The Brilliant Fighting Master
1351 Suggestion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1351 Suggestion

There were a large number of people living throughout the lands of the Divine Prison Continent. They were all bustling around, cutting down forests and flattening hills.

They were constructing many houses with four sides that resembled boxes. These houses possessed great destructive power and were all absorbing energy in a large radius around each one.

The soil around these houses quickly lost its moisture and became sand, while the Divine Tree of Creature's influence over the region had started disappearing.

The formation that had been set by Jiang Chen would occasionally run into conflict with the houses, and an intense reaction would occur.

After the houses were attacked, they would explode, which gave rise to a chain reaction. All of this region's natural formations ended up destroyed due to the energy shock waves and the high temperature.

This was an extremely stupid method. But it was quite effective.

The Seventh Realm's people used up all their physical resources and constructed more than 10,000 houses.

If one stood any place near these houses and looked back, it was impossible to see the place where they started or they ended.

If this continued for a long time, the Divine Prison Continent would lose its spiritual power, and, at that time, Jiang Chen, who was hiding inside it, would be forced to come out and fight.


\"You! What are you doing? Why don't you go to work?\" In a certain place, a woman wearing the Abundance Land Academy's uniform was treated badly by her companions.

The reason behind this wasn't that this woman was hideous and loathsome. Indeed, she was even quite beautiful, with pretty skin and a curvaceous body.

\"Didn't you hear me? Or are you feeling sorry for your lover and don't want to attack him?\" The reason why this woman was suffering such treatment was that she was Yao Yuntong.

She was the inheritor of the Mysterious Thunder School's lightning method, and she had gotten acquainted with Jiang Chen in the Three Middle Realms.

When she had been bullied by the Thunder God Sect in the Seventh Realm, it was Jiang Chen who had intervened and helped her, while afterward she joined the Abundance Land Academy along with Jiang Chen.

When Jiang Chen went to the Sword God Palace, they got separated temporarily, and, after, Jiang Chen left the Abundance Land Academy, killed the dual-pupil wielder at the Wizard Clan's banquet, and founded the Heavenly Palace.

Jiang Chen's relationship with Yao Yuntong was known about by many people, and that was why they retaliated against her.

In the current operation, Yao Yuntong's companions handed over any hard and dirty work to her. She didn't object and just carried out her work, while wearing an expressionless look.

But it was then that a shocking matter occurred that no one had expected.

The Divine Tree of Creatures, which had almost engulfed the whole continent, started retracting its branches, and, in just a few seconds, the Divine Tree of Creatures disappeared completely, and the whole continent seemed more empty than ever before. Moreover, the crowd discovered that the formation's grade was lowered.

\"Sirs, it seems as if you want to enter my Heavenly Palace. So please come inside. In addition, in two days, my Heavenly Palace will be officially open to the public, and we will start recruiting disciples. We will also accept any factions that want to join us and become affiliated with us.\"

\"Moreover, the name Divine Prison Continent is quite unpleasant, and I will change it to Divine Reign Domain.\" Jiang Chen's voice reverberated near everyone's ears, and every person's face was filled with shock.

They all exchanged glances to ascertain whether other people had also heard such ridiculous statements. After they made sure that they didn't mishear anything, a commotion arose and they started whispering to each other.

\"Jiang Chen, what are you doing?\" Yao Yuntong clenched her hands, which were hidden by her sleeves, while a worried look appeared in her eyes as she thought, \"Opening it to the public? Recruiting disciples? Changing the name? Wasn't Jiang Chen aware of his current situation, or was he challenging the whole Seventh Realm?\"

However, such news caused a great sensation in the whole Seventh Realm.

Jiang Chen wanted to change the Seventh Realm's entire power structure. But would he just end up digging his own grave or would he amaze everyone with a brilliant feat?

No one knew the answer. But the three great academies were happy that Jiang Chen had lifted the restrictions. They all decided to gather all their experts and attend the appointment.

On the same night, more news was transmitted.

It was said that the Divine Honor Academy had assembled experts and gone to the land of black and yellow gas to start plundering.

But what no one had expected was that when they were about to start stealing, a black dragon had descended from the sky.

The dragon didn't speak with them and instead immediately attacked. It inflicted heavy injuries upon several Martial Saints, and one of them had even ended up losing an arm.

A great commotion arose after this news spread, and everyone realized that the fact that the Divine Tree of Creatures withdrew didn't mean that the continent wasn't protected and wasn't on guard against them.

The Divine War Clan's Li Tianwei took a group of people with him and started looking for Jiang Chen's relatives in the Divine Reign Domain to avenge Li Changqing.

But as he walked around, he ended up stirring up the formation and most of them ended up dead or injured. Thereafter, the next day was peaceful and calm. The crowd was awaiting the opening day, and it was then that they would close in on the Heavenly Palace and see how they should deal with it.


Jiang Chen was in the Heavenly Palace standing atop the clouds and pondering all the situations that might occur and making preparations for them.

All of a sudden, a youth flew over. However, he came to a stop when there were only 50 yards left between him and Jiang Chen. He didn't dare to approach him.

\"Come over!\" Jiang Chen realized that it was his aura as a martial-grade expert that had scared the youth. He revealed a warm smile and restrained his aura.

\"Senior brother Jiang Chen.\" It was then that Lin Yu felt at ease and quickly strode forward. In the past, when Jiang Chen left the academy, Lin Yu chose boldly to follow Jiang Chen, and he became one of the Heavenly Palace's first members.

\"You really have made quick progress.\" Jiang Chen noticed that Lin Yu would shortly become a martial-grade expert. He would shortly make a breakthrough!

\"It's thanks to the divine tree's fruit and the Heavenly Palace,\" Lin Yu said.

This was the truth, as the Heavenly Palace had been constructed by Jiang Chen with the utmost care, and many halls there could help raise one's training speed by a whole fold.

Lin Yu hesitated for a moment, before he asked bluntly, \"Senior brother Jiang Chen, do you know Du Tian Divine Lightning?\"

Jiang Chen was bewildered and startled by such a question. At this moment, Jiang Chen felt like he understood what the Azure Demon had felt when he learned that Jiang Chen had resisted Du Tian Divine Lightning.

\"Do you want to pursue perfection?\" Jiang Chen asked.

\"As one realm level progresses to the end, one's potential will be fixed, and the Star Venerable Realm is the last chance. If I can get Du Tian Divine Lightning, the martial-grade realm that I will manage to reach will be higher,\" Lin Yu said.

\"Do you know how dangerous Du Tian Divine Lightning is?\"

Lin Yu's expression changed, and he nodded. But his gaze wasn't too resolute.

\"I grasped Du Tian Divine Lightning, and I have also gotten an immortal-grade Martial Dais,\" Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Yu became excited, and the panic and fright in his gaze became less intense.

\"But I advise you to not attempt it,\" Jiang Chen said, while wearing a solemn expression.

Lin Yu was taken aback by this, and he wanted to say something. But he hesitated, and an unwilling look appeared on his face.

\"I can understand your feelings, and this is just a suggestion. You can choose your own road. But you must bear the consequences.\"

\"However, it isn't like all martial-grade experts are completely affected by their Martial Dais,\" Jiang Chen uttered these words, and he didn't know what Lin Yu was thinking, but a complex expression was plastered on his face when he walked away.

While facing such a matter, Jiang Chen didn't know what he should say. He possessed great knowledge and was proficient in elixirs, formations, divine weapons, and other fields. But he still had died two times while walking down his path from the Nine Heavens Realm.

This was why he wouldn't encourage the Nine Heavens Realm's people to advance courageously like him, and this was also why he didn't advise anyone to take such a risk.

As Jiang Chen thought about these matters, he went to look for his master, Wu Ming. He wanted to inform him of the problems he had run into in the Sword Doctrine's aspects.


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