The Brilliant Fighting Master
1352 Great Even
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1352 Great Even

Wu Ming controlled his impulse to beat someone and listened to everything Jiang Chen had to say, before he turned and started to stare at Jiang Chen with an unnerving gaze, until Jiang Chen was actually scared.

\"Master, what's wrong?\" Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

\"You think that your Sword Doctrine power isn't great enough, don't you? However, this is only the case when it comes to dealing with Martial Saints. You have already formed a Supreme Will, and who could be a match for you in the Martial Emperor Realm?\"

As Wu Ming spoke, he became angrier, and, in the end, he was so infuriated that he laughed. \"Jiang Chen, I know that you make strict demands on yourself, but every generation must take care of its own affairs. You have taken Martial Saints on as your enemies. So why don't you focus on raising your realm level.\"

\"What you need aren't magical techniques, but martial techniques. A magical technique can change one's whole body, but it's a killing technique. You can't use a magical technique repeatedly while fighting against people, can you?\"

Jiang Chen nodded. He had also discovered the truth behind this comment.

\"But it's difficult for martial techniques to satisfy my Conception Realm's requirements,\" Jiang Chen couldn't help but state this objection.

If he used just half of his Conception Realm's power, he would attain the pinnacle of sword techniques, and the other half was just wasted.

Jiang Chen didn't wait for Wu Ming's reply, and he suddenly recalled something. He said, \"Master, are you talking about studying extreme martial techniques?\"

Upon hearing this, Wu Ming was quite surprised. He said, \"It seems as if you know too much.\"

\"I read it in a book,\" Jiang Chen said, smiling sheepishly. The might of extreme martial techniques wasn't any lower than magical techniques, and what was most important was that they weren't an ultimate technique that could be used only a single time like magical techniques.

Extreme martial techniques would let one fight while displaying the same power as magical techniques. Linked sword moves were an example of them.

Nevertheless, 500 years ago extreme martial techniques were so rare that people couldn't help but wonder whether they really existed.

Now Jiang Chen looked expectantly at Wu Ming, his face filled with longing.

\"Why are you looking at me like that? I don't have any extreme martial techniques.\" Wu Ming revealed a helpless smile as he spoke.

\"Huh?\" Jiang Chen was surprised by this. He did not think that Wu Ming had these techniques but was hoarding them for himself, but he was extremely surprised that he really didn't have them.

In Jiang Chen's eyes, his master was omnipotent when it came to anything to do with the Sword Doctrine.

\"Jiang Chen, your Sword Doctrine level has already surpassed mine long ago, and what you lack is realm level, realm level!\" Wu Ming stressed the fact that Jiang Chen must focus on the promotion of his realm level.

Jiang Chen was just at the early stage of the Martial Emperor Realm. He had already reached the pinnacle of this realm.

He also wanted to raise his realm level and become a Martial Saint. But it was difficult to raise a Martial-grade Realm.

Jiang Chen had refined and absorbed a fire dragon, and he felt like his cultivation base had advanced by much. But if he wanted to reach the intermediate-level, he would need ten more fire dragons.


Two days passed in a flash. Jiang Chen got rid of all his distracting thoughts and started preparing for proper business.

\"Let's start.\" When Jiang Chen's voice echoed out, most of the mist around the Heavenly Palace was scattered, and the palace's appearance was revealed completely.

As golden light shone upon the land, all of the palace seemed like it was made out of glass or precious jade. The Divine Tree of Creatures took back its original form, and it was translucent and sparkling and in harmony with the Heavenly Palace.

Upon detecting that the Heavenly Palace was open, the troops of the restless Seventh Realm's factions all charged toward the palace.

\"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a large force. I'm really lucky to get to witness such a sight in my lifetime.\" As people appeared riding toward them, spread out as far as the eye could see, Wu Ming sighed with emotion.

Jiang Chen also had the same feeling, and, if he had to describe it clearly, he would just have to say that it made him recall the Blood Clan's great army, which he had witnessed in the fourth area.

\"What beautiful weather.\" Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the dark blue sky. There wasn't a cloud for 10,000 miles.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but reveal a faint smile as the crowd rushed forward like a tide. There were more than one million people, with countless experts among them.

The Seventh Realm's continents were divided into three categories and grades, and every category had more than 1,000 continents.

There was a holy land, or a divine sect, in one out of every five or six continents, and there was at least one Martial Saint in every holy land or divine sect. If one counted the number of Martial Saints according to this method, one would arrive at a shocking number.

However, all they really needed to do was to examine the people in their line of sight, and they would realize that many Martial Saints had appeared there. Sometimes, they could see ten with a single glance.

It was really exactly like Wu Ming had said. Such a large army had never appeared before, and they probably wouldn't have dared to approach the divine tree like this if they hadn't consisted of this enormous force.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Heavenly Palace and the Divine Tree of Creatures were crowded by people. Every space seemed to have been filled.

\"Wow! This is really a massive crowd. He is serious.\" This was most people's first time seeing the Heavenly Palace, and they were stunned by it.

They witnessed that Jiang Chen had built the Heavenly Palace on top of the clouds. It seemed like the abode of the immortals. A jealous look appeared on the faces of many of the upper echelons of the factions. They all wished they could replace Jiang Chen.

\"Sirs, you have arrived. I really feel overwhelmed by such favor,\" Jiang Chen said.

A large number of people weren't necessarily useful. The only people who would be really useful on this day were the Martial Saints.

When Jiang Chen did a cursory count, he discovered that there were more than 1,000 Martial Saints here. However, it was fortunate that even Martial Saints were divided into several levels, so it was only about 100 people who had reached the same level as the Azure Demon and Gao Qiufeng.

\"Jiang Chen, stop acting stupidly!\" The Divine War Clan's Li Tianwei was the first person to walk over. He was in a rage and resentful because he had suffered a loss on the previous day.

Jiang Chen had been in a feud with Li Tianwei since the Wizard Clan's banquet. At that time, Jiang Chen killed Li Changqing and alarmed the Li family, which was also the Divine War Clan.

Li Changqing's mother and Li Tianwei had come over once to take Jiang Chen's life, but they ended up settling the dispute, though it had never reached a final denouement.

The reason Jiang Chen had ended up where he was today was largely due to the Li family, which had put pressure on him while he was in the Abundance Land Academy, and, thus, were one of the reasons why Jiang Chen left the Abundance Land Academy.

However, the main reason was still Jiang Chen's own character.

\"Why are you being mysterious? I don't understand what you are talking about.\" Jiang Chen strode forward, minimizing the distance between them.

At this moment, everyone's breathing became labored. It seemed as if Jiang Chen wasn't aware of how dangerous his current situation was, and he walked beyond the 100-yard radius surrounding the Divine Tree of Creatures.

\"Die!\" Li Tianwei assumed that this was a rare chance, and he strode forward, attacking with his whole might.

\"Why does such a foolish person exist in the world?\" Jiang Chen stood his ground without moving, and, as his opponent approached him, divine lightning filled the sky and a rumbling sound echoed overhead. The Immeasurable Ruler took a sword shape, and Jiang Chen thrust it forward.

\"What?\" Li Tianwei's expression changed drastically, and his eyes got wide.

The might of Jiang Chen's sword strike was vastly greater than he had expected. Moreover, Jiang Chen hadn't used any external power. If Jiang Chen had used external power, Li Tianwei wouldn't have charged at him stupidly.

But it was already too late for any discussion, and Li Tianwei, who had assumed that he could depend on his realm level to suppress his opponent, paid a grave price. Before the sword even reached Li Tianwei, a bolt of divine lightning flew forward and penetrated Li Tianwei's chest.

\"A Martial Emperor...\" Even at death's door, Li Tianwei still found it difficult to believe.

So the day's first casualty occurred, much quicker than anyone had expected.

\"Jiang Chen has already advanced into the Martial Grade.\"

\"We can't any longer use the fact that he founded a faction while at the Star Venerable Realm as an excuse to cause trouble for him.\"

Many alarmed cries echoed among the spectators ceaselessly.

\"Jiang Chen! Do you really think that you can oppose and defy the whole Seventh Realm?\"

The Divine War Clan's master, who was also the Li family's Master and Li Changqing's father, attacked angrily.


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