot out from it.

The black dragon soared into the sky, with his majestic draconic aura erupting out. As for Gao Qiufeng, she started weaving hand signs quickly, and the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame let loose a heat wave that forced many people to move back.

\"Today, it doesn't matter what are the three great academies' attitudes, as the Heavenly Palace won't be affected by them at all. If anyone wants to defy my Heavenly Palace, it would be best for you to join hands now and come out or else the Heavenly Palace will kill you one by one. Moreover, don't try preaching to me, as even if I have to fight until the world is turned upside down, I still won't give up.\"

Jiang Chen flew into the sky and looked disdainfully at everything below him. He spoke in a firm tone that expressed his resolve clearly.

The expressions of the three great academies' experts became gloomy, and their power started getting restless.

\"Let's fight now!\" Glory could only be gotten through shedding blood, and Jiang Chen's eyes were brimming with intense and ice-cold killing intent.

A great battle could start at any moment, and many people rubbed their hands and awaited the command. However, as time elapsed second by second, many people realized that something was amiss.

As they looked at the Martial Saints they had arrived with, they realized that their faces were filled with unwillingness and hesitation.

\"It seems like we won't get to destroy the Heavenly Palace today.\"

\"The Heavenly Palace's power has exceeded our expectations. Moreover, if it was limited to just this, it would have been fine. But they also have the Divine Tree of Creatures.\"

\"You shouldn't forget Jiang Chen's great formation, as it can kill even Martial Saints.\"

Many discussions arose among the crowd, and many people had already put away their weapons.

\"What are you waiting for? At this moment, we represent the Seventh Realm's strongest force, and, if we just give up, we can only look on helplessly as the Heavenly Palace flaunts its might in the future,\" Madame Li shouted excitedly.

The people from the factions that had feuds with Jiang Chen had the same opinions.

\"When we came here, we stated that we wouldn't care what price we paid, and we would accept even the occurrence of casualties. But the current situation is different, and all factions will suffer heavy losses. Such a price is graver than the benefits we will get from the Divine Reign Domain.\"

Anyone who could reach the Martial Saint Realm was an astute and scheming person, and they never lost their reason. Moreover, it was quite clear that fighting the Heavenly Palace was going to be too difficult.

\"The current issue is that after the Heavenly Palace rises in power, it will start swallowing us one by one,\" Madame Li said. She wasn't willing to accept such an outcome!

\"If the Heavenly Palace really possess such power, then it isn't any different than the Eighth Realm's three great factions, is it? We will then just have to swear allegiance to a different person.\"

\"From today onward, we won't offer the Eighth Realm any resources through the three great academies, and we will continue doing so until they get rid of the Heavenly Palace.\"

\"That's right, let's take this action.\"

The three great academies' upper-echelon members were communicating with each other quickly and secretly, and it could be clearly seen that they had less fighting spirit than previously.

At this moment, the black dragon's voice reached Jiang Chen's ears, \"It's really disappointing.\" The Black Dragon Clan members were all fond of battles, and Jiang Chen understood clearly what he meant by such words.

\"They are all stuck in the old ways and aren't willing to even consider making progress. This is their current state,\" Wu Ming said.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. The three great academies' response was a good result for him. However, his own side's people were displeased because their enemies didn't want to fight.

\"Ten years.\" Jiang Chen concentrated and started carrying out his next plan. When he had gotten the crowd's attention, Jiang Chen slowly said, \"I have spent less than ten years to amass such power, and, if another ten years pass, dealing with Martial Saints will be easy for me.\"

Many people were confused by his words, and they wondered what Jiang Chen wanted to do. Was he reminding them that he was a great threat because the three great academies weren't willing to fight him?

\"This is why your best chance is to deal with me.\" They didn't expect that their guess was spot-on. An uproar arose among them, and a ferocious look appeared on the faces of many experts who were still hesitating. But a helpless look quickly replaced it.

\"If you won't fight, then just wait until the day where you have to submit to the Heavenly Palace. But I can assure you that being governed by me is still better than being governed by the Eighth Realm,\" Jiang Chen said.

Many people frowned because Jiang Chen's speech was so boastful.

The reason why the Eighth Realm didn't intervene wasn't out of fear. It was just because it wasn't worth it. The five Martial Saints and the tree couldn't deal with any of the Eighth Realm's three great factions. Moreover, the divine tree couldn't even move.

However, after the crowd hesitated for a moment, they noticed that Jiang Chen's face was youthful and filled with confidence, and, at such a moment, many people felt for some unknown reason that nothing was really impossible.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》