The Brilliant Fighting Master
1349 The Celestial Phoenix“s Will
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1349 The Celestial Phoenix“s Will

\"Shut up!\" The Retired Emperor clearly knew his daughter's character and was aware of the influence of Jiang Chen's words on her. That was why he was so angered that he started shouting.

The Retired Emperor now regretted his own teaching method. He had striven hard to get his daughter to believe that the Celestial Phoenix's bloodline was supreme and paramount and that they deserved reverence as members of the royal family.

The Retired Emperor's daughter had obviously taken pride in her status as a member of the Celestial Phoenix Clan, while she had also acquired strict self-discipline and asked much of herself.

This was why the Celestial Phoenix Queen had ended up in such a state after so many bloody truths were exposed to her.

The Retired Emperor had abdicated his throne for his daughter of his own accord after she got the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame, and the royal family got stronger after it was led by his daughter.

However, the Retired Emperor still wielded power in the dark, and he influenced his daughter's plans. But it was a pity that at this time, they had run into Jiang Chen.

As the Retired Emperor witnessed his daughter covering her cheek, he regretted his actions slightly and quickly said, \"My daughter, I didn't intend...\"

\"As the current queen, I will carry out a heavenly selection,\" the Celestial Phoenix Queen interrupted her father and spoke in a firm voice, which demonstrated her resolution.

\"A heavenly selection?\" The Retired Emperor didn't expect such a matter, and he pointed his finger at Jiang Chen. \"Is it with him?\"

After the Retired Emperor received an answer, he became exasperated. As he took another look at Jiang Chen, whose face was filled with confusion, his chest almost burst open with anger. \"Why don't you take a look at him? He doesn't even know what a heavenly selection is. Why do you need to do this?\"

\"My queen, please consider it carefully.\" The other people, led by the other woman, all started trying to dissuade the queen.

\"I have already made up my mind.\" The Celestial Phoenix Queen wasn't swayed by them, while she helped Jiang Chen and explained to him what a heavenly selection was.

After Jiang Chen listened to her, he understood why the Retired Emperor had had such an intense reaction.

The heavenly selection was the selection of a new king. It was different than a king abdicating, and it would select a person among the bloodline inheritors.

The chosen person would be chosen for their new hope, and he would have the right to manage all of the Celestial Phoenix Clan's affairs.

How was it possible for a scheming person such as the Retired Emperor to accept such a matter? However, the Celestial Phoenix Queen had many doubts now that she had learned the truth about so many things. She wanted to know whether she was still qualified to be a king.

\"Even if I was chosen, people won't obey me.\" Just like Jiang Chen didn't obey the royal family, if Jiang Chen became the king, the royal family's members also wouldn't obey him. Moreover, Jiang Chen hated all formalities.

\"I will swear allegiance to you, and I can also give you the Heart-burning Heavenly Flame's main source,\" the Celestial Phoenix Queen once again made shocking claims.

At this moment, the Retired Emperor didn't know what he should say.

\"If someone ends up failing while carrying out the heavenly selection, he will suffer intense pain and he will also suffer other irreversible damages,\" the Celestial Phoenix Queen spoke once again.

Upon hearing this, the Retired Emperor was taken aback. He had almost forgotten that the heavenly selection might not necessarily choose Jiang Chen, and he had only assumed this because he was too affected by Jiang Chen's previous performance.

As the Retired Emperor pondered over this matter, he realized that if Jiang Chen failed in the heavenly selection, he would manage to achieve his aims.

So the Retired Emperor didn't oppose it as much as before because he was willing to take a gamble. Moreover, he wasn't able to obstruct his daughter even if he wanted to, and that was why he just quieted down.

Jiang Chen was also hesitating. If he succeeded, he would get a Martial Saint Realm subordinate, as well as an Alien Flame ranked among the top ten. But if he failed, his bloodline's power would be affected.

\"Jiang Chen, it isn't worth it,\" the azure demon said. He believed that Jiang Chen didn't need to take part in such matters.

\"No, it's worth it!\" Jiang Chen was eager to give it a try, and he informed the azure demon that he didn't need to worry about him.

Jiang Chen had a genuine bloodline, and he had even come back from death two times. If the heavenly selection would choose the most outstanding out of them, it would surely be him. \"How will be the heavenly selection be carried out?\"

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen inquiring about it, the expression of the Retired Emperor and others became tense. They were all aware that the next competition, which would last several minutes, would be more intense than a great battle.

\"We have to carve a blood seal on our palms, before putting our palms against each other. The Celestial Phoenix's Will will then choose one of us as the king.\"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen got quiet for a moment, while the other magical clone in the Gao family went to look for his maternal grandfather, and he inquired about such a matter.

It was only after verifying it with his grandfather that Jiang Chen nodded and agreed.

\"Let's start!\" Jiang Chen didn't need her to teach him to carve a blood seal, as the magical clone that was next to his grandfather had learned it from him, and the main body started carving it on his palm.

The Celestial Phoenix Queen also started doing the same thing.

\"Come out!\" Jiang Chen asked the Yaksha and Asura to come out.

One could just ignore Asura, as just the Yaksha alone was enough, even though it wasn't a part of the celestial and dragon groups. It still possessed outstanding power.

\"Kill mercilessly anyone who dares to take rash actions during this process,\" Jiang Chen spoke loudly on purpose so that the people in front of him could hear him.

As the people looked at the Evil Blood Emperor, who seemed like a monster, fright and respect appeared in the eyes of the Retired Emperor and the others.

Moreover, since there was also the black dragon and the azure demon, they wouldn't dare to attack without having the Celestial Phoenix Queen's help.

After a short while, Jiang Chen and the Celestial Phoenix Queen walked toward each other and raised their right hands, while their blood seals emanated a scarlet light.

They didn't say anything and just folded their palms together. Before Jiang Chen could feel how soft the Celestial Phoenix Queen's palm was, his mind felt an intense impact, and a boundless sea of flames engulfed his mind.

Even his eyes had a blaze burning in them, and, if one carefully observed it, one would notice that such a blaze was forming a Celestial Phoenix pattern.

It wasn't the case for just Jiang Chen alone, as it was also the case for the Celestial Phoenix Queen.

As the people next to them watched attentively, the flames turned into a pair of wings, which unfolded between the two people, and they both ended up engulfed by a sea of flames for a while.

Jiang Chen felt like many thoughts were running through his mind like a tide, and he couldn't control them, while the sea of flames in front of him was forming a Celestial Phoenix's outline occasionally.

The temperature of the Celestial Phoenix's blood flowing in his veins reached a high degree, which it had never neared previously.

Jiang Chen couldn't control even the Solar Golden Flame and the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and they all started surging in his body like wild horses who had escaped from their paddocks.

Jiang Chen felt a scalding pain, the likes of which he hadn't felt for a long time, and he considered pulling back his palm many times. But he still persisted and bore the pain.

The reason behind this was that he detected that his Fire Rule's power was rising while he bore the pain. Just such a matter alone deserved bearing such intense pain.

The flames that engulfed both people started forming a Celestial Phoenix, and what the people next to the Retired Emperor couldn't accept was that the Celestial Phoenix had sided with Jiang Chen from the beginning.

They were all familiar with heavenly selection and were aware that Jiang Chen had a distinct advantage.

\"It's unacceptable!\" The Retired Emperor couldn't bear observing such a matter. He lost his reason and charged ahead to ruin such a heavenly selection.

\"D*mn!\" The azure demon was on guard against him, and he quickly intervened.

But he shortly discovered that he didn't need to intervene, because, when the Retired Emperor approached the Celestial Phoenix, he was hit with an intense pain for some unknown reason, and his body started burning.

The Retired Emperor's state resembled greatly the miserable state of Jiang Chen's magical clone when he went through the trial. But it still wasn't as grave as the latter, and, after the Retired Emperor left the flames, his situation turned for the better.

\"The Celestial Phoenix's Will is unexpectedly protecting him. Oh, my God! It isn't possible to compete against him,\" the Retired Emperor shouted in grief.

It was really like the Retired Emperor had said. Jiang Chen possessed an overwhelming advantage, and he won the heavenly selection.

The Celestial Phoenix entered Jiang Chen's body, and, as he opened his mouth subconsciously, flames came out of it. It wasn't limited to just this, as flames came out even from his nostrils and ears and his eyes became golden and piercing.

After such signs had disappeared, Jiang Chen witnessed the Celestial Phoenix Queen saluting him while wearing a dignified expression and she addressed him as king.

The Retired Emperor was so infuriated that he lost consciousness, while the other woman's body was shivering.

Jiang Chen revealed a faint smile. He was still pondering what he felt about the Celestial Phoenix's Will.


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