The Brilliant Fighting Master
1353 The Heavenly Palace“s Migh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1353 The Heavenly Palace“s Migh

What was worth mentioning was that the Li Family's Master was one of the Martial Saints who could pose a threat to them.

Even worse, he didn't attack alone, but with several other Martial Saints he had brought with him, who attacked Jiang Chen from various directions.

Before these experts had arrived, they had already reached an agreement. They had decided to attack without any discussion as soon as they saw an opportunity.

Jiang Chen obviously wasn't able to withstand the attacks of several Martial Saints. But the crowd didn't see any panic on his face.

As the crowd felt confused, a deafening dragon roar could be heard. The black dragon ran toward Jiang Chen, and its giant body coiled around Jiang Chen and protected him. When the Martial Saints' attacks fell on the dragon's body, they just left several white scars on its black scales.

The denizens of the Heavenly Palace didn't wait for the Martial Saints' second wave of attacks, and myriad swords flew out of the Heavenly Palace and rained down upon the enemies. Meanwhile, the Divine Tree of Creatures sent thin branches streaking across the sky.

\"Awful!\" Several Martial Saints were frightened, and they took off at their fastest speeds, trying to dodge the attacks.

But the swords were faster than they were, and two of the Martial Saints were immediately penetrated by them. This was the formation set up by Jiang Chen, and it possessed outstanding might. He couldn't depend upon the black dragon and the others to deal with every situation.

Upon witnessing the miserable death of the Martial Saints, the crowd became very tense.

\"Attack! We must kill this lad, even if we have to turn the world upside down to do it,\" the Li Family's Master shouted loudly, asking other people to join in the attack.

More Martial Saints took out their weapons, and many energy waves started rising. One of them was even holding a pseudo-immortal artifact, and he used it to try to deal with the Divine Tree of Creatures.

\"Even if you have become a Martial Emperor and possess a dragon, nothing is going to change.\" The Li Family's Master was the most infuriated of them all because his son had been killed by Jiang Chen.

He was a tall, sturdy man who was fully armed, and his armor was a Doctrine Artifact. His sharp face had a ferocious look.

The black dragon roared loudly. It wasn't afraid of the dozens of Martial Saints' attacks.

BANG! Jiang Chen was aware that the black dragon couldn't bear so many attacks alone, and so he called up Gao Qiufeng, who brought with her several hundred warriors.

The Heart-burning Heavenly Flame started burning next to the black dragon, and it formed a protective shield around it, which was expanding quickly.

\"Oh, my God! What kind of flames are those?\"

This flame with a rarely seen color made the Martial Saints' scalps become numb, and they all moved back.

Just after this, a sharp sound of something flying through the air echoed out, and, while everything descended into chaos, the crowd detected that a person with a shocking aura approached the Li Family's Master.

The Li Family's Master became solemn because he was facing a great enemy, and he concentrated wholly, while his armor shone with a bright light.

The next second, the Li Family's Master's armor suffered crazy attacks, and it was destroyed shortly. The crowd never even saw the person who had attacked.

This attack continued until the armor fell off, and the Li Family's Master, who was shaken greatly, was held from his head by a giant hand.

\"Oh, my God!\" The crowd finally got to see who had attacked, and they were all frightened, and they moved even further back. It couldn't be denied that the appearance of the Evil Blood Emperor, who had converted to Buddhism, was still scary.

The Evil Blood Emperor's large hand held the Li Family's Master's head as if it were a ball, and, as his fingers exerted their powers, the Li Family's Master started struggling to keep his life. But it wasn't any help, and his head burst open like a watermelon.

After witnessing such a sight, the entire area became tense and all the people who had come with a hostile intent came to a stop. Ten seconds passed, and Jiang Chen walked out from the black dragon's protection.

\"I can guarantee that I can wipe out your whole army,\" Jiang Chen said. He spoke in a calm voice. Yet it only made it seem more forceful, and many people didn't dare to move, while sweat poured down their cheeks.

\"Where did this guy get such people?\" The black dragon, the Evil Blood Emperor, and Gao Qiufeng were all people who didn't fit together. Yet they still belonged to the same camp due to Jiang Chen, and they possessed great power.

SWOOSH! Just as the ambience started becoming less tense, the sound of something flying through the void echoed all around.

\"The Nether World School!\"

Jiang Chen found such a sound familiar. It was a Nether World School's killer, and, this time, it was a powerhouse-grade killer. The killer appeared suddenly behind Jiang Chen and thrust his sharp sword toward his heart.


While most of the people observed such a sight, expecting to see Jiang Chen get killed, two big golden hands struck the sword casually, as if swatting an annoying fly. Then the azure demon showed up in front of the crowd, many of whom wore dumbstruck expressions. The sword was destroyed thoroughly, while blood flowed from the Azure Demon's hands.

\"Oh, my God!\"

The whole site descended into silence, and everyone looked in a daze at Jiang Chen, who had been thoroughly protected. They had all mocked the Heavenly Palace for a long time because its master was just a Star Venerable. Only a short while had passed since then. Yet Jiang Chen's aura wasn't any weaker than all the other influential men who controlled great regions.

\"Who still wants to throw away his life? I'm waiting here.\" Jiang Chen looked at everyone with a provocative gaze. As Jiang Chen spoke, Wu Ming unsheathed his sword. At this moment, all the Martial Saints exchanged glances and gave up on their plans. Their battle tactics had failed.

\"Today is the day when my Heavenly Palace will be opened officially, and, if you have come to congratulate us, I will welcome you warmly. But if you come to cause trouble, I probably don't need to mention what will be your end,\" Jiang Chen said loudly.

No one responded. In the whole Seventh Realm, it was probably just Jiang Chen alone who dared to say such words.

\"Celestial Phoenix Queen, why have you violated our agreement?\" An infuriated voice cried out from the crowd, and it denounced Gao Qiufeng. Gao Qiufeng looked at the person speaking and said, \"I have never promised you anything. Moreover, Jiang Chen is the current new king.\" That person still wanted to argue further. But when he heard Gao Qiufeng's last words, he realized that there wasn't any room for discussion. If Gao Qiufeng treated Jiang Chen as the new king, what could he say?\"

\"What skills does Jiang Chen possess? How can a Martial Emperor get so many Martial Saints to fight for him?\"

\"Those five existences are all at the peak of the Martial Saint Realm, and they aren't weaker than any holy land or divine sect.\"

\"There is still the Divine Tree of Creatures and the formation...\"

The crowd realized that the Heavenly Palace's opening on this day wasn't a joke.

\"If we oppose it, what can we do?\" Someone questioned Jiang Chen.

That guy wasn't wrong. The Seventh Realm's people could just isolate the Heavenly Palace.

They didn't need to attack it, and, if anyone dared to join it, they would make him pay a dreadful price. If they gathered the whole Realm's power, wouldn't they be able to let the Heavenly Palace exist only in name?

\"If anyone opposes us, I will take people with me and go pay a visit to his spiritual land,and have a talk with him,\" Jiang Chen spoke with a smile in his eyes.

The crowd quickly came back to their senses. Jiang Chen who possessed such power didn't need to just defend. He could also attack proactively. Besides the sanctity-grade continents' apex factions, there wasn't anyone who could obstruct terrifying beings such as the black dragon and the others.

\"The Eighth Realm won't just ignore such a matter,\" someone started threatening Jiang Chen.

\"They obviously won't ignore it,\" Jiang Chen said and took out the Human Emperor Bow. \"But I also don't fear them.\"

When the Sacred Martial Arts Academy's people witnessed the Human Emperor Bow, their expressions changed. Since the Human Emperor Bow was in Jiang Chen's hands, then the Young Human Emperor, who had shot to death Jiang Chen's magical clone, must have already paid a grave price for his actions.

\"The Eighth Realm's three factions are restraining each other, and if they want to destroy my Heavenly Palace, they will have to pay a grave price, which is greater than the benefits brought to them by your three great academies,\" Jiang Chen said.


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