The Brilliant Fighting Master
1350 Opening the Heavenly Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1350 Opening the Heavenly Palace

\"Earnest people are really the most lovable people,\" Jiang Chen thought to himself as he looked at the queen.

If Jiang Chen had been in her place, he surely wouldn't have handed over the position he cared about the most.

\"I have just a single request.\" The queen wasn't dejected because she had failed. Instead, it seemed as if she felt freed from a burden, and she spoke calmly, \"Please bring glory to our Celestial Phoenix bloodline.\"

Upon hearing her voice, which was filled with longing, Jiang Chen's heart shuddered, and his expression became solemn. \"I will do my best.\" After long consideration, Jiang Chen could only give her this reply.


In the distant ancient era, the Xuanhuan Realm had not yet suffered any calamities. It was at peace until it split apart and the heavenly gods left it.

Once it was abandoned, all its myriad clans were engulfed by darkness. This ancient era was called the Darkness Era.

This era continued until humans managed to draw power from divine beasts, and they started rising vigorously and fighting back.

Many heroes appeared in that era, which was why it was also called the Heroes Era.

At that time, seven out of ten heroes possessed an inherited bloodline.

However, everything changed with the passage of time, and this wasn't the case nowadays. Even 500 years ago, Jiang Chen had rarely heard about bloodline inheritors.

Some people even said that after the end of the Heroes Era the world wouldn't need bloodline inheritors any longer.


At this moment, the temperature of the Celestial Phoenix Queen's body started rising, and the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame appeared in her hands.

When the Retired Emperor, who had managed to get a grip on himself with great difficulty, saw this, his vision went dark and he fell down once again. He didn't even get to hear Jiang Chen's reply.

\"I don't need it.\"

The faces of the Celestial Phoenix Queen and the others were overcome with shock, as they wondered whether they had misheard Jiang Chen.

\"The first step for strengthening our inherited bloodline clan is that you collect your own Alien Flame,\" Jiang Chen said.

The Heart-burning Heavenly Flame really possessed peerless appeal, and, when Jiang Chen first learned of its existence, he also wanted to take it for himself.

But he mustn't bite off more than he could chew, as his Sky-burning Evil Flame had just started approaching its peak state.

Moreover, he still had Du Tian Divine Lightning and Void Divine Wind, while the Celestial Phoenix Queen had sworn allegiance to him, which meant in a sense that the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame would be used for him.

\"Okay!\" The Celestial Phoenix Queen nodded. She was quite grateful to him. It was the Celestial Phoenix Queen, after all, who had originally gotten the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame, and it had a special significance for her because she took it as a sign of the Celestial Phoenix's approval of her.

\"Hateful! Why do I have such a daughter?\" The Retired Emperor woke up, shouting with grief. He wasn't able to accept this matter. But he still couldn't do anything about it.

\"Let's go! Let's return home.\" The Retired Emperor didn't have any more hopes of conquering this continent, while he also didn't plan to follow Jiang Chen.

However, the Retired Emperor soon discovered with shock that the other people didn't answer him, and their faces were filled with hesitation.

\"The Celestial Phoenix's Will has chosen him,\" someone muttered. They were all Celestial Phoenix's inheritors, and, even though they didn't take this affair as seriously as the queen did, they still had their own convictions.

At first, they weren't aware of the relationship between the secret art and the trial and they all weren't willing to accept that their noble status was just a lie.

But after the end of the Heavenly Selection, their opinions changed slightly.

They all wanted to follow the queen and obey Jiang Chen's orders. The queen was also surprised by this, and she lost control of herself and was overcome by tears.

She had needed great courage to pursue the truth, and it wasn't easy for her to receive so many people's approvals.

\"You bunch! You bunch!\" It was only the Retired Emperor who couldn't accept these events.

Depending upon the secret art to carry out the trial was the royal path he believed in, and, in the end, he was forced to run away with his tail between his legs.

When the Retired Emperor's body started to move, the azure demon looked at Jiang Chen with an inquiring gaze. Jiang Chen considered it for a moment and then decided not to cause any trouble for the Retired Emperor due to his relationship with the queen.

\"We...we will also vow loyalty to the new king.\" The three people, who were going to be imprisoned for 100 years, came back to their senses, and they quickly swore their loyalty.

\"Is that the case? Fine, I will imprison you for just 99 years,\" Jiang Chen answered with a sneer. Dealing with him wasn't going to be so easy.

Upon hearing this, the three people's faces became pale, and they felt like they had been stripped of their whole power.

\"You, come over here!\" Jiang Chen pointed his finger at the woman who had disrespected him.

That woman felt quite nervous, and she looked at the queen as if wanting to ask for her help. \"I'm willing to take anything for her.\" The queen had obviously pleaded leniency for her.

\"I won't accept it.\" Jiang Chen rejected the queen's request and glanced at her face.

Upon witnessing a surprised and helpless look on the queen's face, Jiang Chen smiled knowingly before he looked coldly at the other woman.

He said, \"You have insulted my clansmen and called them lowly people. I should have killed you. But I will do the queen a favor, and you will just have to slap yourself ten times.\"

Upon hearing such a punishment, the queen's emotions were stirred up slightly.

Jiang Chen hadn't embarrassed her. A moment ago, the queen was still considering what she would do if Jiang Chen wanted to kill the woman or punish her severely.

The other woman blinked, and after she ascertained that she didn't mishear Jiang Chen, she heaved a sigh of relief. But she still felt insulted by this. Slapping herself was a matter that a woman as proud as she was couldn't accept.

\"Some people are really...\" Upon understanding the woman's thoughts, Jiang Chen shook his head and sighed with emotions.

The woman's body shivered when she heard Jiang Chen's ice-cold voice, and she finally understood her current situation. This was why she forcefully slapped herself ten times.

\"Jiang Chen, maybe you should guard against her?\" The azure demon said in a worried tone.

The queen had the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame, and she still had her own troops with her. She still posed a great threat to them.

\"One mustn't employ people one doesn't trust. But if one employs someone, one mustn't suspect him any longer.\" Jiang Chen was confident in himself.

Just after this, Jiang Chen found out the queen's name. It was Gao Qiufeng. As for the woman who had slapped her own face, her name was Gao Yaner.

\"Don't forget that you have killed her little brother,\" the azure demon reminded Jiang Chen as a warning.

Jiang Chen pondered it. When Gao Qiufeng had heard about Gao Jin's death, she was quite angry and she had emanated a threatening aura.

But Jiang Chen didn't feel any hatred or grief from her. As Jiang Chen recalled once again the affection between the royal family members, he felt as if he didn't need to worry about such a matter.

But the several hundred Martial Emperors, who had acted on their own accord and who were willing to stay here, weren't a part of Jiang Chen's plan.

\"From this day onward, you are a member of my Heavenly Palace, and your subordinates will still be managed by you,\" Jiang Chen said.

\"Okay!\" Gao Qiufeng didn't have any objections. She had already stated that she would vow loyalty to him.

In the end, Jiang Chen took these people with him and went back to the Heavenly Palace.

Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue, who were waiting anxiously, were completely freaked out upon witnessing such a lineup of troops.

But after they got to know that their own son had become the new king, Gao Yue, who was clearly aware of what this signified, felt quite proud of him.

\"This was all due to my negligence, and I have committed a grave mistake.\" Wu Ming felt quite ashamed of himself. A whole squadron had unexpectedly intruded into the Heavenly Palace while it was being supervised by him.

\"Master, it wasn't your fault at all.\" Jiang Chen wouldn't blame his respected master for anything.

\"But the Heavenly Palace suddenly has so many people. What do you plan to do?\" Wu Ming detected something and realized that Jiang Chen would start taking action.

\"I didn't establish the Heavenly Palace to hide away, and it's time to change the Divine Prison Continent's name,\" Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Wu Ming looked at the black dragon, the azure demon, the Evil Blood Emperor, as well as Gao Qiufeng. An excited look appeared on Wu Ming's face, and his gaze became zealous. He couldn't bear it any longer, and he wanted to go all out.

\"Divine tree, help me convey a message.\" Jiang Chen looked away at the horizon. It was time to stun the serene Seventh Realm, which was like a pool of stagnant water.


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